Vaccine Victims of Australia

This is our page for all of those whose lives have been adversely affected by vaccines and who need to be heard finally…

Adam’s story…

41 years ago, on April 4th 1969, my second healthy son Adam was born (8lb 50z).

At 3 months of age, I, as a dedicated and conscientious Mum, took him for his first triple-antigen injection on July 2nd.

I found Adam dead in his cot the following morning.  I was shattered.

Dr Kalokerinos offered me the most logical explanation in my desperate search for answers.

After every vaccination there is a massive Vitamin C loss as the invasive toxin is injected into the system.

Adam’s body could not cope with his natural breast-fed immune system so savagely compromised.

I have raised 7 more healthy above average babies since: NONE of whom were vaccinated.

I am continuing to be outspoken, (particularly with my family as they prepare to be parents), about the dangers of vaccination.

The experts say “There is only a LOW risk of side effects to vaccination.

ANY risk is TOO much!

DEATH is an unredeemable side effect

3 children with vaccine induced Autism

I have 3 boys, all completed the infant vaccine schedule (as we unquestioningly did in the late 90’s). All are now on the autism spectrum to different degrees.

Saw a paediatrician at RCH in early 2000’s &, amongst other questions, I asked him about mercury & its implications in autism. His reply was boys could be tested but why (show me the research)? Next appt, I showed him the studies -ok, he agreed it was plausible & gave us referral.

Mercury specialist for kids was based at RCH. Did mercury test (slightly grudingly). Results returned were all 3 had mercury levels “but they are inside the safe levels” – level of mercury correlates to level of impairment in each child (smoking gun if you ask me!).

I will have those original results somewhere but buried in mounds of other stuff we have collected over the years & I’ve not had time to file…

…We need to make them listen – 1in2 kids having autism by 2032 is not acceptable 🙁

Amanda and Jessica’s story

I became aware that something was wrong with vaccinations when my first grand child Amanda almost died after having her Triple Antigen Injection back in the 1980’s.

I was baby sitting at the time and I put her into bed a healthy baby and some time later went into her bedroom to put away some nappies and her breathing sounded like a death rattle.

I actually ran to the doctors in my swimmers and I have often wondered had I not gone into her room if she would have been yet another co-called “Cot Death”.

Later Jessica my 3rd grand child had a similar reaction after her Triple Antigen injection; she got severe whooping cough which lasted for 4-5 months.

Both their doctors told their parents they were never to have the whooping cough part of the vaccination again.

That was back when they actually admitted the dangers unlike now.

It was later maybe about 1994 that I met Viera Scheibner at a political meeting called the Inverell Forum that I started my journey into learning the truth.

I purchased a book from her that she had written called “Vaccination” and learned that she started looking into the connection between cot-death and vaccination when her husband invented the baby monitor to hopefully wipe out cot-death.

We lived on the Gold Coast at the time and I read in the Gold Coast Bulletin a letter to the editor.

The lady was having a real go at people who were not having their children vaccinated and therefore giving vaccinated children various diseases.

I wrote back and said, “How could this happen when your children are supposed to be vaccinated against these various diseases”.

Then I went on to explain what happened to both Amanda and Jessica and my research and results into vaccination, and the dangers.

Well other parents responded by letter to the editor and by phoning me.

One mother said her child had become an epileptic after being vaccinated, another lady whose baby had died, and so it went, one lady thanked me profusely for writing the letter to the Bulletin.

The poor mother tried and tried to have SIDS listen to her but to no avail, they simply did not want to?

Now in Australia (2016) they have made vaccination compulsory it is disgusting and I fear for my great grand children being vaccinated I can only warn them and PRAY.

My family is growing God help their parents to make the right choices!