Time for a wide-ranging & independent inquiry into the effectiveness and safety of vaccination

Media Release

The Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network (AVN) condemns Prime Minister Turnbull’s recent call for an Australia-wide childcare ban on unvaccinated children as representing a cynical exercise in fear politics, and call on him to immediately convene a wide-ranging inquiry into both the effectiveness and safety of vaccines provided under the National Immunisation Program (NIP).

Public health policy must be informed by evidence, not anecdote or populism via orchestrated fear campaigns.

Vaccination is an invasive medical procedure carrying the risk of chronic disease, disability and death and should not be undertaken lightly.  Our government and public health officials should not be advising the public to submit to vaccination without high-quality evidence of its benefit and safety, nor should parents be coerced into submitting their children to vaccination via draconian laws such as No Jab No Pay and No Jab No Play, both of which breach various human rights, protected by treaties to which Australia is a party.

We note the Prime Minister’s statement to the effect that if all of the children enrolled in the McCafferys older children’s childcare centre had been vaccinated, Dana McCaffery would still be alive.  This statement is demonstrably false and should be retracted immediately.

Losing a baby under any circumstances, whether to a disease or a vaccine, is equally tragic, but for the Government to use a child’s death to persecute other children is absolutely inexcusable.

The science is clear. Vaccination of close contacts against Whooping Cough (Pertussis) is NOT capable of conferring protection on newborns too young to be vaccinated.

We consider the Whooping Cough ‘cocooning’ strategy to be one of the more egregious examples of high-handed fraud perpetrated on the Australian public by our health authorities at the behest of pharmaceutical interests, for the dual purpose of concealing vaccine failure, and expanding market penetration of vaccination to adults.

It is the most cynical form of deceit to appeal to parents’ hard-wired biological instincts to protect their babies from harm by selling them a ‘magic forcefield’, and to incite hatred against unvaccinated children as being a clear and present danger to the safety of their children when the real culprit is the failing vaccine itself.  It’s legally, ethically and morally wrong, and it needs to stop.

Despite unprecedented, high rates of vaccination, Whooping Cough remains endemic in Australia, just like every other country which uses the vaccine.  Increased use of a failing vaccine will not change this state of affairs.  It will, however, expose a larger segment of the population to catastrophic vaccine injury.

As far back as 2009, Professor Peter McIntyre acknowledged that the acellular Pertussis vaccine “does not necessarily stop you getting infected by Bordatella pertussis”. (p 12)

On what basis then, did he become one of Australia’s most aggressive supporters of the cocooning strategy?

How could a vaccine – which does not prevent infection in a recipient – be capable of preventing infection in a newborn too young to be vaccinated?

The simple answer is, it could not and it does not.

primate study published in 2014 confirmed what Professor McIntyre and other public health experts knew all along.  Recipients of acellular Pertussis vaccines are not protected from colonisation, do not clear the infection faster than naïve animals, and readily transmit B. pertussis bacteria to unvaccinated contacts.

A study published in 2015 concluded that “vaccinating individuals in close contact with infants too young to receive the vaccine (“cocooning” unvaccinated children) may be ineffective.” and that “asymptomatic transmission” by vaccine recipients may explain any alleged resurgence in the disease.

population study of Western Australia’s 2011-2012 cocooning program published in 2015 found there “was no difference in the incidence of pertussis among infants whose parents were both vaccinated postpartum compared to those with unvaccinated parents”.

Professor McIntyre himself performed the last rites on the cocooning strategy in April 2016, so why is the Prime Minister still promoting this lie in 2017?

Unfortunately, the damage is already done. The cocooning lie is now ingrained in the public psyche and it will take a very long time to undo the divisiveness and hatred generated by this lie. Our public health officials need to be held to account for this lie – they must not be permitted to promulgate lies under the guise of protecting public health.

Australians are losing their right to decline vaccination based on this lie.

This just isn’t right.


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The PM’s push for a nationwide ban of non vaccinated children from preschool

I know everyone is feeling devastated and angry after Turnbull’s announcement but I need you to use that raw emotion and focus it in areas that are going to make the most impact. We need EVERYONE to get appointments with their State MPs, because they are the ones who will decide whether to implement the nation wide banning of non vaccinated children at preschools across Australia and get a few friends to come with you! These politicians only get to hear the propaganda that the AMA and the media want us all to swallow and you all know the science and the real issues with these ludicrous and discriminatory laws, our politicians need to hear the truth!

