Dr Gannon, AMA President, Declines Invitation to Answer Questions About Vaccination

On the 6th of October at 11:45 AM, the AVN sent a letter to 4 public health officials who had been critical of our up-coming VaxXed tour of Queensland.  These 4 individuals had suggested that the VaxXed screenings should be banned or boycotted and that no venue should allow us to show this documentary or members of the public be permitted to watch it.

The four were:

Mr Cameron Dick, Health Minister for QLD
Dr Michael Gannon, President of the Australian Medical Association (AMA)
Dr Bill Boyd, President of the QLD AMA
And Dr Jeannette Young, Chief Medical Officer of QLD

Cameron Dick, Michael Gannon, Jeannette Young, Bill Boyd

Cameron Dick, Michael Gannon, Jeannette Young, Bill Boyd

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Sydney Vaccination Information Night

Sydney Vaccination Information Night
Monday 20th November




Would you like to know more about this urgent medical issue so you can make the right decisions for yourself and your family?

Speakers include:

Jamie Mcintyre

Previous ‘Young Australian of the Year’ nominee and internationally renowned yet controversial educator. Founder of the political party  21st Century Author of “The Great Vaccine Con”  Publisher of Australian National Review and Vaxxed Inc.

Jamie will speak on the fraud behind the vaccine industry and profits the industry has made in recent years. Jamie is a serial entrepreneur and a founder of over 12 companies covering media education and property.His company 21st Century Group has grown to be one of the largest financial education resources in Australia. He will also look at the question of why Vaccines need to be made a political issue to change vaccine mandate in Australia.

In March this year Jamie offered $1 million dollars to anyone who could prove that vaccines are safe and effective – pharmaceutical companies, governments, nurses, doctors,..there have not been any takers!

Dr Judy Wilyman PhD

Australia’s top vaccine policy expert! Publisher of Vaccination Decisions website.
Dr Judy Wilyman PhD is an expert in her field. She has completed her extensive thesis through Wollongong University, ‘A critical analysis of the Australian Government’s Rationale for its Vaccination Policy,‘ which covers every aspect of both Australian and worldwide vaccination policy and the pharmaceutical company influences that you MUST be informed about!

Judy will be covering these concerns in depth and will speak on why the Australian government has mandated vaccines through the No Jab No Pay/Play policies. She will be looking at herd Immunity, ingredients of vaccines, as well as chronic illness that is escalating in children as the vaccination schedule expands. She will also address the serious medical issue of the complete lack of effective surveillance of adverse vaccine reactions in Australia today.

So get your tickets now. Numbers are very limited!

A webcast of the night will be streamed on Facebook.

Venue address will be texted/emailed 3 hours before it commences.  The venue is  within a 12 minute walk from Town Hall Station.  Location is close to Darlinghurst, CBD and Kings Cross Parking Centre is nearby or street parking.

Reminder: Conscientious Objection permitted in New South Wales until the end of this year

As most of you will already know, the New South Wales parliament recently passed legislation abolishing the right to conscientiously object to vaccination for the purpose of enrolment in early education services in that state.  The law takes effect on 01 January 2018.

However, as the law applies only to those enrolments on or after that date, and not existing enrolments, unvaccinated or partially vaccinated children may still be enrolled up until 31 December 2017, even if the placement does not commence until 2018.

So, if you were considering enrolling your child in an early education service next year, please ensure the enrolment is finalised before the end of this year. Read more ›

Our response to article in the Fraser Coast Chronicle

Dear Carlie,

I have just read the article you wrote for the Fraser Coast Chronicle regarding the AVN’s up-coming screening of the documentary film, VaxXed, in Maryborough on November 6th, 2017.

I appreciate your coverage of our event and would like to inform you, since the AMA obviously did not, that Dr Michael Gannon and Dr Bill Boyd from the AMA National and QLD groups, were both invited to attend a screening and to sit on the Q & A panel along with the other experts from overseas to answer questions that parents might have regarding vaccination. Cameron Dick, QLD Health Minister and Dr Jeannette Young, Chief Medical Officer also received invitations – please click the link above to see more. Read more ›

AMA-Michael Gannon response Part 3-Measles in the Developing World

Map of Africa

Today is the third and last post regarding the refusal of Dr Michael Gannon to sit on one of the Q & A Panels at the up-coming VaxXed QLD tour. To date, we have not received any responses from the other public servants invited to likewise answer questions from the public about vaccination. It appears that these individuals are quite happy to try and force everyone to vaccinate and to discriminate against those who choose not to, but when it comes to answering respectful and scientifically-based questions, they won’t participate. Read more ›

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AMA Head Refuses to Answer Vaccination Questions-AVN Responds Part 2

Autism After Vaccines

On the 6th of October at 11:45 AM, the AVN sent a letter to 4 public health officials who had been critical of our up-coming VaxXed tour of Queensland.  These 4 individuals had suggested that the VaxXed screenings should be banned or boycotted and that no venue should allow us to show this documentary or members of the public be permitted to watch it. Read more ›

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Invitation to VaxXed screenings in QLD

Vaxxed QLD Tour

On October 6th, the following 4 individuals received this invitation to sit on the Q & A panel at any of the AVN’s up-coming VaxXed screenings in Queensland. Since all 4 of them had publicly expressed an opinion that these screenings were dangerous, should be banned, cancelled or boycotted, we felt it only fair to invite them to come so they could provide a balance to the information presented. Read more ›

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MJA – A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?

For we are young and free

Photo by Annie Spratt courtesy of https://unsplash.com/

A recent MJA (Medical Journal of Australia) article titled “No Jab, No Pay and vaccine refusal in Australia: the jury is out” has been shared a lot lately, and many have found it heartening that the author appears to disagree with NJNP legislation. This article, I feel, is worse than the mainstream media’s witch hunts and vile abuse (and no, I’m not adding links to that garbage.). At least the media attacks are honest about wanting to take away our rights. The MJA article is the ultimate wolf in sheep’s clothing. Read more ›

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No Jab No Play NSW: Attacking the right to work and learn makes no economic sense

Poverty, Family poverty

Some parents have reported that because of No Jab No Pay/No Play, they can no longer afford accommodation and are now living in their cars.

It is almost impossible to believe that the New South Wales (NSW) LNP government has enacted a No Jab No Play law prohibiting unvaccinated children from being enrolled in early child care and education services, in the absence of any evidence showing that unvaccinated children pose a risk to other children, or the public health more generally, and contrary to the recommendation of an expert committee.

The Report on the Statutory Review of the NSW Public Health Act 2010 was tabled in parliament during November 2016 and included a number of recommendations relevant to the issue of so-called vaccine-preventable disease and vaccination.

Recommendation 31: The Public Health Act should not be amended to remove the conscientious objector exemption to enrolment in a childcare facility. (page 49)

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Fast-Tracking Mandatory Vaccination While Government and Media Muzzle Scientists

By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Turning their backs on the human rights principle of voluntary informed consent memorialized in the Nuremberg Code after World War II, health authorities in France and Italy are fast-tracking involuntary vaccine mandates for school-age children. In Italy, millions of Italians have been demonstrating since June, protesting the infringements to parental rights. On July 28, industry-beholden Italian legislators voted 296-92 to pass a one-size-fits-all law that mandates multiple doses of ten vaccines for preschoolers through teenagers, imposing steep fines for parents who do not comply. Mainstream media outlets in both Italy and the US ignored the record protests against medical coercion.

Read story here https://worldmercuryproject.org/news/fast-tracking-mandatory-vaccination-government-media-muzzle-scientists/