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Breaking The Social Contract

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Breaking Contract

Like many people, I was raised by parents who drummed certain ‘givens’ into my head:

  1. The police were there to protect me. If I ever got into any trouble, I was to find the
    nearest police officer and they would help me out.
  2. The government was there to serve me. We elected them, paid them and they did
    whatever the majority wanted within reason. They were guided by us and for our
  3. The courts were where we could find justice. There were laws that were written to
    ensure the fair and equitable conduct of society and courts are where cases based
    on those laws – and ONLY on those laws – can be decided. Justice is blindfolded for a

I was taught that these 3 ‘givens’ made up the social contract.

We as citizens pay our taxes, vote in elections, try not to hurt anyone, break no laws and in return, the police, the government and the courts treat us justly and with respect. Especially when the issue we are trying to press involves the health and life of our children, our families and our community.

Unfortunately, this has not proved to be the case. These three bodies have not only broken the social contract, they have torn it up, lit it on fire and danced around it, celebrating our loss of their protection.

On Thursday, March 16th , the High Court of Australia – the peak dispenser of justice in Australia and the body where all appeals will ultimately turn as the court of final judgement, refused to look at the information in the Australian Babies Case.

They said that examining the more than 2,000 pages that made up our evidence – pages compiled by statisticians, top scientists, parents with vaccine-injured children and those who had suffered greatly because of illegal and immoral mandates – would be a poor use of their ‘resources’ so they kicked the ball back to the Federal Court.

Anyone who saw our appeal in the Federal Court would realise that this was just about the worst thing they could have done. It was the full bench of the Federal Court that – also without examining any of our evidence – said that we did not have standing despite the fact that we represented thousands of Australians who had a strong personal interest in this issue due to loved ones who had been killed or injured by vaccines. They also denied Mark Neugebauer – father of a foster-child seeking protection from deadly mandates as well as someone who had lost his job due to the same reason – the right to have his case joined to ours.

Natural justice was denied and our right to appeal to the highest court was refused because of time constraints. Does the court system even care about the babies and children who are dying every week in Australia because of this horrendous experiment?

A Crisis of Courage

Where do we turn when all the institutions we were taught would protect us turn their
backs and refuse to do their job?

To say we are disappointed in this outcome is an understatement!

But that disappointment isn’t just on our own behalf.

The AVN raised many hundreds of thousands of dollars – much of it in five and ten dollar amounts from people who were suffering true financial hardship but still found the wherewithal to support a cause they deeply believed in. We also found quite a few large donors whose commitment to doing the right thing drove them to put up substantial sums to move these cases forward.

The obligation we feel to each and every one of you cannot be understated.

I gave of my time – as did our committee and our volunteers – but without the financial support and encouragement of our donors, these cases would have died before even getting into court.

Some might say they should have died. At least, that appears to be the sentiment of the High Court and the Federal Court justices.

Personally, I can’t agree with that.

Much good has come out of these efforts. The research that was done and the evidence gathered will be put to good use – if not here in Australia, then in many countries overseas. Mutually beneficial partnerships have been forged such as with the Children’s Health Defence in the US (now with a branch in Australia), Parents with Questions, The Australia Project, Hoody’s Heroes and Stand in the Park to name just a few.

E pluribus unum – From many, one.

The thing that these so-called authorities fear more than any other is our unity. If we gather together, they start to quake. If we link arms, that quaking becomes uncontrollable. And if we share our information, resources and support, they become prostrate with fear!

I don’t believe the High Court made the decision they did because they felt we couldn’t support our claims. They were trying to avoid dealing with a political hot potato. That potato will not cool down while we are working with so many others in the kitchen and the courts need to know that.

Though one battle has been lost, the war continues. Strategies and tactics are being discussed and more and more combatants are entering the fray every day.

As the Buddha said – three things cannot long be hidden – the sun, the moon and the truth. We will continue to shine the brightest possible light on the injustices being perpetrated in Australia and worldwide and we thank you for joining your torches to ours. The cause is not lost nor will it ever be whilst there is justice to be done, rights to preserve and lives to save.

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