We have set up a lobbying page that has the links to all Australian politicians and will be adding important key points to choose from that you need to download print out and put in a folder so that you can give one to your politician and have one for each of you that are going to this appointment. This way you will have strong, well referenced and most importantly clear and concise points to raise with them.


This is how the AVN and a group of seasoned activists were able to get some MPs to help us in Canberra to get a senate inquiry in to No Jab No Pay and how we are now growing and building on these relationships and increasing our reach. You can do this too! The key is being respectful yet honest with them so that they can hear you without feeling attacked, then they will be more willing to help you in whatever way they can. If you have trouble getting a few friends to come along with you contact us at avnenquiries@avn.org.au or your local pro-choice support networks and we will help you get the support you need.

We have also created a page called the Voices of the Vaccine Victims of Australia and we are calling on all of those of you who may not be ready to do a video but can share their story anonymously to please email us at avnenquiries@avn.org.au and we will post them on our page. These stories will also be sent to all politicians so they will know without a doubt that children will die and be permanently injured as a direct result of their mandatory vaccination policies. We will be posting these stories on social media and in our newsletters as they come in…

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CEO of Chiropractors Association of Australia bows to anti choice brigade

Just yesterday, I found out from a Facebook message a dear friend sent me that Professor Matthew Fisher, CEO of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia (who isn’t even a chiropractor) king-hit the AVN to get brownie points with the very people who want to turn chiropractic into physiotherapy.

Here is what he had to say…

So, let me get this straight. Matthew Fisher said that the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia does not support views promoted by the AVN. Which views might these be Professor Fisher? Could it be:

  • Our stance against forced vaccination?
  • Our view that all parents and individuals should be able to exercise their legal right to informed medical consent without being punished unjustly?
  • Our belief that all children deserve an education and should not be discriminated against simply for being healthy without pharmaceutical drugs?
  • Our support for parents being treated with respect for raising healthy children without being called baby killers, murderers or terrorists?
  • Our belief that vaccine injured lives matter too?
  • Or the fact that our sharing of scientifically-sourced data showing that vaccines are not as safe or effective as we’ve been told is inconvenient for government vaccination policy?

Tell me, Professor Fisher, which one of these do you and the CAA disagree with?

Do you speak for all Australian chiropractors?

I cannot tell you how disappointed I was to read this grovelling placation and to know that this person is speaking on behalf of all the wonderful and dedicated chiropractors that are part of the CAA.

Especially when over a week ago, the courageous Dr Patrick Gentempo, a well-respected, experienced and credentialed chiropractor from the US, just finished streaming his amazing and eye-opening 10-part documentary series, Vaccines Revealed.


I know there are many courageous and experienced Australian chiropractors who are aware that the one-sided government propaganda on the issue of vaccination doesn’t tell the whole story. However, with Professor Fisher running the show and the Friends of Science in Medicine and their keyboard warriors from the ‘skeptics’ attacking them constantly, things are unlikely to get any better for these informed and ethical practitioners unless they make a choice.

“Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

Dylan Thomas

When I think of how chiropractors and all the other natural health practitioners are treated in Australia, the analogy of how to boil a frog comes to mind. When the water is cool, life is good for the frog in the pot, but as the temperature slowly goes up, the frog thinks to itself hmmm… it’s a little bit uncomfortable, but I am safer here in the pot. As the temperature gets hotter and hotter, the frog still doesn’t get out of the pot and eventually, he boils to death. You can’t help but think to yourself, “All he had to do was jump out!”.

The life of a chiropractor/homeopath/acupuncturist etc. was also good in the beginning, but with each new restriction and right taken away, the water gets hotter. So, my question to you is ­– when will you jump out of the pot and stand up for the gift that you have been given to heal others?

This is not just about vaccination. This is just one of the many weapons vested interests and government authorities will use against you. This is about your ability to treat your patients in a way that will bring them the health that they need and deserve.

Each time you capitulate to unjust demands, you lose a piece of who you are. You cannot do what you know you were meant to do if you keep giving in to these sorts of pressures, there will be nothing left for you to give.

