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Vaccine Victims of Australia

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This is our page for all of those whose lives have been adversely affected by vaccines and who need to be heard finally…

Tasha’s story

When I first became a Mum, I never questioned getting my children getting vaccinated. It was just what you did when you have children, you do what your doctor tells you, because they know best. My husband and I had never been told that there could be any adverse reactions, only a bit of redness and swelling at the injection site. So as each of our six eldest children got progressively sicker after each vaccination, we never made that connection.

Out of our six vaccinated children, our 19, 15 and 13yr old have moderate to severe Autism, our 28yr old has ADHD, our 17yr old has a severe language disorder, and our 23yr old has severe mood swings. They also suffered from chronic ear infections, pica, dyspraxia, bronchiolitis, asthma, eczema, psoriasis, urinary infections, gastrointestinal and autoimmune disorders, allergies, chemical sensitivities and intolerances.

Our two most severely Autistic daughters have had to suffer the most with staying in nappies till they were around 7 years old, poo smearing and eating, absconding on to busy roads, not being able to sleep at night, not being able to communicate, self injury such as even pulling their own toenails out. We wanted to understand what had happened our children so we tried genetic testing to look for answers, but no reason was found for our children’s afflictions and since there was no Autism on my side or my husband’s side, we knew it could not have been inherited.

So I started looking for answers on my own, I read books, went to seminars, read all the scientific studies I could get my hands on and that’s when I discovered that our family was not the only one. There were many other families suffering from the same issues as ours. I found a great new GP who confirmed what we already knew that our children have a genetic susceptibility to adverse vaccine reactions.

This realization led us to not vaccinate our 10 and 8yr old and they have thrived because of it. Out of all their siblings they should have been the most susceptible to genetic problems considering that I was in my late 30’s (as was my husband) when I had them and was now overweight. Yet our two youngest never had to suffer through the many illnesses that their brothers and sisters did, not because they had never been exposed to illness because like all preschool and school children, they had been. But they had a resilience that had been taken from their siblings. They have never had or needed an antibiotic in their lives, but more importantly they had none of their sibling’s disorders.

This was an especially bittersweet realization for me, as I looked at them and realized just how much my other children had lost because of me. I had to come to terms with the fact that my ignorance about what I allowed to be put in to my children’s bodies had caused at least two (possibly three) of my children to NEVER be able to have the chance to be independent, fall in love and have a family. That when I die, they face the possibility of living with strangers who don’t love them the way they deserve to be loved.

People need to realise that vaccination is not one size fits all, that there are families in your community that are struggling with the harm that vaccines have caused. Have we so quickly forgotten Saba Button[1], Ashley Epapara[2] and Lachlan Neylan?[3] This is why vaccination must always remain a choice, otherwise we are saying that some children matter more than others.

This issue has been thrown in to the spotlight once again by the tragic loss of four week old Riley Hughes to Whooping Cough. My heart goes out to this family, no parent should ever have to suffer through the death of their child.

Unfortunately a few journalists have seized on this tragedy to create more hatred and animosity towards innocent children and their families. They are recklessly setting parents against each other and in the process they are doing a great disservice to this family and to the other families that are not aware of the shortcomings of this vaccine.

In 2009 a fully vaccinated nurse is suspected to have infected four infants with Whooping cough in a maternity ward in Sydney[4], as well as several studies since then that show that this vaccine is not providing the protection[5] that our children deserve[6].

In 1991 we had a 71% vaccination rate for Whooping cough[7], yet there were only 347 cases[8], but in 2011 with a vaccination rate of over 92%[9] we had over 38,000[10] cases. How can the unvaccinated be to blame?

Pregnant women need to be aware that vaccine product inserts say that the effect of this vaccine on the development of the embryo and foetus has not been assessed. Vaccination in pregnancy is not recommended unless there is a definite risk of acquiring pertussis[11].

The attacking of parents whether they vaccinate or not needs to stop, because at the end of the day we all love our children dearly, and we all want what is best for them and for all children. Divisiveness is not the answer and it never will be, we will only find real solutions when the fighting stops and open discussion begins.

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Adam’s story…

41 years ago, on April 4th 1969, my second healthy son Adam was born (8lb 50z).

At 3 months of age, I, as a dedicated and conscientious Mum, took him for his first triple-antigen injection on July 2nd.

I found Adam dead in his cot the following morning.  I was shattered.

Dr Kalokerinos offered me the most logical explanation in my desperate search for answers.

After every vaccination there is a massive Vitamin C loss as the invasive toxin is injected into the system.

Adam’s body could not cope with his natural breast-fed immune system so savagely compromised.

I have raised 7 more healthy above average babies since: NONE of whom were vaccinated.

I am continuing to be outspoken, (particularly with my family as they prepare to be parents), about the dangers of vaccination.

The experts say “There is only a LOW risk of side effects to vaccination.

ANY risk is TOO much!

DEATH is an unredeemable side effect

3 children with vaccine induced Autism

I have 3 boys, all completed the infant vaccine schedule (as we unquestioningly did in the late 90’s). All are now on the autism spectrum to different degrees.

Saw a paediatrician at RCH in early 2000’s &, amongst other questions, I asked him about mercury & its implications in autism. His reply was boys could be tested but why (show me the research)? Next appt, I showed him the studies -ok, he agreed it was plausible & gave us referral.

Mercury specialist for kids was based at RCH. Did mercury test (slightly grudingly). Results returned were all 3 had mercury levels “but they are inside the safe levels” – level of mercury correlates to level of impairment in each child (smoking gun if you ask me!).

I will have those original results somewhere but buried in mounds of other stuff we have collected over the years & I’ve not had time to file…

…We need to make them listen – 1in2 kids having autism by 2032 is not acceptable 🙁

Amanda and Jessica’s story

I became aware that something was wrong with vaccinations when my first grand child Amanda almost died after having her Triple Antigen Injection back in the 1980’s.

I was baby sitting at the time and I put her into bed a healthy baby and some time later went into her bedroom to put away some nappies and her breathing sounded like a death rattle.

I actually ran to the doctors in my swimmers and I have often wondered had I not gone into her room if she would have been yet another co-called “Cot Death”.

Later Jessica my 3rd grand child had a similar reaction after her Triple Antigen injection; she got severe whooping cough which lasted for 4-5 months.

Both their doctors told their parents they were never to have the whooping cough part of the vaccination again.

That was back when they actually admitted the dangers unlike now.

It was later maybe about 1994 that I met Viera Scheibner at a political meeting called the Inverell Forum that I started my journey into learning the truth.

I purchased a book from her that she had written called “Vaccination” and learned that she started looking into the connection between cot-death and vaccination when her husband invented the baby monitor to hopefully wipe out cot-death.

We lived on the Gold Coast at the time and I read in the Gold Coast Bulletin a letter to the editor.

The lady was having a real go at people who were not having their children vaccinated and therefore giving vaccinated children various diseases.

I wrote back and said, “How could this happen when your children are supposed to be vaccinated against these various diseases”.

Then I went on to explain what happened to both Amanda and Jessica and my research and results into vaccination, and the dangers.

Well other parents responded by letter to the editor and by phoning me.

One mother said her child had become an epileptic after being vaccinated, another lady whose baby had died, and so it went, one lady thanked me profusely for writing the letter to the Bulletin.

The poor mother tried and tried to have SIDS listen to her but to no avail, they simply did not want to?

Now in Australia (2016) they have made vaccination compulsory it is disgusting and I fear for my great grand children being vaccinated I can only warn them and PRAY.

My family is growing God help their parents to make the right choices!


Anonymous vaccine story

My son had his first vaccinations at 2 months old and when we got him home, he had a really high fever and started convulsing, his eyes went into his head for a few seconds.
He was healthy and nothing physically or developmentally wrong with him.
Doctor said this is normal and nothing to do with vaccines.

4 month vaccines, same thing happened but my son had very bad diarrhoea for a month straight, really bad acidic poo, his skin was coming off. Doctors, children hospital all said coincidence and he will be fine.

