Vaccination Information

Are you confused?

You are not alone! Vaccination information is so contradictory, it’s hard to know what to believe.

That’s why the AVN says that you need to look at both sides of this issue, ask lots of questions, look at your own family’s health history and then – and ONLY then – make a decision that you think is right for your child and yourself. Vaccination is and must always be your choice so make sure you make and informed decision.

In this section, we will have information on every vaccine currently targeting children and adults in Australia. Much of it is sourced from medical journals. All of it is important to be aware of.

Let’s look at it this way. If you were going out tomorrow to buy a new car and your budget was $35,000, you would not just go to the first car yard you came to and say, “Here’s $35,000. What can you give me?” That would be stupid!

Instead, you would do research, read car magazines, speak with family and friends about their experiences, do some test drives and then, after you had satisfied yourself that you had found the right care for your needs, would you plonk down your hard-earned cash to buy a vehicle.

You would take the time to make this decision because your money is important to you and not easy to come by.

Why should your child’s health be considered any less precious than your cash? After all, you can always earn more money and buy another car if the one you’ve selected turns out to be a lemon, but once your child’s health is compromised, there’s no going back (though there are more and more treatments emerging for vaccine injuries – it’s always better to make an informed choice first in case your child is going to be susceptible to a serious reaction).

So take your time, do your research, and make your choice.

Keep the following in mind:

  1. The vaccine package inserts or data sheets contain vital information from the vaccine manufacturers themselves including ingredients, side effects and contraindications or reasons why the vaccine might not be appropriate for everyone. Read these first if you do nothing else! Each vaccine information page will contain links to the relevant package inserts.
  2. Vaccination is not compulsory in Australia for primary or secondary school.
  3. The only payments or government entitlements you will lose should you choose not to vaccinate are the Family Tax Benefit A supplement payment ( Not to be confused with the actual Family Tax Benefit A payment), and childcare payments/benefits/rebate.
  4. Vaccines are NOT safe for everyone. If your child reacts to a vaccine, the risk for that child is 100%. Some children are more susceptible to vaccine injuries than others. You need to be aware of the risks.
  5. Vaccines do not prevent you from being infectious to others. In fact, if you have received a live virus vaccine (measles, mumps, rubella (MMR), oral polio (OPV), chicken pox, etc.), you can be infectious for up to 90 days after vaccination. This is one of the reasons why the theory of herd immunity makes no sense.
  6. Vaccines are NOT 100% effective. Vaccinated children and adults can still contract the diseases they are vaccinated against and in some cases, it is more common to get the disease if you’ve been vaccinated then if you have not. Be informed.
  7. No vaccine can give you lifelong immunity – only natural infection can do this. So everyone who is vaccinated may, at some unknown point in the future, again be susceptible to the diseases they were vaccinated against.
  8. There are natural alternatives for both the prevention and treatment of all infectious diseases which have not been approved by the government but which have stood the test of time. Check them out to balance against medical vaccination. It’s your right.
17 comments on “Vaccination Information
  1. Indigo says:

    @Dave – reading your post, I suspected that you lied or exaggerated your qualifications, as you do not come across as a medically qualified individual given the statements you have made.

    A quick check of the AHPRA website has proved me right!

    You may well be using a pseudonym or still hold student registration – but either way (as suspected) you have lied to get your point across, so your attempt at any credibility is crushed.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Hi Dave,

    Really appreciate you taking the time to share this. I agree with you and haven’t vaccinated my children despite my husband wanting us to. My brother and I were not vaccinated due to my mothers nursing experiences.

    I have also studied immunology as an elective at USQ. My great Uncle was the minister for Health, an MD and a psychiatrist. He is not an anti-vax, nor pro-vax but doesn’t believe vaccines work very well. I also have issues with the herd immunity concept. For me its like saying its okay to bomb a few dozen innocent people to takeout a mass murderer… All MD’s take an oath I believe, something like, “first do no harm”. So far, there a very few Drs who can say that have kept that oath.

    Personal experiences have also been eye opening. I know that anecdotal evidence is not science, but who has collected the data on diagnosis error? All of my children had chicken pox a few years back and all had to have medical clearance to return to school and daycare. A few days after my son had the pox another boy at his daycare had the same pox but his Dr diagnosed a staph infection because he had been immunised so couldn’t have chicken pox… I was astounded.

    A close friend from school had a daughter before I had my children and when they took her for her needles she came home screaming and continued screaming for days afterwards, apparently for nearly 2 weeks. After that I was worried about the safety of vaccination and stopped thinking my mother was crazy.

