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Founded in 1994

Founding Principles & Objectives

The AVN was founded in 1994 by parents and health professionals who believed that all medical procedures should always be a matter of free and informed choice. 

We share information that is sourced from reliable outlets on health, risks and rights.

We support your right to protection from discrimination, segregation or financial penalties, regardless of your health choices.

We work with government, medical and media representatives from all points of view in order to foster a cooperative and sympathetic freedom-driven dialogue.

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The AVN has consistently supported Australian parents in making well-informed decisions regarding the health of their children. In this age of heightened censorship, the sharing of factual information is more vital than ever.

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We invite all members, supporters, and anyone interested in learning more about vaccination risks to attend. Come and connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and gain valuable insights from our esteemed speakers.

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Saturday 11th May 2024 6:00-11:00 pm


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No. There are no vaccinations that are required for school attendance in Australia.

This will depend on which state you live in. No Jab No Play laws vary from state to state.

We recommend reading Dissolving Illusions, by Dr Suzanne Humphries and Fooling Ourselves on the Fundamental Value of Vaccines, by Greg Beattie.

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