6 month vaccines. Same exact thing as 4 months. Same story from GP

12 months my gp said she didn’t think giving the MMR all at once was good so she spaced it out and gave half and waited one week and gave half.

Before his 12 months vaccines my son had a very bad virus/cold and was on 2 different antibiotics, told the GP before his vaccinations this, she quickly looked him over and said he is fine to have his vaccinations.

Reaction to 12 month vaccines he lost all his words, stopped walking (took him another 6 months before he walked again) stopped eye contact and stopped responding to his name.
Doctors, specialists said nothing to do with vaccines, nothing is wrong he is still small and will start hitting his milestones soon

18 months was the kicker as we lost our son to Autism for good, massive seizure and he was never the same again.
I am a mother and I know this was from the vaccines. No doctor told me to check if my son is allergic to any component of the vaccine, they just dismissed it and made me look like I’m crazy.
The children’s hospital nurse started laughing in my face and said “OMG here we go another parent on Dr Google” The doctor that looked over my son was so rude and condescending and said that: “I’m not going to waste my time even writing on your son’s record that you think it’s the vaccines, you should be grateful to live in this country where we have top medical interventions”

The pain and grief my husband and I went and are still going through is immense. We have spent over $100k in therapy to help my son. We have detoxed him the best we can. He is slowly getting there but the pain to get him to where he is today will never leave us. This could have been prevented, if only I stopped and listened to my gut feelings at 2 months but I didn’t. I trusted the medical profession with my son’s life.


Matt’s story

I trained back in the day as a registered nurse and so had a traditional medical background. When our children came along we were just like everyone else and wanted to do the right thing and immunise them all on time every time every child. All appeared well until we immunised Matt at 18 months. He had a nasty reaction with a fever and become hypo responsive. It was from that point that he seemed to regress. What little speech he had he lost. He became very withdrawn and also developed a hyper reactive gag reflex to the point where most of what he ate he vomited.

At about 2 years of age he was diagnosed with Dyspraxia with autistic traits. That started 7 years of intense intervention from all sorts of therapists. It also included an early intervention preschool program and a special language program once he started school which was not the school his siblings attended.
As all this was happening we started looking at causes etc and more at natural medicine. We met a wonderful naturopath who we still see today and he gave Matt a course of homeopathic medicines to help his state.
We consequently assumed a link between immunisation and his damaged health. We stopped immunising our other children and went on to have 3 more children.

The youngest 2 are boys and are almost 16 and 12 years of age. Neither have been immunised at all and have been through child care and school. The youngest has never seen a GP so has no medical records at all. That is not to say he has not been sick. He had been sick with the normal childhood illnesses including
Chicken pox and Whooping Cough but we have treated them the old fashioned way with the help of more natural medicine. The youngest child was also an extreme eczema baby who I believe if we had immunised him would have been tripped into something very nasty.

Our GP at the time was one of the best I have ever known and signed conscientious objection forms for every child saying that the world had gone mad with immunisation.
The second youngest child has only seen a GP once in his 16 years.

Matt is now almost 20 years old. He has a slight speech impediment and is still affected by his autistic traits. He is extremely bright but troubled with not quite being right. He suffers with severe clinical depression and has once overdosed on alcohol and prescription drugs. He is currently in Sydney and studying music at uni. He is however, one of the more fortunate immunisation damaged children

I was injured by the HPV vaccine over 10 years ago and have spent over 7 years bed ridden on and off as a result.
I was in perfect health prior to receiving this vaccine, the pain, fatigue and gut health problems I now have are debilitating and have ruined my life.

I understand why people believe these things are necessary but if there’s a risk, there must be a choice!
I am now 32 years old and too scared to have children due to these new legislations.
Even if my health permits me to have children, I’m scared.
I’m scared that they could be damaged like I was.

I also have a story close to my heart, a story about a beautiful, healthy 3 month old boy, my nephew.
After his vaccines, (21 years ago) he started having seizures with fevers etc all of the signs and symptoms of a vaccine reaction! My sister was ignored and dismissed when mentioning the correlation and doctors delay in acting resulted in permanent brain damage.
We won the case against the hospital, 7 million dollars in total! Which means that my nephew will receive the best care for the rest of his life. This case was won not for the damaged caused by the vaccines, but for the delayed treatment by the hospital!

How about we charge the pharmaceutical companies and hold them accountable instead? We are allowing politicians to profit from making deals with pharmaceutical companies.
While tax payers are left holding the bill!
My nephew is considered “lucky” because we were able to win this case, but what about all of the children who aren’t being compensated? What about me? I’m still struggling to get by, I’m currently not fit enough to hold a job and not sure if I ever will be now..

What happens if they decide to inject my already vaccine injured nephew again?
What happens when the next assault ends up killing him?

I’m scared, but I’m ready to tell my story.

I was a successful singer/songwriter/producer/photographer and child care worker.
I have so many skills and talents, but my injuries mean I am unable to continue working atm.

I will always hold hope for my future but it is getting harder to watch the days slip away, not knowing if I’ll ever recover! I’m tired of being in pain and I’m tired of being sick, with no one willing to even talk about how I got here.


Joel’s story

My 2 children have never had any vaccines and the reason we first questioned the whole thing was because my Aunty died after her MMR. My Nana told me the first set of jabs had her screaming and she said she was not well but of course no one thought to stop them all together. At 16/18 months she had her MMR, straight after she had it she screamed and screamed and Nana said she changed instantly and never recovered, a week later she passed away. The cause ended up being documented as pneumonia but if the doctors were so certain of this then they wouldn’t of recommended my father had no more when he was a baby after he showed similar characteristics as my Aunty after having hers. They worried he would suffer the same fate so he had only his first vaccines and no others as his doctor recommended. His siblings went on to have theirs. My siblings and myself had half doses. My sister reacted to hers with screaming and pain but mum felt she still had to go along with the schedule but skipped some for us.
Joel was born on after 15 hour labour and free from pain relief of any kind. He fed well and developed normally and was a strong baby from day one. He was a healthy, chubby boy with rosy cheeks and very content.

At 3 months, which would take us into the Christmas break, he was still not vaccinated as I was worried about the family history. After a check up with the clinic sister and complete bullying, I made an appointment with the doctor and we had the first Triple Antigen as it was known then (Whooping Cough, Diptheria and Tetanus). After a 5 minute drive home, the baby startled to get niggly. I stripped him down to his nappy and laid him on a cool sheet. A rash had formed at the site of the injection very quickly which I kept an eye on. After half an hour it had travelled up his arm, onto his cheek and across his forehead. At this stage I rang the doctor’s rooms with my concerns and was told it was just a coincidence and to give him baby Panadol. He was wriggling and scratching and became one unhappy baby. I had some Calamine Lotion which I applied to try and relieve the itch. We had to get through Christmas and with no normal services available, the rash continued down the other cheek and onto his other arm and stopped at his elbow in the crease. The extended family asked me what was going on and said it had been there since his injection and I would need to go back to the doctor after the holiday break. They all noticed a change in him, irritable and of course, itchy. In the meantime, I stopped all use of soap in his bath and just used products from the chemist.

I returned to the doctor who looked at the rash and said it was eczema and it must be in my family. I had never seen it before and no one else in the family had it, so I said no it started with the injection. I was given a course of cortisone cream which helped, but once the course was finished the rash came back. It was just pushing it under the skin. More doctor’s visits and more cream, not a satisfactory situation at all. Knowing nothing about the condition, I just presumed it would go away with treatment.

We had moved house and at 5 months, I took Joel for his next Triple Antigen. Still treating the eczema and seeing new doctors in our new area, he began pulling up his legs and screaming. The paediatrician suggested I start him on some rice cereal he might be a hungry baby. I didn’t like this idea, but went along with it. The rash became worse and he was diagnosed with a type of colic at 5 months, very strange. Things just progressively got worse and my baby was in such pain with his tummy and his itching. Again, I questioned the injection and again I was told it was nothing to do with it. Getting very fed up by now. Things went on like this for over a month and by 6 months I started to introduce other solids that I made myself. The rash was still there and not responding to treatment, so I was very lost.