The enemies of truth have already told you they are coming for you. You can hear their fists pounding against the door. So you need to make a decision: will you rage against the dying of the light or will you go gentle into that good night?

For those who are feeling the rage, you know where to find me…


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Wishing our members a Happy and prosperous New Year!

For immediate release: 1st January 2017

Another year has come to an end and what a tumultuous year it has been. There has been a lot of suffering that has been imposed on our community with the introduction of the No Jab No Pay/Play laws, so I don’t blame you for being eager to see the end of it, myself included!

But amongst the pain there was also light and hope, we did something that many thought we would never be able to do. With the help of Cinema Libre and the Vaxxed Team, we brought Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe, the eye-opening vaccine corruption documentary to Australia!

Even though the Daily Telegraph, the Logan City Council thought to censor us by cancelling our first venue, we were able to find another venue in 24 hours and make sure the show did go on!

We ended up hosting nine screenings in three states across Australia and made sure that the amazing work that Polly Tommey, Del Bigtree, Andy Wakefield, Brian Hooker and the rest of the Vaxxed team have accomplished in the US, was able to continue in the land down under.

We are now officially part of the Vaxxed movement and if you were able to be at any of the screenings you would have been able to feel the energy and power that came being there and seeing it on the big screen! That is why it is with great joy and excitement that we announce that in 2017, we will also be bringing screenings of Vaxxed to Perth, South Australia, Cairns, Central Coast and many more places in Australia! Please keep an eye on our Vaxxed page, which will be updated as new venues and dates become available.

This new year is shaping up to be one that holds the promise of the awakening and empowerment that we all need. Everywhere you look the truth is gathering momentum, so we hope that you will join us in welcoming in 2017!

Happy New Year everyone!

 AVN in the media

On 28 December 2016, The Australian newspaper published an article about the AVN’s fundraising for the High Court challenge. The author, Kylar Loussikian, will be familiar to many of you. Earlier this year, he spear-headed an orchestrated smear campaign against Judy Wilyman PhD, at the behest of “our friends” the Australian Skeptics, Friends of Science in Medicine and Stop the Australian Vaccination Network.

In the article, the Minister for Better Regulation, Victor Dominello was quoted as saying that the government took “very seriously potential breaches of the Charitable Fundraising Act and the Associations Incorporation Act” and that “NSW Fair Trading will review this matter to assess whether there have been any breaches of relevant legislation and regulations”.

We are able to confirm that the AVN has not, to date, received any communications from the Department of Fair Trading. Consequently, we are unable to comment on specific issues raised in the article, at this time.

However, we would like to take this opportunity to reassure our members and sponsors that any funds raised for the proposed High Court challenge were applied only to that purpose. We engaged the services of an independent book-keeper earlier this year to record and track all sponsorships and donations. In addition, we have been in recent contact with our accountant who will be preparing the AVN’s annual financial statements for the year ending 31 December 2016 (the AVN’s financial year runs from January 01 to December 31), and a financial statement specifically in relation to the High Court challenge project. We will share this statement with members and sponsors as soon as it becomes available.

It is also timely to emphasise that the AVN is a not-for-profit organisation operated for the benefit of its members by a dedicated team of volunteers who contribute countless hours of their time every week for absolutely zero financial gain. If we were in it for the money we would instead be promoting vaccines to pregnant women on behalf of pharmaceutical interests!


Vaccine Injury Lawsuit – Hammond v Minister for Health Western Australia

A pre-trial conference regarding this matter has been set down for 24 July 2017. To this end, we are asking our valued members and supporters to support Ben Hammond in his quest to raise funds for the cost of obtaining expert reports, which, he has been advised by his pro bono legal team, are absolutely necessary in order to win this David and Goliath battle.His wife and carer, Tanya, has created a GoFundMe campaign for this purpose, which we have reproduced below for the benefit of those not familiar with Ben’s story.

Vaccine victim needs your help

Ben was a hard-working miner, husband, and primary provider for his family when he was struck with a life-threatening paralytic vaccine reaction shortly after his youngest child was born prematurely. Before being allowed to see his newborn son, he was required to have a dTpa vaccine on the basis that this would allegedly protect his newborn and other newborns in the special care nursery, where his premature son was being cared for.

