Policy Statement: The Arts Party

27 June, 2016 By AVN admin

art-trans-topThe Arts Party was contacted by many concerned Australians who wanted to know the position of the Party regarding No Jab No Pay. The Party met recently and decided to come out squarely AGAINST the No Jab, No Pay policy. We applaud them for taking this ethical stand. Their policy statement can be read below:


The Arts Party recognise that the science on Vaccination is not certain. Specifics of whether an individual may, or may not, have an adverse reaction to any medication is never definite. There is risk involved in any medical procedure.

As such, all sensible and practical medical advice must be given on a “weight of evidence” basis. The Arts Party believe that the weight of evidence is in favour of universal Vaccinations; that universal Vaccination does more good than harm and that it has been shown to be of overall medical benefit to everyone in society.

As such we encourage all Australians to continue with vaccination and to have their children vaccinated as per the standard schedule.

However, we understand that this issue is highly emotive and contains a deeply important element of personal choice and individual liberty.

With respect to the controversial “no jab no pay” policy, in particular, we believe that this is an overbearing and improper way in which to coerce individuals to vaccinate their children. We believe that we should, instead, embark on a community education program, to assure those who are worried about vaccinating their children that it is generally safe and beneficial to do so; and that they should choose to do so, for their own good, their children’s good, and for the good of the society at large.

The state should put away the stick and focus on the carrot when it comes to health policy. The Arts Party would welcome a return to financial incentives to encourage parents to vaccinate their children.