At 7 months again I look him for his third and final Triple Antigen and I warned this different doctor that he had previous reactions and he said to ring him if anything were to happen. Well all hell broke loose. After an hour, Joel started to cry, would not feed and vomited up the Panadol. He was screaming at this stage and I rang my husband, who came home as he worked as a bank manager locally. Joel started to bash his head against my chest constantly. I was bruised badly and he would not stop. By this stage the screaming was high pitched and I rang the doctor and asked him if he could hear this? He replied, “Yes he is making quite a racket, don’t have the Whooping Cough component next time” – end of the conversation. I walked around the house with this badly screaming baby and bashing himself against me, pulling at my hair and hitting his head with his hands and his eyes rolling back in his head. After a couple of hours of offering boiled water and more Panadol, we went to the local hospital Emergency. We were told there was nothing to be done, but go home and cope and offer more Panadol. This continued for a further 14 hours before the baby collapsed into a deep sleep. We watched him all night, afraid he would die. Next day, he refused all food and milk, was pale and listless, just laid in my arms still crying, but not screaming. He was lethargic for over a week, more calls to the doctor and he said he’ll get over it. Of course the eczema was worse and not helping the situation. We noticed the milestones had slowed and there was no real improvement until around 12 months, in the September of 1991. Gradually, our happy baby started to return, but visits to the clinic sister showed that all his percentiles had dropped by half with weight and growth.

Moving forward to a nice Christmas 1991 with my parents and a happy toddler now 15 months old. Climbing and riding his little push car, wonderful we thought everything is turning around. We delayed the MMR by 3-1/2 months, so in January 1992 Joel was taken for the MMR injection. I waited in line with the other mothers, but moved forward to have a quick word with the doctor, telling her about his previous severe reactions and expressing my worry. She told me she didn’t have time to talk to me and to get back in line with the others. So damned rude. If only she had listened to me. He had his needle and we waited the obligatory 15 minutes and nothing happened until the next morning less than 24 hours afterwards. I was getting Joel’s breakfast and readying myself for him to wake when there was a massive scream and crying. I found him covered in frothy, green poo that had exploded all over the cot, bedding, the walls and his body and clothes. I had never seen the likes of it before. Quickly I got my screaming child into the bath to clean him up and wash his hair. It was still coming out in the bath water, so I had to strap him into a potty and run a fresh bath and start again. He wasn’t hungry at all and I rang the local surgery and spoke to a doctor, telling him he had the injection the day before. He said “So what, he probably has gastro, water down his milk and give boiled water and bland foods.” We had projectile vomiting with most foods, but especially egg which had not been a problem until now.

Suddenly he could not walk properly, was falling into the walls all on the same day, holding onto the coffee table up on tiptoes. This was all new to me and before the week was out, he was flapping, doing windmills with his arms and pretending to mow with cars. He couldn’t stand noise and didn’t want to be held. He was tested for all manner of bowel germs, including giardia, but this terrible diarrhoea lasted for 3 months with 8 nappies a day and terrible loss of weight. The clinic sister was very worried and I was back and forth to the paediatrician who tried so many things, but nothing worked. He wrote in a referral “at the point of professional desperation” of which I have a copy. He was a pale, skinny little boy with vacant eyes who didn’t resemble my child. My in-laws even asked me if I was starving him to death. My elderly neighbours were cooking all sorts of nourishing, old fashioned dishes to try and get some weight back on him, all to no avail. Trips to the Childrens’ Hospital did not help. They put him on a high starch diet and then went went down the path of severe constipation, screaming, vomiting and use of childrens’ suppositories (Microlax). From one extreme to the other we went. He was ill for weeks on end and his ability to climb or play in the park was gone. Suddenly my strong right hander had become a clumsy left hander. His fine and gross motor skills were damaged and his muscle tone became very poor. During one of our stays at the Childrens’ Hospital, he picked up Golden Staph in one of the cracks in his elbow and suddenly we went from dry to weeping eczema. Couldn’t win a trick and now he was bandaged from shoulder to fingers on both arms. He continued to deteriorate and his whole personality changed. He also had constant ear infections, this again was something new.

We went from one specialist to another trying to find a solution, both he and I even being tested for Fragile “X”, which I told several doctors would be negative as I knew what had caused this problem. Sure enough the tests came back negative and suddenly the doctors were taking notice of me, but not admitting a causal link, just that the timing was right. Towards the end of 1992 I was put in touch with a scientist. We spoke several times on the phone and he said he had heard so many cases such as my son’s and if I wanted my boy to survive I would need to discontinue these vaccines. He was also in touch with his friend and twice Nobel Prize Winner, Linus Pauling across in the US. I had to find a doctor who would look after Joel and help heal his gut issues. Still I did not stop there. They introduced the Hib vaccine and the scare campaign was on again. So he had his injection. Yes I am an idiot.

Within a day of the Hib injection, Joel collapsed and could not walk. He was paralysed in one leg. I rushed him to the hospital and carried him into Emergency. They checked his leg and nothing was broken, but it was floppy and had no strength. I asked for an X-ray, but they said no he was too young. Take him home and all will be well. He did not walk for a couple weeks. I carried him everywhere in the house and even out into the backyard for some air. He eventually got some movement and I saw a physio at the hospital, but he was more concerned with the toe walking which had continued. It took a couple of weeks, but we eventually had him walking slowly. No one could tell me what had caused this issue. As usual.

The end of this tragedy came with a diagnosis of P.D.D.N.O.S. (Pervasive Development Disorder Not Otherwise Specified) – in other words atypical autism. Plus the inflammatory bowel problems and failure to thrive, with loss of fine and gross motor skills and years of therapy and intervention. He was in nappies until 5 years of age with the ill health and bowel problems continuing, along with the isolation of his autism. No more vaccines, never again for my son. The most insulting part of this whole saga is that not one of Joel’s reactions was reported by doctor, hospital or local council, to the appropriate authorities. I know this because a kind staff member provided me with a print-out of his immunisation record and no reaction had been noted, even though everything was reported by me and witnessed by those with a duty of care.


Anonymous vaccine story

I was a normal healthy bay boy middle child of 7 children and at 16 months old i had my baby vaccine which was required by law. 6 weeks after my vaccine i became very sick almost over night. my mother rang the local doctor who came and put me in hospital to where i stayed pretty much on and off for the next 10 years while many specialist tried to find out what was wrong with me. after many years of testing in brisbane and sydney children hospital they had no answers to why my joints were all swollen and had very high temps most of the time it was as high as 104 degrees. it turned out the vaccine was attacking my antibodies which were stopping and attacking my cartledge from growing between any of my joints in my entire body. they tried to say it was juvinial rhumatoid arthritas when they had no other answer for what i had. my family are all healthy and we all had the same vaccines at the required age as by australian law. i was normal healthy until i had my vaccine at 16 months old as a result i have been left very disfigured & have had to have 5 total hip replacements and 2 total knee replacements from my life of pain and suffering.


Vaccine Damage goes back decades….

Vaccine Damage goes back decades, and still continues.

I remember when I was a teenager in 1955 and they came into the high school and vaccinated us all.
A neighbour gave birth to twin boys around that time. One of them started banging his head against the wall and crying all the time.
This had never been seen before in toddlers, but it became more prevalent as time went on, and it was later identified as being AUTISM.
This baby died before he started school and the other twin remained sickly.

My first son was born in 1961 and I cannot recall as to whether he was vaccinated or not. He was a good baby with no health problems.
It was early days then and the custom had not been entrenched, but by 1963 it was a normal procedure to have your baby vaccinated with DTP (and oral polio) at 3, 4 & 5 months, booster at 15 months and at pre school. He was born a placid and healthy baby, but by the time he was a toddler he had developed eczema and showed signs of having ADHD, which was only recognized as being an actual “syndrome”many years later.

My next son was born in 1971 and the same vaccine schedule was followed, where he changed from a beautiful happy baby to one, who appeared to be miserable, and developed a “whistle” in his windpipe after the 4th month vaccination. By 9 months, had developed chronic asthma, (also called Bronchiolitis) needing an adrenaline injection at 11 months to keep him alive and 27 visits to the doctor in 24 months, wherein he was prescribed cough syrup, antibiotics and disprin, with no improvement. He was a very sick little boy and lucky to survive the ordeal.

