Families are suffering – share your story

In a matter of days, parents who have refused to bow down to the immoral No Jab, No Pay government legislation requiring them to vaccinate their children against their wishes will start to feel the pinch. They will lose their childcare rebates and come July this year, they will lose their Family Tax Benefit Part A Supplement payment as well. For many families, these losses may mean the difference between good food on the table and no food at all. It may mean the difference between owning a home and living in cramped rental accomodation. It may mean that one or both parents have to leave paid work and their children will no longer have an opportunity for early childhood education or to interact with their peers.

The AVN has asked those who will be adversely affected by No Jab, No Pay to share their stories. We will also be asking everyone who shares their story with us to share them with the relevant people in Parliament (the Federal Minister for Health, the Shadow Health Minister and their own local Federal member at the very least). We don’t know if any of them will be moved by your stories because our elected representatives appear to have lost their moral compass or any sense of compassion for their fellow Australians, but we hope that when this case goes before the High Court, these stories will be helpful in convincing those adjudicating that this legislation contradicts both the spirit and the word of the constitution of this once great nation.

For those parents who have had to make the very difficult choice to vaccinate, we ask that you share your stories too. 

Nobody should have to choose between the health of their children and their ability to provide for their family.

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Family Financial Trouble



We are New Zealand citizens and moved to Australia, Gold Coast, August 2015.

My husband came with a job offer. All was fairly good until my husband’s company decided to close their Queensland office leaving him without work from mid January and us with no income. I can’t find work. My son has been very sick over the last few years and has now finally been diagnosed as gluten and dairy intolerant. He is not vaccinated.

Due to not being Australian permanent residents, we miss out on a lot of benefits. Due to no income and at the same time losing all child benefits, kindergarten will go up from $125/week to just over $400/week. We cannot afford this even with both of us working.

We have been forced to schedule his first catch-up vaccination. It is really scaring me with all his issues to be forced into doing this.


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On your website you asked to hear from people affected by the no jab no pay legislation.

My family will be affected when I attempt to go back to work. It will now cost is approximately $35 000 per year in childcare for two children, which makes no sense as after paying that and tax, I will not be earning anything.

This is under the assumption that unvaccinated children will still be allowed in daycare in Western Australia.


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I would like to let the government know that the anti vaccination laws have impacted on my family greatly. The money that we have lost due to making a choice for our kids will really impact on the Health and wellbeing of our children.

The combined amount of approximately $1500 from the annual Family Supplement was being put to buy medication for our son who has a disability.

We both have 3 jobs and he has to go to a private school due to his medical situation and now he will miss out on maintaining his health due to this form of financial punishment we have received from our current Government due to our personal choices. We are now in extra hardship than we already were.


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My name is XXXXXX.

I have 2 boys, 8 yr old and 20 months old.

My elder son has autism. After doing some research, I have chosen to not vaccinate my younger son.

I work in hospitality and don’t earn high wages. I am having to cut down on work, as I can’t afford child care.

We are struggling financially because of the new law.

Government is trying to buy us and our freedom, and it’s not fair.

Thank you

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We have been affected by the No Jab No Play legislation, we live in Melbourne and have a 12 month old and one on the way – due July 2016.

I have my 12 month old enrolled in occasional care but unfortunately the way it stands, our unborn child will not have access to childcare at all. And they both will miss out on going to kinder, all because there is a strong family history of autism and we want to protect our children from any potential adverse effects arising from vaccinations.
They are not without their risks; however small those risks may be, they are still there, and we need to have the choice not to vaccinate and not be penalisied for standing up for the health and well-being of our children.

We sincerely thank you for standing up and fighting for our rights legally.

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I work part time. I have 6 children in total.  I have 4 children 5 and under. One has thankfully started kindy this year, 2 of them go to daycare and the baby is still with me as I can take him to work. I have had to reduce the days my children go to daycare as it’s not affordable and in turn, I will have to reduce the days I work as I cannot take them all to work with me, plus i work from home as well which is impossible to do with young children at home.

We will be struggling financially because of “No Jab, No Pay”. I will not vaccinate my children because the government wants me to. I have done my research and my children’s health is more important to me than any money the government can give.

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I am a single mother of two small children . Have been put in a situation where a huge portion of my income will go in after and before school fees.

I have to consider leaving the workforce completely and surviving off the pension. Any advice on how to fight this or get involved?

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With the new law taking effect in one week, I will be needing to stop working and take my child out of childcare due to the prohibitive cost of full-fee childcare. The majority of the pay I would make will be absorbed by full childcare fees, making it necessary to stop working.
I am not willing to sacrifice my child’s health for the sake of money.This will however put a large financial burden on my family.

