C is for Canberra, R is for Rally, V is for Vaccine

On Sunday 15th of September a Vaccination Conference was held in Canberra. Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt and Shadow Health Minister Chris Bowen were invited to attend but unfortunately both had prior commitments. The conference featured speeches by Michael O Neill, Marelle Burnam Burnam, Dr Judy Wilyman, Taylor Winterstein, Tristan Wells and Allona Lahn. The… [Read More]

International Revolution for Choice Rally, Brisbane June 2

Today we have a guest post by Allona from Allona Fit To Parent Network – Allona is organising the Australian leg of the International Revolution for Choice Rally, which will be held in Brisbane on June 2. Welcome Allona! I didn’t start the war … they did… I always knew I was never going to… [Read More]