It was not until 1997 that I began to research vaccines and it all fell into place as to what had happened to my beautiful baby boys.

In 1997 my friend went for a visit to New Zealand and returned to tell me that they inject babies in NZ with Vitamin K. I had never heard of it, so I did some research and found it was a blood thickener, needed when babies have a “bleeding problem”. The National Health & Medical Research Centre in Australia said that one in 1000 needed it, so that means that 999 little babies get an injection they do not need, despite there being some reports that it could cause cancer in the British Medical Journal. Other stats say that one in 10,000 needed it, so that means we have 9,999 unnecessary and risky injections. I found that it had been going on in Australia since the 1970’s and the only person who knew about it was a nurse who worked in maternity. I assume my youngest son, who was born in 1971 got it as well, along with the DTP and polio vaccines, and suffered deadly asthma, after his first vaccination, and deteriorated with every vaccine, for 3 years, until I decided to stop going to doctors and do something myself. I bought some EUCOSOL, burnt it in a little oil lamp and filled an electric frypan with water to make the room steamy. I only did this twice and he got better, never to get asthma again. Of course they banned it and you now have to go overseas to get it.

And so here I am now, many years later, with 10 little grandchildren/great grandchildren attending either pre school or school and being forced to vaccinate (two who have Asperger’s and ADHD) in order to get an education


Vaccine reaction story

My son, was born 24 October, 2002. he had the MMR vaccine in Brisbane on 17 November, 2003 at Annerley 7 Day Medical Centre. After that I noticed his speech had regressed to only “ga-ga” and “bub-bub”. I took him back to the DR about 2 weeks later, complaining that there was something wrong with him and that his speech was now only “ga-ga” and “bub-bub”. The Dr in a very jovially manner told me that “he is fine” and “there’s nothing wrong him”.

I went back again a second time after no improvement and again was told that he was fine but also that they won’t test him until he is 4 years old. I believe what happened here to be criminal. I do not believe that the doctor made any note of the changes in my son which I was concerned about, since she said repeatedly that he was fine. I believe that unethical practices have occurred in this regard and that there should be accountability.

Eventually when my son was seen at The Mater Hospital Paediatric Clinic, they delayed a diagnosis of Autism, calling it “global delay” for some time. My son has SEVERE AUTISM and INTELLECTUAL IMPAIRMENT. He was in nappies full time till the age of EIGHT years old. He is 13 this October, 2015 and remains NON-VERBAL, hence I am on Carers Pension and have been out of the workforce since 2008 that is 7 YEARS OF LOST WAGES.

Special Schools do not have after school care and my son was kicked out of after school care at the local primary school in Brisbane, as they did not want to deal with him, some of them anyway. Family Daycare worked for a while, I used it as long as I could but only certain individuals are prepared to look after special needs kids and it became unviable. In Brisbane I kept trying to get respite and after a long time my son had 1 night at Autism QLD at Sunnybank and he could apparently get 3 nights for the WHOLE YEAR. We moved to Tasmania in September 2010 and after some time my son was able to receive one night a week of respite care. In April 2013, we relocated to Melbourne and to date we have had ZERO RESPITE, last year it was looked into and we were told that we have ANOTHER 3 YEARS on the waiting list, approximately. My son may be almost 16 by then!!!

I have ALWAYS maintained that my son was never the same after MMR in 2003 and the paediatrician would look at me blankly whenever I brought that up, saying that it was disproven. Yet so many parents say the same thing, even Principals of Special Schools have told me, that a lot of parents say that.

Eventually after the vaccine damage due to the MMR vaccine and the less than virtuous attitude of the DR who vaccinated my son, we changed GPs. The new doctor believed that we, based on my son’s condition and diagnosis, should take the PRECAUTION of not administering anymore vaccines. At the doctors suggestion, which I totally agreed with, we filled out a Conscientious Objection form, which I have, dated 19 November, 2007.

My son has also had seizures on two occasions, yet it is unlikely that he would qualify for a medical exemption as it is listed as “resolved”. My son also has a problem with his eyes, where they sometimes turn inwards (esotropia, also known as strabismus), some also believe this is a sign of brain damage caused by vaccines. https://www.rch.org.au/kidsinfo/fact_sheets/Brain_injury_Eyes_and_vision/

The government and parliament of Australia are acting unconstitutionally and are toying with Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination laws by trying to financially penalise families for making decisions concerning their own medication. Where they aren’t “exactly” forcing people they are attempting to coerce and to penalise them financially a very manipulative manoeuvre, indeed. I believe it is a breach of the Nuremberg Code as well. https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJM199711133372006#t=article

The TRUTH of Vaccine DAMAGE will come out and WHEN it does the Australian Government will be complicit in financially penalising families for their own medical decisions. I look to FULL ACCOUNTABILITY on the government’s part and ALL MONIES being PAID BACK to families, if this evil legislation goes ahead. Just as we the people can read and understand that vaccines are NOT ALL SAFE, so can the government, if it SO CHOOSES.

When I was 21 I walked into a doctor’s office for a pap smear and walked out with a Hepatitis B vaccination. At the time the nurses or the doctor DID NOT perform a full and thorough history of my health issues, genetic predispositions, or illnesses. Nor was I not told the ingredients of the vaccination or any side effects.

As a child I always had eczema on the inside of my arms and at the back of my knees, and I would have the odd allergy resulting in hay fever type symptoms, nothing serious. I lived a normal life, until I had the Hepatitis B vaccination at 21. Within 2 months of the last vaccination I was covered head to toe with eczema, my hands feet and scalp were the only places unaffected. The Doctors and specialists answer was to prescribe prednisone cream resulting in the thinning of my skin and my face cracking when I smile. They had no answers and they offered no cure.

Along with the eczema, came cronic fatigue, which resulted in me being unable to work full time. My life revolved around special diets, due to lots of allergy to certain foods, chemicals, cleaning products, perfumes, creams, shampoos, I live in a house with no curtain or carpet, I lost weight and became depressed as I was unable to lead a happy, healthy life, all because I had the Hepatitis B vaccination.

Due to special diets and natural products I have been able to manage my health problems. A relapse can happen at any time.

Last year after having my baby I had another severe relapse of eczema, this time literally head to toe and an undiagnosed auto immune disease. I was bedridden and unable to work for 5 months, the immunologist prescribed methotrexate (a cancer/auto immune suppressant drug). When this didn’t work I was informed “there are 50 more drugs to try” and so the roller coaster ride began.

The two dermatologists I saw couldn’t help me aside from prescribing steroid creams and the allergist said I was the most severe case she had ever seen. The rheumatologist couldn’t tell me why I was aching all over and offered no solution. I have an allergy level of 6000 when most people have a level of less than 100. There are no answers and I have lived with this over 23 years, since the Hepatitis B vaccination.

I am not sure if your aware but newborn babies within 7 days of being born are given a Hepatitis B vaccination, they are then given a further 3 doses at 2, 4 and 6 months.

I have refused vaccinations for my baby based on my personal hell after the Hepatitis B vaccination. My baby is of my genetic makeup and until there is genetic and allergy testing done prior to vaccination I will NOT vaccinate. There are NO long term studies on humans, based on the cocktail of disease injections, in our current immunization schedule.

Vaccination should be a choice as they ARE NOT 100% safe and effective. Vaccination should be without co-ercion, bullying, and blackmail from Doctors or the Government and without financial penalisation.

Until vaccines are 100% safe and effective I WILL NOT receive another vaccination, nor will any of my children, I will not put myself or my children through any self inflicted suffering because of a fear we MAY or MAY NOT get a disease.


Bella’s story

When my first child was born she received all of her vaccinations, there was no question in my mind that my children would have all of their vaccinations and could never understand why anybody would deny their children this protection. When my second daughter came along nothing was going to be different. Bella was born a strong healthy baby. Despite a small heart murmur which was fixing itself Bella was growing and developing beautifully. She rolled when she should have, sat on her own when she should have. There was nothing that could ever alarm us that anything could ever be wrong.