This country has one of the highest costs of living in the world and with so many families already struggling, how does the government think this will help?

If you cut the childcare rebate to those who “choose” not to vaccinate, you remove the choice for thousands of Australian women, men and their families to work or stay at home.

The childcare rebate is not welfare or something to be used as a pawn. It’s a proactive measure that has changed the Australian workforce and created more equality between men and women in the home and in the workplace.

Has the government thought about the ramifications cutting the rebate in this way will have on Australian society?

For me, this is feeling a bit like blackmail.

Blackmail is an act, often a crime, involving unjustified threats to make a gain (commonly money or property) or cause loss to another unless a demand is met


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I’m writing to let you know how the NJNP policy is affecting our family.
This legislation means that if I choose to go to work, we are a few hundred dollars worse off due to the price it is for 2 children to be in daycare a few days a week. I have no choice but to work causally at night time and just hope that I get enough work to pay our bills (which I am not getting each week).

My husband’s wage is not enough to cover all of our bills either and there is nothing we can take out of our expenses to alleviate this stress.

Because I can’t work during the day, there is no way we can even afford another car for my husband to use to get to work safely. He must ride a push bike in peak hour traffic dodging reckless drivers purposely harassing him.

We are fortunate enough that our daycare is happy to have us and are still accepting pro choice children, however the high price also means my children are missing out on their education they are entitled to.


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I am about to lose my Centrelink family assistance because I was  a conscientious objector to vaccination.

My son has a paternal family history of near-fatal reactions to the whooping cough vaccination. His aunty came in and out of consciousness for 3 days and had terrifying seizures and fevers when she was vaccinated. There are also strong medical histories of autism on my son’s paternal side (to varying degrees on the spectrum). And mental health vulnerabilities on my side.

I know 5 people whose children developed fever, seizures and autism after the vaccinations, who strongly advised me against going ahead with it when my son was born. Particularly because of his medical history which placed him in high risk.

I have visited a paediatrician and 3 different, rather sympathetic GPS in my area to see if they would fill out Centrelink’s Medical Exemption form but they each refused on the basis of the criteria being too strict.

Understandably, they don’t want to put their medical license to practice in jeopardy so their hands are tied and they are unable to sign the strict criteria which basically says “if your child has had a proven reaction to vaccination or a serious illness, then we will consider an exemption.” Do
they not understand that “a proven reaction to vaccination” means it’s too late?

I am a single mother with a disabling physical illness that renders me unable to work more than part time. Having my Centrelink benefits cut put me in the position of either having to move back home with my family (I am a 39 year old, educated woman) or to vaccinate my child and put him at risk of having the same reaction as his aunty and grandmother. Life threatening reactions.

I have a friend in a similar situation in Brisbane. She has been forced to live in car because of Centrelink benefits lost.

I believe in freedom of choice. Australia is railroading its citizens into taking unfair action against the health of their children.

I ask pro-compulsory-vaccination peddlers to ask themselves if they would put their own children’s lives at risk if there was a proven history of near fatal reaction?

And I ask the Australian Government to consider adding a box to the Vaccination Exemption form that says “Does your child have a proven family history to serious reaction to vaccination.”

My life has been ruined by No Jab No Pay. My ability to conscientiously oppose putting my son’s life at risk has been taken away.

People are living in their cars for the same reason. Is this the Australia we want to live in?  I’m disgusted.


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I’m XXXXXXXXX. I’m a single mum of a 4.5 year old.
I have already been paying $98 weekly for my son to attend two days a week with childcare benefit for my son to do kinder at early start learning.
What this change means is I will have to pay the full amount being $98 daily!
For my son to attend kinder for two days a week, it will  cost me $196 a week.
My son’s father lives interstate and I have little family support, I’m also renting where we live. This will impact our lives in a big way, I’m very stressed out about how I will be able to afford for my baby to attend kinder!
As he is not fully vaccinated and never will be, they will not accept him to enroll in funded kinder. Since he was already attending crèche, this is the only reason he was accepted there.


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I am a single mother to two children 5 and 3 and I am currently pregnant with my third.

No Jab no Pay disadvantages me big time from accessing childcare benefits for my 3 year old daughter who is currently in a kindy approved program here in Queensland. She currently attends daycare two days a week which costs me around $40 a week on the single parenting pension. I have her enrolled for a variety of reasons but mostly so she can play with peers her age and enjoy some play based learning while I do chores and run errands.

