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Party response: Health Australia Party

Health Australia Party supports informed consent. Here is our position statement on ‘No jabs’: https://www.healthaustraliaparty.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/HAP-official-statement-on-No-Jab-No-Pay_Play-Legislation-FINAL-04_04_16.pdf   Email: NSWbranch@healthaustraliaparty.com.au VICbranch@healthaustraliaparty.com.au QLDbranch@healthaustraliaparty.com.au Website www.healthaustraliaparty.com.au OFFICIAL STATEMENT “NO JAB NO PAY/PLAY” LEGISLATION April 2, 2016 HAP understands that the overwhelming majority of the

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Impact statements – the adverse effects of Government Bigotry

To read the other pages of parent’s impact statements, please click the links below: https://avn.org.au/…/03/suffering-continues-government-care/ https://avn.org.au/no-jab-n…/families-suffering-share-story/ https://avn.org.au/2016/03/stories-families-adversely-affected-no-jab-no-payplay/ https://avn.org.au/2016/03/suffering-continues-stories/   I am writing to share my story about how No Jab No Pay and No Jab No Play have affected the

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Studies supporting vaccine/autism causation

The following 68 medical journal studies support the link between vaccination and autism. So the next time a doctor or government official tells you that this link is non-existent, please point them to this list of references. We will update

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The Guggie Daily: Tetanus Vaccination: Fact & Fiction

One topic that has frequently come up in the vaccine discussion is Tetanus. It appears that culturally, we are conditioned to fear Tetanus. Many parents express their fears about keeping their children vaccine free because, “what about Tetanus?”When you think

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Baby Ian’s death inspires others to learn about hepatitis B vaccine risks – Miami healthy living | Examiner.com

Baby Ian’s death inspires others to learn about hepatitis B vaccine risks – Miami healthy living | Examiner.com. In 2007, Scott and Deanna Gromowski’s “lil’ sunshine“, Ian Larsen Gromowski, died of an adverse reaction to the hepatitis Bvaccine. Their hope is that, through the

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Is someone in your family adversely affected by vaccination?

We are often told that vaccinations are perfectly safe or, if there is a small risk of side effects, most effects are mild and transitory with serious reactions only affecting 1 vaccinated person in a million. Since the Australian Government

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