When Bella was six months old she was due for her 6 month Vaccinations. As she had a cold we decided to wait until she was better to have them done. As soon as Bella had recovered we made another appointment for her to have her needles. This is where my life changed dramatically. The following day after receiving her vaccinations Bella ran a fever and was generally grisly. But then she started doing things I had never seen her do before. Her eyes would roll back in her head and she would fall to the side. I had no idea what was happening but it didn’t seem to bother her so I didn’t worry, however I was always aware of it happening as she could no longer sit on her own and had to be propped up or have pillows all around her.

As we neared her 12 month needles I began getting very anxious something in my gut kept telling me not to do it. I kept making excuses with the GP as to why Bella couldn’t have her needles. It just didn’t feel right. Eventually at 15months I succumbed to pressure and Bella received her 12 month needles. I wish I could take these back. Bella’s episodes of her eyes rolling back in her head increased 10 fold. Nobody could tell me what it was. She not only no longer sat on her own, but she stopped rolling, stopped pulling to stand and stopped trying to crawl.

I’m not going to go into our journey with trying to get doctors to listen as it is not relevant to this letter so I will only focus on our journey with vaccinations. However I will tell you that Bella at one point was having over 100 seizures a day and is now confined to a wheelchair. When Bella was just over two years old we finally saw a paediatric neurologist. I asked him “What role have vaccinations played in what is happening to my daughter?” His reply “They have triggered it”. I was devastated, I had done this to my daughter. I had trusted my doctor implicitly, I never asked and I never researched and now this is happening.

This is where my research in earnest began. All of Bella’s vaccinations were to cease immediately at the recommendation of her neurologist. As a trained investigator, I investigated every opportunity I had. I read books, I read every product insert from the vaccine manufacturers, I read research studies and medical articles. I literally left no stone unturned. I then fell pregnant with my third child she had her Vit K injection at Birth however I refused the Hep B shot as I believe a newborn baby cannot cope due to having no blood brain barrier. Shortly after we learned from Bella’s metabolic professor that this child had abnormalities in her placenta. At that point we decided that she would receive no vaccinations due to this.
None of my children are eligible for a medical exemption despite these issues. Vaccines are so safe for them that specialists would need to admit them to hospital in order for them to be administered! SAFE I think not!


Alastair’s story

My son, Alastair was placed on an immunisation trial in 1997 by the University of Adelaide, he was aged about 7 months at the time. The trial was to try combining a series of shots that at the time were being given separately. I can’t remember exactly which one it was but if dug out his blue book it would probably say. I could find out.
My husband worked at Adel Uni at the time and they wed asking any staff member who had a baby at the time to volunteer their child for the trial. At the time we thought it was a good idea as the only friend I had who was “anti-vaccer” was also one of those who breastfeed until they turn 6, homeschooler, and radical left wing religious fundamentalist nutters. As she was rather uneducated I didn’t take her vaccination opinion seriously as she was all hype and no substance. For her it was just a part of the alternative anti-establishnment lifestyle. She knew nothing medical and so because i couldn’t get any “medical” info on the risks, only benefits we agreed. I stupidly thought he was being vaccinated in the manner were 30 years before hand – 3 or 4 vaccines, then the girly one at aged 12.
And so – being the tertiary educated, responsible citizens we thought we were, we enrolled him. His first couple of days were uneventful with the exception of screaming and hard painful lump on his arm. However a couple of days after he developed a very high fever – so high he was hospitalised. As he was a part of the trial they documented it all, and made sure he was “ok”. He stayed 2 night (I think) and came home.

Now in my husband family Aspergers is rife. My husband has Aspergers, tourettes and sensory issues – but he is still social enough to get a wife and friends. But Alastairs development was very retrograde – at 2 he still had no intentional speech, avoided all eye contact and flapped his hands and made noises. VERY VERY autistic behaviour. He qualified for every early intervention going, he attended kindy for nearly 2 years as he was so developmentally behind. He never slept for more than 2 hours at a time – he woke around the clock. All this is documented in his developmental assessments. He wasn’t just Asperger – he was very AUTISTIC. There was discussion he would attend a special school – which broke my heart – but we worked incessantly at every therapy available to make him function.
He gradually developed the skills to attend school, and it was a hard slog.

His older sister attended a local private primary school, and the mothers of her friends were horrified to find that “Alastair – that spazzo kid” was going to join the new reception stream the following year – together wither younger precious darlings. SO a group of mothers banded together – and raised a petition to lobby the school council to have our sons application into the school the following year, rejected. These mothers were my friends, they were the mothers of my daughters friends. We sat and coffee together every week, and behind my back, they – together – were determined to NOT have Megans little brother join the school population. (he would often play with their younger children in the yard as we would wait for the school day to finish and collect our older children, and they were offended at his developmental delays and felt he was threat to their happy little community!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ) A good friend found out about it – told me, the principal confirmed to me that it was an issue – and it bore no relation to their decision. Yet his offer of a place was not forthcoming, the school year started and they even deliberately kept ONE place free in their 24 students only classes – in case we launched legal action to have him attend the school. We launched legal action based on discrimination and we had an offer immediately and he started school term 2. He was nearly 7 years old by then.

Anyway at about the age of 8 he developed miscellaneous immune issues. He developed folliculitis. This is an infection of the hair follicles on the arm and legs. It starts off looking like a million mozzies has covered his arm in bites and each bite swells, becomes infected and bleeds. Each bite burns like fire ants. Particular ones will erupt into serious sores and bleed for about 3 to 6 MONTHS before it heals over. He had constant bleeding sores all over his arms and legs. I can provide photos of this if you like. Very treatment resistant. As well as this he had recurrent SEVERE thrush in his mouth and throat. SO bad it looks like a picture they use in text books. WHite coated tongue that burns like crazy – it filled and lined his throat – white stringy goop – and it would be so bad it would take days of heavy anti-fungals to get rid of. I banned sugar – bread etc – to no avail. His bleeding sores and thrush continued for years. I truly was a full time carer. I had no life. Then a year or two later, he developed migraines – his first one was at aged 9, he throw up and he gradually became so ill – he was often hospitalised. He has been prescribed naratryptans since he was 12 years old. They are an authority scrip for ADULTS, but neurology at the Womens and children’s hospital tried every other alternative – but the truth was he was crippled by migraines that would last for days and weeks on end. Sometimes they were so prolonged they would admit to hospital in fear of a stroke – and place him on IV steroids, fluids and pain meds. Only for it to return the following day after discharge.

His migraines were so serious and uncontrolled the neurologist allowed ME to keep dexamethasone at home. This is usually a hospital only drug – but the neurologist knew there was no treatment for his type of migraines and he allowed me to manage them with the hospital grade medications – AT MY PERSONAL DISCRETION at home. I have my own letter from the neurologist personally that if he is so ill from one, and we present at emergency, Alastair is to be given fluids, and IV morphine and steroids immediately – AT MOTHERS REQUEST…..how many parents have a letter authorising morphine and steroids for a child, at a mothers request – no questions asked.

He also received hormone treatment at the age of 16 because he was growing too tall and big too fast. His hormone levels are very low – he has low testosterone, low cortisol, is insulin resistant and has a spinal abnormality. He lives with back and foot pain and often bouts of generalised joint pain which is more than growing pains.
He is currently 6 ft 3 inches and 100 kg’s. He has impulse control problems with food, obsessed with gaming, and few friends. He resists me taking him to fiends and spending time out side the home.

Alastair is now 18 years old – he is on DSP for all of his medical problems which are classed as “unrelated”. What a load of shit. He has generalised immune dysfunction.. He has only sparodic attendance at school – he has a high IQ – but still struggles to make himself understood – is still very autistic. Not just Asperger. He is such hard work – i still cry most days. He was 15 when we taught him how to order his food at Hungry Jacks – but he refused to do it anywhere else – it took us a while to realise that because we taught him to order his food at ONE specific Hungry Jacks, he could only ever order food from that specific one. He was 17 before he could order anywhere else. This is still an issue when going out.

