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Investigate before you vaccinate

The AVN believes that everyone has the right to access all of the available information about any health issue before making a decision. After all, every issue has two sides and it’s impossible to make an informed choice if you can’t find information on opposing viewpoints.

On this page, you can stay up to date with seminars and conferences sponsored by or attended by the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network. Be sure to attend one when we come to your area and let your friends and relatives know about these talks as well. Take the opportunity to be better informed and to have your questions answered in a live setting.

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A guest blog post written by Theresa Holman. “When I was a kid… my heart had different hopes. That I would learn talking, be the same as kids. The never of it, made it die. But sometimes it does come back.” – Britton

The Aligned Council of Australia

The Aligned Council of Australia (ACA) has launched several initiatives to help combat the impending WHO Pandemic Treaty.

Embarking on Your Vaccination Journey?

A very big warm welcome to all our new website visitors who are researching vaccination for the first time. The Covid situation has inspired a lot more people to start asking questions about all vaccinations.

Marilyn Shares Youngest Sister Affected by Jab and Dies

Marilyn speaks with Meryl on the VaxXed Bus about how her youngest sister was affected by the jab and sadly, later dies.