    I know the horror that disease can bring, to children especially, but I’m also not convinced vaccination is or was responsible for stopping them in their tracks. The historical data are not very convincing. I will be sharing this information with my husband, thank you for your contribution,

  3. Greg says:

    I am a skeptical person. I don’t just accept what someone or some Government says to be the truth. I understand that studies and evidence can be tainted and flawed due to bias. That is why it is sometimes hard to be 100% certain on anything.

    There is no doubt that side affects to vaccinations occur. There is also no doubt that mass immunisation has saved, millions of lives, and continues to prevent death and disability.

    As a parent I knew there was a risk my children would have an adverse reaction and I contemplated not letting them be done. My logic was that the risk of getting a disease was so low that it might be more risky to get vaccinated.

    That logic can only occur where high rates of immunisation are maintained. I chose to vaccinate because

    a) vaccination is what has prevented wide spread incidents of those preventable diseases

    b) What happens if everyone “opted out” to save their child from the risk of a side affect?

    The risk of the preventable diseases would skyrocket and the consequences for my children and every other persons child would be astronomically worse.

    The only sound way to base a decision about vaccination is to provide irrefutable scientific evidence. The anti-vaccine lobby doesn’t have that.

    The other problem with the anti-vaccine lobby is the lack of a clear coherent public health agenda. The agenda is “self” absorbed. Pro personal choice. It’s basically selfish. If a parent has a choice between a 0.05% chance for a side affect or a 30% chance the child will contract polio then the choice is simple. You don’t get that choice if 95% of people immunise their child. YOU get to think, mmmm maybe the odds are close and I should think twice before immunising. That’s the classic “have my cake and eat it too” mentality.

    The least a pro-anti-vaccine lobby needs to do is to provide hard scientific evidence and to layout the public health outcomes in terms of overall benefit. Unless there is a clear “NET” benefit to our society for EVERYONE to not be vaccinated then EVERYONE should be vaccinated.

    Until irrefutable evidence can be demonstrated the anti-vaccine lobby lacks both the logic and ethics required to maintain its position.

    • Dave says:

      Vaccination Choice
      I am not a dogmatic “anti-vaxxer”. I am a concerned parent of 2 young children. I am reasonably well educated (I hold a Bachelor of Science degree with majors in human anatomy and physiology and a Bachelor degree of Medicine and Surgery, both from the University of QLD). And I have read a lot of information about the theory, history and practice of vaccination from both the pro and anti-vaccination sides and everything between.
      My wife and I made the informed and conscious decision not to vaccinate our children.
      Before you start thinking how irresponsible/ill-informed/dependent on others for our children’s protection via “herd immunity”/sociopathic we are, read some of the points I outline below about how we arrived at our decision. If you disagree with any of them, do more research into the information which has been supplied by experts in these fields and who informed me. Think rationally. Think about who stands to gain the most from their argument.
      Currently we are being told that vaccinating our children is “safe” and “effective”.
      Is vaccination really safe?
      • Pharmaceutical companies have known for decades of the toxicity of many of the adjuvants and ingredients they include in a medication which directly bypass the immune defences of small children (already lowered due to immaturity) by being introduced in an unnatural way (injection).
      • If your doctor says that the doses are so small as to be negligible, ask them the size of the dose of bee sting toxin required to induce anaphylaxis (go and check the numbers yourself).
      • Recent court decisions in Italy have confirmed a “causal link” between some of the ingredients contained in 2 specific vaccines and autism. Debate about this continues but if a court of law can decide this after consideration of expert witnesses and contravening statements made by the Italian Ministry of Health, I consider it reasonable to err on the side of safety for the brain development of my kids.
      • History of vaccination shows that when vaccination is introduced it tends to increase the number of people affected by the disease it is supposed to protect against.
      • Ask your doctor to show you the adverse reaction list of vaccines they inject into your child.
      • When your doctor tells you the risk of the disease far outweighs the risk of any adverse reactions, ask them to tell you about the natural history of diseases they are vaccinating your child against. What are the real risks of many childhood diseases to a child that is well nourished and otherwise healthy?(research the effects of these diseases yourself and the consequences of them).
      • Read about the numbers of people paid compensation for vaccine related injuries and read about some of the cases of what vaccines have been proven to do to young children.
      • Ask your doctor to present you with figures showing a comparison between death rates due to the childhood diseases and the serious adverse reactions reported from their vaccines.
      • Read about the history of the smallpox and polio vaccines and its relation to the history of the disease itself. These histories suggest that epidemics actually occurred only after large scale vaccination. Read about the claim that vaccination eradicated smallpox and then read about the other infections still endemic that are associated with organisms indistinguishable from the smallpox (variola) virus.