I HAVE NOT EVER – AND WOULD NOT EVER VACCINATE AGAIN. He has not received any vaccines since his incident at 7 months. I didn’t trust them. My daughter was forced to have them, and my husband took her for a last round at 4 years of age. She got glandular fever at 5 years 2 months, had childhood chronic fatigue all her life and spent about 2 days in bed a week, has Gilberts syndrome (high bilirubin levels, and poor liver function), got chicken pox at 4 (mmmm – ok) but SHINGLES at 11 years. The doctor refused to believe a child of 11 years could get shingles. They are now 20 and 18 years, they both have poor stamina, recurrent infections as well as their ongoing migraines/fsatique – whatever they have. So she too has poor immune function.

After doing Naturopathic training for 2 years, and homeopathic training too – the college i was at closed and now i am doing a Bach of Health Science at the Uni of Adel – I am going to demonstrate one day how dangerous the poorly developed modern vaccines are. I refused the HPV for my daughter to the horror of my friends until i told them the facts – and they now too have second thoughts………….But at university they are allowing out tutors teach students that a disease is carried thru the community by the unvaccinated. I said in front of the class disease is carried by EVERYONE _ the idea of vaccines are that they don’t manifest the illness – but they still pass it on. They were not happy I contradicted them.

By the way – although he was officially part of a trial, and a serious reaction was reported and medically treated I HAVE NEVER EVER EVER BEEN CONTACTED AS TO HIS LONG TERM DEVELOPMENTAL OR MEDICAL WELFARE. So much for it being a “study”.

One last interesting point…….I see alternative GP’s for his issues and vaccine injury is their quiet assessment – although they don’t say DONT vaccinate – they “don’t do it personally – we have clinic nurses to do it if you wish”. I won’t say here who the doctors are – but i see 3 specialist interest GP’s who all refuse to vaccinate, but won’t actually say in words why they don’t. But they treat Autism and environmentally polluted patients.



My daughter diagnosed with PSC/AIH and UC (primary sclerosing colangitis and ulcerative colitis) in 2013 . She is currently 6 yrs old. No know cause by her doctors, had most of early child hood vaccinations.
Born healthy mild jaundice. On immune suppression therapy steroidal meds. No known cure!

After coming to terms with our life’s predicament, i researched avenues to alter the course of this terrible diagnosis, along that way i discovered things such as heavy metals, chemicals that they have injected into her body via Vaccines, as i cannot work out how else her body is so damaged. eg her gut lining, gut bacteria, immune system and liver.
There are a lot of papers regarding these facts that suggest the chemicals/ viruses can cause auto immune diseases, prior to her final diagnosis we were unaware of the possible causation. Mind you, the main stream medical dr. Does not state the cause of this disease, generally blaming genes/ toxins/ and environmental, so it has been left for me to investigate, I have joined the dots to come up with this assumption. I have no doubt that this has been a great, if not sole contributing factor as our daughter was born healthy, no complications, no history of illness suddenly falls into a life destroying illness with no way out in such a short period of time.

From a very young age she had some small health issues, eczema, ear infections colds and flu diarrhoea etc Thinking, this is what young kids developed as part of growing up and recover quickly to these health issues and remain will remain relatively healthy. Because of her young age, and more and more research into the auto immune/ chronic illnesses epidemic has made me question what is happening here. Many doctors out there (obviously none on government payrolls) have realised or know this as fact that vaccines are in fact causing these diseases.


Rhys’ story

In around August of 1992 my son, Rhys, was given his first Triple Antigen vaccination at 2 months of age. Prior to this vaccination he was an alert, inquisitive, happy and responsive baby.
This vaccination was administered during a morning appointment by our local GP at the medical centre. By late afternoon my son displayed serious adverse medical symptoms. He was extremely hot, very pale, practically unresponsive and his limbs just hung down – not moving like a rag doll. I could barely arouse him so I quickly returned to the medical centre where I had Rhys vaccinated earlier that day.

The GP told me this was a reaction to the Whooping Cough part of the triple antigen. He warned me to never include the Whooping Cough vaccine with any future vaccinations again. The GP told me he believed this reaction will pass but if I became too concerned or if the reaction worsened to take Rhys to the hospital.

Rhys came out of his “lifeless” state as time went by, however, he was most definitely never the same.
The first thing I noticed about the change that took place with Rhys was his sleeping patterns. He would sleep longer and longer lengths of time and would become tired and fall back to sleep more often. I noticed he didn’t want to smile anymore and he didn’t seem interested in me or anything else around him. The brightness in Rhys had died.

As time went on R was behind in every mile stone, everything. He struggled terribly at school academically and socially, growing up with few friends and teased often ie: being called “Rhystard”. He was diagnosed with Asperger’s, ASD, Learning Difficulties and borderline mental impairment.

By 2 months of age I knew my baby. At that time, I knew that vaccination changed my baby, forever.


MMR story

18 years ago, I had my 1 year old daughter vaccinated. She was a perfect little girl, developing normally and learning easily. About a week and a half after her MMR vaccination, she became unwell – runny nose, fever, lethargy. Then, she suffered a seizure. I called an ambulance and at the hospital was told that it was probably a febrile convulsion associated with her elevated temp. which was a reaction to her MMR vaccination.
Within weeks, she suffered another seizure – this time, no high temp, but this time, she stopped breathing and turned blue whilst I was on the phone to the ambulance.

This was the pattern that followed. In the meantime, I noticed her development regress. We were in and out of hosp around 2 times pe month. My daughter was having absent seizures as well as grand-mal seizures. She underwent many many tests – MRIs, CT scans, EEG’s and countless blood tests. She had a lumbar puncture, xrays, saw geneticists. All tests kept coming back normal.

At around the age of three, I took my daughter to a chiropractor, thinking that maybe she had something out in her neck that was contributing to her seizures. The chiro asked me *After which vaccine did they (seizures) start?* By the look on my face, she nodded and said *yes, you would be surprised at how often this happens*
It took til my daughter was 5 to get the seizures medically under control. Now, she is 19 and still on a cocktail of 3 meds that very well could be destroying her liver and kidneys.

My daughter started school at 5 in a mainstream class but it was obvious this wasn’t suitable for her. So, she was put in a ‘special class’ until grade 8, then went into a special school til the end of this year. Next year, we are unsure of what will happen.
This has ruined our family, our lives. My daughter will always need a carer.


Hep B vaccine injury story

My son was born via c/sec 7yrs ago.
He was born perfect, so alert, strong & healthy.
He fed like a champion – perfect latch & suck. A little hoover, I called him ????
That was until day 3, just before we left to go home, he received the Hep B vax. We were given no information about it, just asked if we wanted it. We were hesitant but the nurse said it was best for our baby to get it. So we let her give it to him.

We went home and things went downhill.
My beautiful baby became very restless all of a sudden. Nothing seemed to settle him and I hadn’t done anything different besides let him have the Hep B.
He started to develop fevers, turn yellow, become really weak & floppy & was very, very sleepy. I tried everything to wake him up but nothing would get him out of his comatised state. A home nurse came over and tried to get him to feed from a bottle but his mouth wouldn’t even open. He was totally out of it. She was very concerned and admitted him to hospital straight away.
Tests were done but nothing but being a tiny bit jaundice come up on the tests.
He was tube fed via a nasal tube with my expressed breast milk.
His jaundice levels became fine after 1 night under the lights but his condition still didn’t improve.
It was heart breaking to see our tiny, newborn baby who WAS fine, totally limp, lifeless and completely unresponsive.

Bottle feeding was tried in hospital but he had lost all functions to his mouth – lips, tongue, swallow. Milk just pooled in his forced open mouth & spilled out.
Apparently after a week in hospital and no tests bringing up a reason for his comatose state, a lie was told that he did apparently feed from a bottle and that we could take him home. I asked the Paediatrician who was looking after him if the Hep B vax could be the reason, seeing that they couldn’t find anything on the tests. She barked back at me, saying “NO! The Hep B is perfectly safe! Your baby is just lazy!!”

