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Vaccination Media Watch

Vaccination Media Watch is a project by an independent group of vaccination-risk awareness advocates, and the AVN welcomes them to our website. Let’s hear from the group…

We created this project due to the increased demand by the public for transparency and unbiased journalism from our current media on the topic of vaccination.

The Telegraph newspaper has openly admitted (28th July 2019) that it “pushed government to introduce rules stripping families with unvaccinated children of government payments and giving childcare centres the right to ban unvaccinated children”.

Both governments and childcare centres have followed the lead of Rupert Murdoch who has a vested financial interest in vaccination policy in Australia, see this presentation about conflicts of interest. Should this man determine the health-related decisions that tax paying citizens make for their families? Are we really witnessing the unbiased journalism that the media in this country claim to uphold?

Please find our ongoing rebuttals to inaccurate and deceptive media articles below.


Rebuttal articles below are in the order they were published on this website, most recent rebuttals at the top.

RESPONSE: Daily Telegraph | Anti-vax roots of Samoa’s tragedy | 8th Dec 2019 | Jane Hansen

DEBUNKED: The Sunday Telegraph | Meningococcal B vaccine rejected for inclusion on free schedule, 22nd Dec ‘19

RESPONSE: ABC NEWS | A race against the clock to tackle the worst measles outbreak in WA this century, James Carmody, 25th Oct ‘19

RESPONSE: The Weekend West | Playing Chicken with Kids – 31st Aug 2019

DEBUNKED: ABC News | Flu shot more likely to save your life than not getting it, says influenza researcher, 08 August 2019

RESPONSE: SMH | Anti-vaxxers live in an online bubble this scientist wants to burst

DEBUNKED: Sunday Herald | Push to fund vax after UK Success, July 28 2019

DEBUNKED: Brisbane Courier Mail | Plunge in jabs puts kids at risk of crippling disease: POLIO PERIL, 12th July 2019

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