When the new changes take affect, these two days will cost me $150 a week as opposed to $40. I simply cannot afford to pay or justify this amount. So I will be forced to cancel enrollment for my daughter from the kindy she’s been attending for two years. While this in itself isn’t a massive financial burden to me or my family, it does change things for us for the future.

I had previous intentions of returning to university to finish my bachelor’s degree in psychology, in order to provide for my children once they were in school. This however is impossible now as I will either have one or two children in daycare and simply cannot afford $75 a day per child. Instead, I am forced to stay at home longer and not pursue any kind of education in a bid to break away from the single parenting pension.

While I understand my situation isn’t as dire as some, I still feel the government haven’t got our best interests at heart and have felt extremely depressed at the recent changes they have made.

I find this a massive human rights violation. My children’s health and well being cannot be bought. I will always fight to do what is right for them in my mind and will not be coerced into any changes. I urge the powers that be to reconsider this law as it just paves the way for more medical intervention at the hands of the government.


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I have 3 children, one at Prep – XXXXXXXXX 5, one doing 3 year old Kinder in Victoria – XXXXXX (enrolled before Jan, 2016) and XXXXXXXXX who is 19 months old.

From next year,  my daughter XXXXXXXX will be unable to attend 4 year old kinder or Childcare with her friends and create the bonds for primary school like her older sibling was able to do. She will have fewer social skills. I will be unable to work.

Where I live, childcare is $155/day.

3 days of care per week for 2 children costs $46500.


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I am a single mother of 4 young boys (10,8,5 and 4) that I am not going to vaccinate for many different reasons.  Three of my boys are now in primary school (one started prep this year) and my youngest starts next year.  I had to withdraw my youngest son out of long day care due to the fact I wouldn’t be able to afford the full fees and I have also had to take my other boys out of before/after and vacation care as I could not afford the full fees.
I was lucky because my contract for work ended 30 December 2015 but now, I am struggling with going back to work or not, because of the care for my boys.
I cannot pass my children on to my mother to look after everyday while I go to work for she is older now and always tired due to medical and personal reasons, so my choice is not to work so that I can be there to take my boys to school and then to pick them up at 3pm.  My youngest boy, I am lucky to have in C&K 5 days a fortnight, but I have to be there to collect him at 2:30, so this limits me to my employment.
My children are not sickly children. They are very healthy. I believe this new law is illegal.
The government now pays me more in the form of my single parents’ pension due to the fact that I do not earn an income and also my family tax benefit is also a little higher due to the lower financial year income.
I WANT to work. I believe my children need to see me working to help support the family, that there are expenses to be paid and that it is the right thing in society to do, but the government is taking that ability away from me by taking away my child care assistance.  I don’t have to get that family tax benefit at the end of financial year BUT I do need help with childcare fees.


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My daughter suffered a vaccine injury post her MMR vaccine at 18 months. Within a week of receiving her MMR vaccine, she developed gastrointestinal symptoms and had a regression. She lost her speech. My daughter requires speech therapy and occupational therapy weekly and due to this, I am unable to work more than one day a week. As you could imagine, I have not vaccinated my son due to concerns this may happen to him. This means I cannot access child care and he will not be able to go to Kindergarten in the future which will further reduce my ability to work, therefore reducing our ability to provide adequate therapy for our daughter due to not being able to afford it.

My partner and I have always been hard workers who have always paid our taxes and having the No jab No pay legislation will provide further financial hardship. We would not be in this financial situation if my daughter had not been vaccine-injured. Having our rights taken away from us is just another blow to this already suffering family.


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Yes, I will not be able to return to work unless by some miracle. This wasn’t taken into account in our family planning as new laws were considered later.  Definitely going to be a lot harder than it has already been financially.


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My oldest son goes to Montessori kinder and I wanted to put my little girl who will turn 2 in May into that Kindy too. I came to Australia in September 2015 and I was so happy knowing that here, you can choose between vaccinating or not. But then, I found out about the new law that discriminates against those who are not vaccinated and puts their parents in a very difficult situation.

I sincerely don’t know what to do and how to find a solution for my girl….and for now, I can only hope things will change again.
I would appreciate any kind of advice from you….and I thank you in advance for it.

Best regards.


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In 1972, my young family of 6 moved to the Coastal mining town of Dunwich.

There were 300 employees just in our company. At the time, a young mother took her 2 young, perfectly healthy twins in to get the triple antigen injection. From that day, they both became severely handicapped. The previously happy husband could never cope with this change and started mistreating his wife. In the end, it split the marriage. She had to cope with the twins. I think his name was XXXXXXX. It should all still be on the records of the Dunwich Clinic. A sad situation.