We went home wondering how a perfectly healthy, strong baby can suddenly become ‘lazy’ & comatose.
Once home we realised their apparent ‘bottle feeding’ was a lie. As he couldn’t feed from a bottle at all!
He still had no swallow reflexes nor could he latch or suck a bottle.
We had to force feed our tiny son by forcing his mouth open and shut slowly and trying to get him to swallow. It was very messy and wet work as his limp lips & tongue couldn’t latch or suck the bottle so we had to drip/squeeze milk into his mouth which resulted in milk soaked bibs & cloths at every feed time.

Eventually our son regained some strength and got better with his latch/suck/swallow.
But he always had problems with his drinking/eating.
My was diagnosed Aspergers at 3yrs of age.
He had multiple delays, with food, drinking, talking, crawling, several sensory & social issues and still to this day, struggles with everyday life. I never wish to experience this again. The past 7 years have been a massive strain & struggle not only for my son, but also for his sibling & myself & my husband.
I will never vaccinate ever again. And every parent should be given the right to choose if they want to vaccinate, with ALL information to be taken home & their decision not to be made on the spot.



My daughter has FPIES severe life threatening food allergies. No one will ever say that it is connected to vaccines but my mother instinct as well as research on the immune response from the body from immunisations and that food allergies are an immune response says otherwise. My daughter had all her immunisations up until I began to feed her first solids at 6mths. Straight away she started reacting to the food i gave her including sweet potato and avocado. She was hospitalised twice for 3 days each after as little as one teaspoon of sweet potato and i thought i was going to lose her twice. She had most of her immunisations until i started reading up on it and stopped them. It was a long process of finding out what foods she could eat. She is 7yrs old now and looks very tired all the time, constantly has bags under her eyes and the naturopath has said it is her liver functioning. I have a 4yr old and a 3yr old that have never received any immunisations and they have never had any issues, have never had to go to the doctor and are perfectly healthy.


When our first child was born, I immediately questioned the need to jab a new born baby as the whole process is too fast backed by this unquestioned hysteria and fear. That alone sent alarm bells to me so I mentioned to my wife that I didn’t think it was a good idea to vaccinate straight away.
When that was questioned, my answer was this: I don’t see the sickness in the community at large and I never have, so we can afford to take the time to rethink this action. I also felt that a baby should be left in peace rather than have this rush of injections. It just doesnt feel right to me at all.

3 months past and we saw our son show great strength in his legs, balance, focus and he was laughing and very happy. He was reacting to music and cooing in delight.

My wife caved in to family pressure and the hysterical hype to vaccinate our son. When I got home from work, he had completely changed. My wife was worried that he is not the same. I took a few seconds to check him. Immediately I could see that he was not balanced, could not see at any focal point, stopped smiling and was generally a motionless automoton with basic animal functions.

My wife cried every day for the 6 months this condition was evident. I was angry and upset that my wife did this without consulting me. It was then we both agreed never to consider vaccination ever again.

Today our son is 4-5 years old and is still suffering from the effects of the vaccination. We have however used many therapies to minimise this effect.

Currently he cannot sit still and listen to a story, cannot focus on any tasks, and cannot follow a 2-3 part instruction (wash hands, put hat in bag and sit on mat). Social and emotional skills are very poor. Cannot cope with unexpected change or change that is introduced. He has trouble with expressing feelings and emotions appropriately.

The above may sound familiar as it comes from his pre-school teachers.

We are currently working with him to detoxifying in hope to get rid of the heavy metals within his body.

Our second son has not been vaccinated and is sharp as a tack! He is tactful, very intelligent and is only going on 2 years old.


3 Vaccine injury stories

My first born daughter was not the same after her 18 month vaccinations.
Immediately afterwards she was flat, hot and unsettled.
For the following weeks she continued to be ‘out of sorts’ – not as bright, irritable, she was pale with dark eyes.
My husband had been away. The first thing he said when he came home soon after her vaccinations was ‘She’s regressed!’.
My heart sank. I was terrified. I was in disbelief that this could happen to us.
One month after her vaccinations our daughter had an anaphylactic reaction to a piece of cashew nut and almost died.
I have no doubt that the two events – the vaccination and the anaphylaxis are related.
I will not vaccinate my daughter again given the risks of further damage.
I have worked tirelessly over the years to build up and heal her immune system.
She now can consume cashew nuts without reactivity. This healing is very rare.


One morning we found a sick bat in our bedroom. The pressure from Queensland Health to have rabies vaccinations was enormous.
Even though I felt the possibility of exposure was remote I decided to get me and my family vaccinated with the rabies vaccine.
After each vaccination I had blurred vision, tingly fingers, a dull headache, mental dullness, and nausea.
When I contacted QLD Health to report these side effects, they were not interested.
These side effects continued consistently for about 2 weeks and intermittently for about 12 months afterwards.
If I had these neurological clinical signs without having a vaccination I feel that I would have been treated with a lot of concern by medical practitioners.
There is something wrong with the system that accepts reactions like this to vaccination, especially neurological reactions, as being OK.

My third born daughter was un-vaccinated given our bad experience with her eldest sister’s bad reaction to a vaccination.
She was an amazing baby, so peaceful. So many people would comment on what a lovely quiet baby she was.
However when she was 9 months old we found a sick bat in the house and were under a lot of pressure to have her vaccinated against rabies.
She had a series of 4 vaccinations in 2 weeks.
After the vaccinations she was irritable, pale, had dark rings under her eyes, was not as responsive and not as bright as she had been prior to vaccination.
She developed severe eczema which would be intensely pruritic and she would scratch often. She cried for more than 5 hours every day and through the night.
She needed constant reassurance and needed to be held for most of the day. These behaviours did not start to improve for about 12 months after the vaccinations.
She would not socialise with her sisters. At almost 2 years she was diagnosed as having speech delay.
At this time with much difficulty I managed to get a medical exemption to vaccination for her but for only 6 months.
I was appalled that there was so much reservation in the doctors that I saw in giving her this medical exemption. In fact one Doctor told me he could be de-registered if he advised not to vaccinate my daughter.
My daughter has been seriously neurologically damaged from vaccination and yet the government policy is that she still should have all her childhood vaccines. This is insanity.


When my oldest son had his first pertussis vaccination at 2 months of age (30 years ago), nobody warned me of any potential side effects.
Within a couple of hours of having the vaccine he was doing this high-pitched screaming which went on for hours during the whole night and also a 39 degree temperature.
Following this I went to my regular doctor and told him about this experience and he did not give any further pertussis immunisations.
When my second and third sons were babies, my local GP also decided not to give pertussis based on their older brother’s experience.

My third son was the first one to receive the MMR vaccine (24 years ago).
He was very unwell for one week and two years later developed the first case of mumps the GP had seen in 20 years.
I caught the mumps from him and we were both in quarantine.
I had also needed a couple of immunisations for rubella before showing any immunity at all. I had as a child had a bad reaction to smallpox vaccine for travel overseas, with high temperature and vomiting.
With my fourth son (24 years ago) I therefore decided not to immunise, as I was well aware of potential risks by then.

With my daughter (6 years) she had allergies and multiple food intolerances since she was a baby. I decided not to immunise, as I was mindful of her brothers’ experiences and also she had sensory processing disorder and at times showed behaviours on the high functioning end of the autism spectrum.
I felt I could not take the risk.

Of the 5 children, I have to say the two youngest have actually been the healthiest.
My youngest son was breastfed for 3 years, my daughter for 4 years.
They have not had the repeated ear and throat infections that my other sons (especially the son who received the MMR injection) had. My 3rd son had his tonsils removed due to repeated infections when he was around 5 years old.
I am open to families making decisions that are right for them and their children.
I just know that my children have reacted differently to immunisation and I am fortunate that their reactions have not left them with a permanent disability.
I would not like to take the risk.

I also have to think about possible risks for my grandchildren-it will be their parents’ decision whether to immunise or not, but I feel they should know their own history of adverse reactions.
I would just like my decision regarding my family, which is a thoughtful, considered one, to be accepted as valid.
I don’t discriminate against people who choose to feed their babies artificially when they could breastfeed-I believe it is their right to make that choice once they have received proper information.
If there was discrimination against parents who chose to formula feed their babies I believe there would be a huge outcry about parent’s rights.

