Safety Of Aluminium In Vaccines: NCIRS vs Professor Chris Exley

NCIRS on the left vs Professor Chris Exley on the right Recently two quite different publications landed at around the same time. One of them was the launch of new government-funded materials for teaching doctors and nurses how to convince parents to vaccinate their children, and the other was a letter from Chris Exley, Professor… [Read More]

Under the Wire Episode 5, August 31 2019

Under the Wire – A show about suppressed data, censorship and rising up to protect our families Watch episode 5 on Facebook or YouTube. Topics and links Censorship Social media giants take censorship of vaccine-safety message one step further. Censorship now applies to FB, Twitter, Pinterest etc searches. All Vaccine topic searches result in WHO,… [Read More]

Aluminium and autism

This article is by Professor Chris Exley | 30th November 2017 | Does human exposure to aluminium  have a role to play in autism spectrum disorder (ASD)? Research at Keele University published in the Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology provides the strongest indication yet that aluminium is an aetiological agent in ASD. The aluminium content… [Read More]

Vaccine Ingredients — A Comprehensive Guide |

[UPDATE 2018 – please visit our  article Vaccine Ingredients for a very comprehensive discussion of vaccine ingredients.] Below is an excellent resource that covers many of the toxic ingredients which most parents (and, let’s face it, most doctors) have no idea are in vaccines. Though many say that the dose makes the poison and only… [Read More]