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Reading your latest email regarding parents being denied childcare places based on vaccination status, I had applied for a childcare place for my 1 year old at XXXXXXXX Day Care Centre in NSW. I was told there was a place available and that if I wanted I needed to complete the paperwork promptly to secure it.

I agreed that I would collect the paperwork that day. Upon arriving at the centre, I was asked about a variety of things including my child’s vaccination status. When I advised that we did not vaccinate I was told that I should submit the papers and the director would see if there was a place available, advising me they were very busy and didn’t get many vaccancies. I submitted the papers that afternoon and was called a few days later to be told there was no place available.

I strongly felt that my child was denied a place based on her vaccination status as the centre had originally called me to advise of a vacancy. The tone of the director changed once vaccination came up. I felt thoroughly discriminated against.


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My three year old was refused enrollment due to not being immunised. The centre is XXXXXXXXX Early Learning Centre in XXXXXXXXXXXX South VICTORIA.

Basically, I applied online and they called me for payment to secure his place when I asked about thier immunisation policy. The person replied that he would not be accepted and it was not her choice but rather a policy being enforced by the XXXXXXXXXXX City Council.


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I am a single mum. I have been employed as a casual administrative officer at the local Correctional Center from 2009. I also study in a Psychology Honours program which I initially planned to finish in one year.

Now, with the new legislation, my youngest child has to stay at home. I would not be able to pay full child care fees even if I was employed on a full-time basis. That means that I cannot longer continue my work as an administrative officer and my study will take another two years instead of
the planned one year. My child is also being affected as she is much more limited now in her social interactions.
Kind regards,


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This has affected my family. I had to take my son out of kindy cause they no longer wanted unvaccinated kids. Then, I had to get him 6 vaccinations cause the greedy government didn’t give people enough time. This is so wrong that they are making parents go against their wishes not to vaccinate when there are questionable ingredients, greedy agendas and heaps of distressed families.
There have been many vaccination deaths and injuries and they don’t take that into consideration that it’s not for everyone. They just take away our pay if we don’t submit. Not good enough.



21 comments on “Families are suffering – share your story
  1. Reen Slane says:

    My daughter wont vaccinate her son and is already financially struggling. She looked at as much credible research she could find, not that there is much around. We are sick of this Government being railroaded by big corporations and disregarding the rights of civil society in our personal freedoms and informed choice. Why wont the government fund a completely impartial study that would look at the actual cases of physical injury post jab, and how as the range of increased frequency of immunisations rise so to has the rate of autism. There seems to be a correlation so explore it. Would the government be able to climb out from the shadow of corporate interest and actually represent the people? When it comes out that there is a complete correlation as it will in time I hope there will be a governmental structure to make these pharmaceutical companies accountable. If resistance from the pharmaceutical companies to impartial research on immunisation effects then that speaks volumes, when companies seek to destroy credible research and the professional careers of people who do these studies with a non biased agenda then this has to be explored! We are sick of corporate propaganda and manipulation of our representational governments, My daughter wants to choose without penalty. The next step will be removal of children using neglect we have to raise up and fight this!