I am making a decision not for my convenience, but in what I believe is the best interests of my children.
I have given the best start in life I can for their immunity by breastfeeding.
Where is the respect for my and their rights not to be discriminated against?
I was recently asked to sit in the public waiting area of a hospital because my daughter was not immunised-so that I did not put other children or my child at risk?
Isn’t this discrimination?
Isn’t she more at risk in an adult waiting room, seeing trauma victims coming in and being exposed to adult infections?



My eldest son, has ASD. I know that it was his 4 month vaccines that triggered his condition. He had a reaction to the shots that he received in May, 2008 and was taken to emergency. His symptoms of ASD, such as stimming, began shortly afterwards. It was this that prompted me to investigate the safety of vaccines. And interestingly enough when he was 4 and I was pressured to have him vaccinated I agreed to have them done one at a time. After each shot he had symptoms of vomiting, sneezing, lethargy and diarrhoea.
It was clear to me that his body did not accept the vaccines at all.
His brother wasn’t vaccinated until he turned 3 and had no reaction to the vaccines when he had them…it became clear to me that there are some children who do have a reaction to vaccines and it is very possible to be vaccine damaged. PERIOD.



Our only child had been affected as a result of neurotoxic (and carcinogenic) vaccination reaction/damage, neurotoxic pesticides exposures (and neurotoxic water fluoridation chemicals in everything we eat, drink and bathe in since December, 2008) – I at the time of his vaccinations, had no knowledge of the neurotoxic chemical cocktail which were injected into my baby.

He had a violent reaction and he became desperately ill, he stopped breathing a lot, we had a monitor on him but the screaming and jerking were so bad that after he was continuing to stop breathing, we walked the floors with him day and night to ensure he wasn’t a SIDS statistic – his whole body was jerking, jumping, arched back, high pitched screaming, convulsions, vaccine induced encephalitis, vomiting, gastric, later started violent head banging (we believe violent head pain/headaches) he developed lots of sickness, including chronic asthma, eczema, allergies, gastric reflux, gastric, severe tonsillitis and ear infections constantly and horrendous disorders of behaviour, including violent and destructive uncontrollable outbursts, mood, temperament, emotional etc..

With numerous diagnoses over the years (labels for neurotoxic chemical brain injury etc…) such as Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, Depressive Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Parental Child Conflict Disorder, Conduct Disorder, Speech & Language Disorder, Panic Attacks, chronic fatigue, insomnia, as well as the asthma, allergies, Skin problems, Infections, Immune Dysfunction, gut and intestinal disorders/Leaking gut/extra sensitive eyes and tactile sensitivity/ Chemical Injury/Chemical Sensitivity/MCS & ors. (From the toxic, neurotoxic chemicals (& carcinogenic compounds) in the vaccines and other neurotoxic chemical exposures (such as pesticide exposures (also potent neurotoxins & carcinogens) and water fluoridation chemicals (potent neurotoxins & carcinogens) later in life when we were ‘fluoridated’ in Dec. 2008) – his life and ours has been very difficult because of all his problems especially severe behavioural/emotional/temperant/moods….. Vaccination is Vaccination Russian Roulette which I will forever regret.

Just about every mainstream doctor (and there were many), that we went to with our child to seek help for all the problems, when we told them about the very serious vaccinations reaction just about all of them said “no it wouldn’t have been that”. Well we know they were and are wrong. Some ridiculous ‘medical experts’ said ‘he’s a spoilt little shit or we were incompetent parents’ but their ‘blind denial of vaccination reaction was disgusting and dangerous’.
We are seeing a Society of the most terrible behavioural disorders, anti-social behaviour, street violence and crime, general violence and criminality, learning disorders, ever increasing diverse mental illnesses, Alzheimer’s disease, bone diseases, kidney diseases, thyroid disease, many cancers etc..
The warnings also are relevant about toxic, neurotoxic and carcinogenic water fluoridation chemicals in particular in this Report, represent a clear and definitive threat. The Precautionary Principle in any advanced society particularly, must be enacted.



My son was born full term and healthy. Within a few days of his first Triple Antigen injection in 1992 he developed bilateral ear infections, bronchiolitis and an infected throat. I was told to take him straight to hospital if his respiratory rate continued to climb. The Dr ignored my question of this being an adverse vaccine reaction & thus was not recorded as one.
He went on to have another 20 ear infections over the next 2 years and lost 30% of his hearing. He was on numerous doses of antibiotics which in turn had their own side effects.

My daughter has mitochondrial dysfunction and a MTHFR homozygous gene. This was not discovered until she was much older. She is medically contra indicated for vaccination. Babies need to be tested for this at birth to avoid the horrendous side effects now occurring. At least 40% of our population carries this gene.


Hep B vaccine reaction

In October 1989 at 27 years old, I received the Hep B vaccine as part of my training to be a police officer in Queensland. Then after completing a physical test I was exhausted more than ever before and was bedridden for two weeks with exhaustion and had get out of bed to see a doctor who did not provide any assistance. I then went to a Naturopath and recovered some energy but in the next 5 years was always tired more than I had been prior to the vaccine. At age 33 years old by using natural methods of treatment my energy improved. At age 43, I was then diagnosed with auto immune disease on the scalp with aggressive psoriasis and low testosterone. Doctors were unable to help me to address the cause. At 53 years of age I still suffer very minor auto immune diseases since the hepatitis B vaccine at 27 which I treat on ongoing basis with natural remedies.


More than 20 years ago, when I was training to be a nurse, I was told I needed certain vaccinations before being able to work. I did my duty because I had no idea there was any risk (or any choice). After my 3rd shot (hepatitis A/B/C?) I went home, did my usual stuff and went to bed. The next morning I woke up with my face swollen like a balloon. I looked like Moonface from The Magic Faraway Tree. Scary!

I went to my GP and she gave me an antihistamine injection (wow that hurt). No one ever told me I should report it and certainly no one reported the adverse reaction on my behalf. It took about 10 days for the swelling to completely go away.

I wonder what might have happened if it had been my throat swelling up. Would I be here today? It wasn’t until years later, when I had my own children and began to read about pros and cons, that I realized this really should have been reported.

Thankfully I’m ok. But this incident demonstrated to me the complete lack of proper reporting and lack of accurate knowledge about the actual incidence of adverse reactions. I’ve never trusted the official statistics since.


Louise’s story

As a nurse in the 60s I was not aware of a side effects of vaccinations. Firstly as there were not so many vaccinations, we, as parents were not vaccinated either so we did not question when our eldest required her shots at 3 months. We followed what was asked of us.
Firstly “Louise” my first child, almost died following the first booster at 3 months she had continual gastroenteritis for the following weeks. All her hair fell out quickly and she developed eczema all over her body, being particularly bad on her face. Her breathing was erratic and our family doctor at the time said she MUST never be vaccinated again due to high allergic reaction.

Louise continued to show weakened immune system during her young years with recurring tonsillitis, eczema and allergies to almost everything. It took lots of study over the next 18 years to help her overcome some of these side effects. While went on to study what I could in the way of helping her overcome some of her weaknesses, like white hair as a child, with iron and other natural supplements, we helped her to overcome things but it took many many years.

When my next child developed eczema as well after his 3 month shots, again the doctor advised no further vaccinations as my children were allergic.
Hence when our third child was born I did not bother to have him vaccinated.
We all went to live overseas in china for some years and lived in villages, my three children did not have any boosters nor any kind of vaccine. All were exposed to the measles, mumps and chicken pox, but soon recovered after a few days in bed or staying indoors.

All three thrived as young adults with the help of my study into herbal medicine, naturopathy and many other modalities it proved how a natural approached assisted in keeping them strong and healthy, of course good home meals mattered as well.

Now they as parents my two older children, have chosen not to vaccinate their children due to the allergic responses that they had, all 5 of these children are strong, healthy and intelligent with a great immune system.

The son whose 3 children have been vaccinated show a different story. All three have severe skin conditions, speech problems, and a slower mental growth and mental clarity than the other children.



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