Fluvax scandal cover-up doctor orders No Jab, No Kick Off

Many readers would already be aware that the Queensland Chief Health Officer, Dr Jeannette Young has taken the extraordinary step of banning those NRL players not willing to submit to influenza vaccination, from playing in Queensland. In 2010, Dr Young was complicit in the cover-up of the flu vaccine death of Ashley Epapara, which was… [Read More]

WA ‘No Jab No Play’ law announced before COAG policy finalised

Last Friday, we saw a flurry of media articles and stories announcing government plans to introduce a ‘No Jab No Play’ law in Western Australia (WA), despite Health Minister Roger Cook’s previous reassurance that he would await COAG guidance “to ensure there is a nationally consistent approach to immunisation requirements for attendance at childcare and… [Read More]

Compelling New Book: Vaccination Panic in Australia by Professor Brian Martin

Brian Martin is an emeritus professor at the University of Wollongong, Australia, and vice president of Whistleblowers Australia. He is the author of 17 books and hundreds of articles on dissent, scientific controversies, nonviolence, democracy, education and other topics. In 2009 in Australia, a citizens’ campaign was launched to silence public criticism of vaccination. This campaign… [Read More]

The suffering continues-does the government care?

  Dear AVN, Our family will lose 2 lots of $ 720 – $ 1440 Family Supplement Our two girls are 16 and 18 and I was sent a letter from Centrelink, asking them to catch up on 18 years of shots to be up to date with the Immunisation Schedule. Quote from Centrelink: “ What you… [Read More]

More stories from families adversely affected by No Jab No Pay/Play

Thank you to everyone who has shared their impact statements with the AVN. As we did yesterday, we will continue to publish your stories on this website. We continue to ask that everyone who will be adversely affected by No Jab No Pay/ No Play legislation, submit their stories via our web contact form at this link. … [Read More]

Dr Matthias Rath – A speech to hear and share!

Dr. Rath’s Call to the people of Germany and Europe, Berlin 13-3-2012 We are living in a time of change. The status quo fights against this change. If you have any questions, go to https://www.wiki-rath.org/ At a Cancer Free World conference in Berlin, Germany, on 13th March 2012, Dr. Rath called on the people of Germany… [Read More]