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Richard Glover asks – How much honesty do we really need?

Richard Glover from the Sydney Morning Herald/Melbourne Age/Canberra Times and other Fairfax newspapers, has asked the question – How much honesty do we really need? Unfortunately, his article is filled with so much misinformation due to, I would imagine, a

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Government and AMA-funded booklet-an exercise in propaganda

Earlier this week, the Australian Academy of Science, an organisation at least partly funded by the Australian Government  (despite claims to the contrary by the current head of the AMA)  and stacked with people who hold strong relationships – both

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Vaccine cover-up-truth revealed

Deliberately concealing information from parents for the sole purpose of getting them to comply with an “official” vaccination schedule could be considered as a form of ethical violation or misconduct. Official documents obtained from the UK Department of Health (DH)

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