      Are vaccinations effective at protecting populations from disease?

      • We are told that “herd immunity” is when a certain percentage of the population is immune to a disease and that this effectively protects vulnerable members of the population from the disease. However this theory was developed after observing populations who achieved lifelong immunity after being infected by the wild disease. Vaccinations are qualitatively different to gaining immunity after disease, often not working or requiring frequent boosters.
      • No randomised controlled trials have ever been completed to compare disease incidence between vaccinated and unvaccinated groups.
      • Pertussis or whooping cough is most dangerous to small infants. They tend to contract the virus from their parents, not school age children. The pertussis vaccine is showing signs of weakening, even with some suggestion that the organism has developed a resistance to the vaccine.
      • The theory of “herd immunity” in relation to vaccination does not seem to hold in vaccinated populations. There is ample evidence that outbreaks occur in populations with a very high percentage vaccinated against the disease.
      • Overall it could be argued that theory of “herd immunity” does not seem to hold or the ability to achieve an effective “herd immunity” with high levels of vaccination (compared to developing natural immunity to the wild disease) is questionable at best.

      There are enough doubts that vaccines are safe, effective at preventing disease and that the “herd immunity” theory is valid.
      Where doubts exist there is still further requirement for study and debate but also a place for choice.
      Parents who are well informed and only have the best interests of their children in mind should be free to choose a medical treatment or not and not be bullied or financially punished for their decision.
      I have included a reading list with a few books which cover the topic from pro-vaccination through to the anti-vaccination stance. Please read some credible literature from both sides and discover that the complex issue of human and disease interaction is not as simple as the mainstream media would have you believe. Make up your own mind. But please do not bully or support a government that bullies those who disagree with only one side of a complex debate.
      Sincerely, David Griffiths.
      Reading List:
      Vaccines: What You Should Know by Paul Offit and Louise Bell – pro-vaccine.
      The Vaccine Book: Making the Right Decision for Your Child by Robert Sears – pro-vaccine and pro-choice.
      What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children’s Vaccinations by Stephanie Cave – supports some vaccines and pro-choice.
      Vaccinations: A Thoughtful Parent’s Guide by Aviva Romm – pro-vaccine and pro-choice.
      The Vaccine Guide: Risks and Benefits for Children and Adults by Randall Neustaedter – anti-vaccine and pro-choice.
      Make an Informed Vaccine Decision: A Parent’s Guide to Childhood Shots by Mayer Eisenstein – anti-vaccine and pro-choice.
      Saying No To Vaccines: A Resource Guide for All Ages by Sherri Tenpenny – anti-vaccine.
      How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor by Robert Mendelsohn (a professor and paediatrician in practice for thirty years) – anti-vaccine.
      Vaccine Epidemic edited by Louise Habakus – pro-choice. website of a GP in the UK who was taken to court over her anti-vaccine opinions by the British General Medical Council and after a 3 year trial won.
      Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History by Suzanne Humphries ( – a kidney specialist and medical researcher who was initially pro-vaccination but after much research now warns against the use of vaccines.

  4. joe says:

    I find it very frustrating, how people are constantly voicing their negative opinions (and sometimes personal attacks) on this website. What I have taken from this website is various questions and concerns which I will investigate further. They do not proclaim to have the answers, just avenues to which they also have concerns. What is wrong with questioning information (whether it be from this website or from a government website). I am sorry to say, that I do not trust the government of any other group to make such important decisions for me and my family. I just wanted to thank the volunteers of this organisation, for taking the time, to provide more information about the concerns of vaccinations. But, please I ask of anyone leaving feedback to this comment or to any comment on this website…keep them on topic, non-personal and remember that we are all trying to make the best decisions for our loved ones.

    • meryldorey says:

      Thank you for that comment! I agree with you 100%. If two sides have differing views, they can still discuss and debate them. But when one side resorts to abuse and name calling, one has to assume that they have no information to discuss at all.

    • Alice says:

      Well said. Question everything or remain ignorant.

  5. Talei says:

    Just wondering what happened to my last post asking for clarification on exactly which diseases you are referring to that are more common to get following vaccination than no vaccination. Can you please explain how this is possible?

  6. Kim Maher says:

    I came to this website in the interest of reading some balanced information that is available for public research. However much of what I’ve read seems to be scaremongering.

    it is interesting that you advocate keeping an open mind and investigating the risks and benifites of vaccination however your points only include cautions and warnings. What about including some of the public health benefits of vaccination.