Unfortunately, it was this shot which landed him in the same hospital as his son, fighting for his life as a wave of paralysis crept up his spine, stopping his heart two separate times. What was supposed to protect his son almost separated son and father forever.

The consultant Immunologist who examined Ben as part of the investigation into this adverse event following immunisation (AEFI) stated that “clinically, the temporal association, biological plausibility and lack of other triggers would be consistent with a post-vaccination ADEM, which has been described for a number of vaccines including the Diphtheria Tetanus Polio (dTpa) combination vaccine.  As such this represents a serious AEFI with probable causality.”

ADEM stands for Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis, an autoimmune condition affecting the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord).

Amazingly Ben survived, and spent a lengthy period in rehabilitation, eventually learning to walk again, albeit unsteadily. However, the autoimmune reaction that attacked his spinal cord caused permanent harm, and he lives with the ongoing effects of damage to the function of many of his systems, and is unable to provide for his family.

Despite being unable, so far, to obtain government or other compensation for his injury, Ben and his wife lived off savings and family help for a couple of years until they hit a financial wall. Their house in foreclosure, Tanya full-time caring for Ben, and their bills piling up, they swallowed their pride and turned to the public for help. The wonderful generosity of their donors has kept the Hammonds in their home, and able to both buy medical supplies and put food on the table for their five kids.

Their last GoFundMe aimed to raise money for a move from Kalgoorlie to Perth, where they could be closer to more advanced healthcare services and support from extended family. This is still their goal, but has temporarily been put on hold while the more immediate costs of living need to be covered, and the family awaits an upcoming court date.

The Hammonds want to say a big thank you to everyone who has kept them going over the last two years, and in humility ask for further assistance knowing there are many others who are also struggling. For those who can help, it would mean so much to them right now.

As some would be aware, Ben is currently engaged in litigation against the WA government hospital that administered the vaccine to him, and whilst his legal team are generously acting for him in a pro bono capacity, this does not extend to the costs of obtaining the necessary expert reports required to succeed. These expert reports don’t come cheap.

After four long years, the Hammonds are finally standing right before the finish line and we can help them get the justice they have been fighting for all this time.

If Ben is successful in his litigation, it will be a watershed for vaccine injury law in Australia. You need to know that in helping Ben to win his case, you will not only be delivering to him and his family a much-deserved personal victory. You will also be delivering a big win to our entire community!

If Ben is successful in his litigation, finally there will be accountability in Australia for the real harm that vaccines can cause – hospitals and government departments will know that they can be held responsible for harming people with their coercive policies around vaccination and they will no longer be able to walk away scot-free!

Please give whatever you can afford. Every little bit counts. Let’s get the Hammonds across the finishing line!

Donations may be made via GoFundMe.
Thank you so much for your support.


Our sincere thanks to everyone who has been so supportive of the AVN’s efforts! We really appreciate everything you are doing to help preserve and regain our basic, inalienable right to choose how to care for our children and our own bodily integrity.
Please help us in creating a strong and dedicated voice for vaccine choice in Australia, join the AVN.
Yours in health,
The AVN team
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Bad news on the legal challenge front…but we will never give up the fight!

51562312 - closeup of jydjes gavel, legal code, scales of justice on the rough wooden background. law concept

The AVN committee would like to sincerely thank you for your support of our High Court challenge against the tyrannical ‘No Jab, No Pay’ federal legislation.   As you would be aware from previous communications, the AVN received preliminary advice from a barrister in March to the effect that we had potential grounds to mount a challenge to the constitutional validity of ‘No Jab, No Pay’.

On the basis of this advice, we retained a legal firm and invited our members and supporters to sponsor the legal challenge.  Our legal firm then retained the services of a leading SC (Senior Counsel) and barrister in the field of constitutional law and human rights.  SC is the equivalent of Queen’s Counsel (QC).

Unfortunately, having considered every possible avenue to challenge ‘No Jab, No Pay’ – including the possibility of challenging the Immunisation Register legislation – counsel has advised us not to proceed due to the poor chance of success and the high costs of a High Court challenge.  As you may be aware, the Australian Constitution does not guarantee most of the rights and freedoms enjoyed by some other western democracies.  Our constitution relies on the principle of representative democracy, which unfortunately, does not serve well the interests of unpopular minorities.