    In the interests of presenting a balanced view shouldn’t the website avoid the use of biased and unclear phrases including:

    “every vaccine currently targeting children and adults” – Vaccines target disease prevention not people.

    “If your child reacts to a vaccine, the risk for that child is 100%” – 100% of what exactly, this in entirly dependent on the type of reaction

    If you are going to warn people about ‘live vaccinations’ you should be specific, they are live attenuated vaccines. If people are unsure of the relevance of this they research it, some information is available here The (rare) infectiveness of live attenuated vaccines has very limited relevance to heard immunity, that when properly understood is scientifically valid.

    “There are natural alternatives for both the prevention and treatment of all infectious diseases which have not been approved by the government but which have stood the test of time. Check them out to balance against medical vaccination. It’s your right.” – Any medication can apply for approval for use within Australia. However to be approved they need to meet stringent safety and efficacy evidence requirements. These are essentially quality control measures to ensure products meet our standards, just like those that apply to the car the website so emphatically uses an an analogy.

    • admin says:

      Hi Kim,
      We have never claimed to provide balanced information – the information showing vaccine benefits is available everywhere. We provide information to balance that and if you feel that we are scaremongering, I think you are confusing our website with the site of any government health department or medical division.

      The rest of your comments are displaying your opinion and you have every right to hold those opinions. I disagree with you – but that is my right as well.

      • Ellen says:

        I have to agree with Kim. The information currently available on vaccines IS balanced, it provides evidence on vaccines benefits and the possible adverse events. What you are providing here is not evidence, it is anecdotal.

        I cannot speak for all governmental health departments but from the ones I have seen they are not scaremongering they are simply presenting the FACTS on these often scary and fatal diseases. It is important that parents know these FACTS before they make a decision about their child’s health.

        Furthermore, you say you are just stating your opinion on the matter and you have every right to do that but you are presenting information on this website as factual, which is when it becomes problematic. If you are simply just presenting an opinion you should make that clear on this website, which it is not.

        And if you were to present the FACTUAL information you would find consistent results, these disease kill and disable, vaccines prevent these diseases, yes there are some adverse side effects to some vaccines, but in general the benefit from getting vaccinated greatly outweighs the risk of adverse side effects. I have evidence for these statements and I will gladly give you the FACTUAL information to back that up.

        • Robyn says:

          I found this site to be very helpful. I have children who are allergic to medications so we avoid them where possible. After having read the product information on all childhood vaccines from the TGA website I can say I will never vaccinate my children. Some may claim the risks outweigh the benefits however it’s only that way when it’s someone elses child taking the risk and suffering the adverse effects for life. Every person I know who does not vaccinate decided not to only after their child suffered the seizures, fevers, convulsions etc. that the manufacturers claim are “rare” adverse events. NOT RARE ENOUGH FOR ME TO PUT MY CHILDREN AT RISK OF THOSE THINGS…

    • Wayne says:

      Unfortunately we as humans are more like sheep, always following the leader & want to believe what we are told is true. If we had actually just brought out vaccinations just now. It would never survive because we would be demanding what is in it & to see it is just a cocktail of chemicals we would say BUGGER OFF. We expect food to be labelled & what is in it & then can make an informed choice if we wan’t to purchase it & therefore to consume it. If the general public new food had Aluminium or other chemicals we would be demanding change, as with the recent frozen fruit importation of people getting sick. I was shocked to hear Peter Greste on Q&A after being locked up in Egypt saying how prevalent Polio is still in some third world countries. What is the big difference between western world & third world countries? Answer is running water & sewerage. In his reference to POLIO & that is why we don’t have POLIO now, not due to vaccines I would have thought he had some time to reflect on this. No disrespect to him. But as I said we want to trust our governments that if they say it is O.K. & as history has shown dollars come before live.

    • Brian says:

      The problem in the minds of many parents is that they weigh the public health benefits against the health of their particular child. You know which concern will win. There are a number of anecdotal situations in which parents have reported on the internet that within hours or days of their child being vaccinated, they have witnessed changes in that child. It is of little help to such parents to assure them that the science is sound. And they have friends and family who listen to them. Little wonder, with modern forms of communication that these stories have a wider impact. People are not stupid. They believe in cause and effect. My child received vaccination and within days, hours, they changed. Coincidence ? Maybe, but there is a link in many minds. And they read, too. And there ARE reports out about the effects of certain vaccine ingredients used in children’s vaccines. Those concerns have to be addressed in plain language that goes beyond bare assurances or criticism. Not a lot of that up to now.

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