We were absolutely devastated when we received this advice as we wanted so much to believe that justice still exists in Australia.  Our heart goes out to those parents most affected by this law.  It’s difficult to imagine a more callous and inequitable piece of legislation; legislation which violates various fundamental rights, such as the rights of the child, the right to privacy and bodily autonomy, and the right to work.

However, we do not believe in quitting.  We are fighters who never give up no matter how much the government and vested pharmaceutical interests want us to.  There is simply too much at stake.

This is your fight just as much as it is our fight, so we need your help to decide the best way forward.   At the present time, we have removed the Sponsorship option from our website and shop page. We are also requesting that sponsors cancel any regular internet banking sponsorship that they have set up through their bank unless they would like to continue their support of the AVN. Thanks to their generosity, altogether we raised $152,203.73.  The total cost of the AVN’s advice was $72,526.37.

These are the options as we see them:

1. We can refund the balance of of each sponsor’s donation returned to them at $0.52 on the dollar (after deducting the costs the AVN paid for legal advice-on a pro-rata basis), which we are more than happy to do.

2. We could use the donations on several “Plan B” options that we have been discussing with our solicitor. These options include investigating a range of alternative legal avenues by which to introduce much-needed transparency and accountability into Australia’s vaccine program.  Currently, there is none.  Vaccines are being licensed and recommended without sufficient evidence of effectiveness and/or safety.  This needs to change.  Australians are being maimed every year by vaccines which don’t even work.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) which licences vaccines, the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) which recommends vaccines, and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) which recommends taxpayer subsidisation of vaccines, need to be held to account once and for all for the harm they cause.  The tort of misfeasance in public office may be one way to go about this.  A far cheaper way would be to lobby our representatives for a Royal Commission into Vaccination.  As you would know, the balance of power shifted in the Senate following the recent federal election, so there may be fresh opportunities in this respect which weren’t available to us last year.

3. We could also use the donations to start the process of finally bringing together the people who could help start a retrospective fully vaccinated vs fully unvaccinated children’s long term health outcome study. Or help fund the real change that needs to happen in Australia, that is, education of members of the general public, most of whom are blindly following vaccine recommendations out of fear or deference to authority.  To this end, we could bring top international experts to speak in Australia.  We could also purchase advertising around Australia that promotes free and informed consent to vaccination.

4. We also want to hear from you and welcome any other suggestions from our members or sponsors as to how the legal funds could be best utilised.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us to share your ideas.

We will never give up this battle! We will not rest until your rights to choose how to prevent and treat an illness as well as your ability to decide how to raise your children (their diet, their education and their health) is guaranteed and protected in this previously great democracy of Australia.   We are the AVN.  We have been here for you for over 22 years and if it is within our power to do so, we will be here for you as long as you need us.   Thank you again for standing with us!

Yours in health,

The AVN National Committee

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Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe – Australian Premiere


For Immediate Release: Wednesday 23rd November, 2016

Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe will premiere in Australia on December 6th, 2016, in Logan City, QLD.

Due to violent threats against venue owners from the pro-censorship ‘book burning’ cartel, the exact venue will be announced the on December 6th, 2016.

Read more ›

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AVN represents Australia at the CDC rally, Vaxxed and other news!

Hi everyone, this is our latest newsletter, it includes our report on the CDC rally in the US, a VaxXed update, CDC whistleblower news, our fundraising and more. Read more ›

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Update on the AVN’s No Jab, No Pay High Court Case

Hi all – in this newsletter we have an update on the AVN’s No Jab No Pay Hight Court case, a report on fundraising and membership, news on the CDC’s new powers and articles about Zika. Read more ›

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The Family Tax Benefit Fiasco

20612337 - misinformation and the spread of fake news

This is a very quick update, as I have noticed quite a few parents talking about how they have been denied their family tax benefits and I wanted to make sure that everyone knows what they are and are not entitled to through Centrelink.

I am sure you are not surprised to know that Centrelink staff have been giving parents in our community the run around yet again, this time about their eligibility for the Family Tax Benefit (FTB) A supplement payment (the end of financial year payment of $726 per child per year) and even family tax benefits in general! Read more ›

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No Jab, No Pay High Court Challenge Update

Hi everyone, in today’s newsletter we report on our fundraising for our No Jab No Pay High Court case. Read more ›

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