  2. I am crying reading your stories. I am an Australian mother of 7 unvaccinated children with no learning disorders allergic disorders or chronic disease. I am 43 years old I remember there was no autism when I was a kid, there was only token asthmatic and peanuts didn’t kill kids. Now it’s coming soon to a state near us, 1:50 with autism. The cost to public health of the chronic debilitating disease that kids are getting will make the cost of stay at home parents when the kids get chicken pox look like a walk in a meadow. Autoimmune disease allergic disease and inflammatory diseases and cancer are in the rise. It is not a 64 million € question it is 64 million environmental toxins. It is rubbish these things are safe for us in small amounts! It is cumulative and neurotoxic and by god we will avoid injecting them into our kids. My eldest is 23 i am probably an original conscientious objector. it was always a no brainer for me. I am not anti vaccines I am pro natural immunity. I have 3 degrees in natural medicine I’ll take my kids to the doctor when they’re break a bone but for everything else I use alternatives. People like us save the state money. Childhood illnesses are designed to promote a fever. When the fever is between 38-40 (general not for infant) our immune system is primed interferon our general of the immune system gathers our macrophages phagocytes lymphocytes etc to fight the bacteria virus fungus. Most importantly however our immune system during a fever is downregulated not to overreact and causes autoimmune disease and allergic disease. The hygiene hypotheses is lectured on world wide by immunologists. It states this… the rise in autoimmune allergic disease and cancer is due to the overuse of antibacterials ( you can say this and not be told you are crazy) the abuse and overuse of antibiotics ( this is widely accepted) and the overuse of antipyretics to suppress fever ( it is called fever phobia don’t get it parents) and also the overuse of vaccines (hold on now I should be committed to a loony bin!) mark my words one day we will be shown to be right. They just introduced compulsory vaccines in Italy France and Germany but our European friends like you won’t be coerced into injecting poisons into our kids. Stay strong families but fight gather march and fight vexate annoy harass harang irritate etc any politician you can. Get on tv your stories are real and will be felt and acted on. One thing for sure if they are going all facist they are running scared. So we have got them by the balls (big pharma) Stand up for your rights to choose you have made the right choice. A healthy debate does not automatically call the opposition a lunatic this is a difficult discussion but needs to be held by intelligent representatives of our pro natural immunity movement. One thing though avoiding vaccines is not easy. It is easier to give your kid an antibiotic or avoid a disease and go to bed, it takes strength resilience and courage to be us. But get a good naturopath you need to know how to treat acute viral bacterial and fungal infections vigorously and naturally supporting the immune system, you also need to know red flag symptoms i.e. When to refer to a hospital. I have 7 kids there isn’t s childhood disease I haven’t seen or can’t treat natural medicine is the future natural immunity is the only hope against the onslaught of drug resistant disease and sepsis. I offer homeoprophylaxis and natural medicine first aid Skype consults ( I am plugging yes but in genuine offer of support I am so surprised 97% of parents vaccinate even though 1/3 are concerned about effects and 10% actually believe they causes autism! Come on parents grow a pair! Damn you Aussie government we are Australian we are strong we are free and your stupid policy will only mean non vaccine parents will enjoy caring for their kids and taxpayer you lose. Thinking of you all daily from Ireland where we have our own scaremongerers but not as yet facist government but god damn I would walk to the end of earth to avoid forced medication for my children. It would be exodus of the educated! Get the fluoride out also folks

  3. Jess says:

    I am 28 years old and from NSW. I have not yet fallen pregnant.. but my partner and I are trying for our first child.

    I have High Functioning ASD. I am scared to have a child and put them at risk of developing ASD themselves by taking medicine that isn’t proven to work.

    Herd immunity.. ie vaccination is nothing but a theory. People need to wake up and realise how dangerous the power we are handing over to the government is for us and our future generations.

  4. Jamie says:

    I was completing a degree as a sole parent when the laws changed regarding vaccination “rights”. I have had NO OTHER OPTION but to leave Australia in pursuit of a better future for my two youngest children who are not vaccinated. I chose not to vaccinate due to my eldest children having reactions to vaccines and their fathers family having a history or Autism (no I do not believe that vaccines DON’T contribute to this, they well and truly do.) There are also many allergies and autoimmune problems within my family so my decision was based on family history and research. I know that it would hurt my children to have a catch up on vaccines and I am not willing to put their health at risk because a government thinks they know best when they clearly do not and do not regard the rights of a parent to make an informed choice without using coercion and manipulation.

    I have left my eldest child in Brisbane Australia, I am going to be a Grandma but will most likely not even get to meet my Granddaughter due in December as I am trying to restore the lives of myself and youngest children and find work now my degree is complete.

    I don’t actually want to be where I am. Our family was already very small and I had all hope in a better future (finally) in Brisbane with ALL my children (only family I have) until this discriminatory policy was introduced.

    I am now suffering from depression and feeling hopeless at ever being able to return to the land I called home and miss my boy very much. I had to get rid of all my stuff including art works I made myself and give up a secure home so I could pursue work.

    As a sole parent with the only family being my children, the option of paying full-fee child care is not possible in the slightest for me unless I have a six figure income.

    I hope that this will be overturned at that every effort is being made to do this. I have noted the pledge has been taken down to raise funds so am very afraid that this has been ditched. I will be expecting compensation for damages once they are overturned. I hope myself and others here get an opportunity to get our lives back and have a part in making sure they don’t get away with this.

  5. Broken says:

    I’m not sure where to begin with how the no jab no pay has affected my family….having a start up business which as we all know if very hard to maintain and make profitable in the first 2 years. Being able to access the ccr and family tax payments gave just that little bit extra to make the hardest days a little bit easier….it meant that we could still work HARD in providing for our family…work HARD in setting up a future for our family….work HARD so we could retire on our own money…to contribute taxes…..just to contribute to society and show our 4 children what it’s like to dream big and work hard…..my daughter now only attends kindy 1 day per week (she starts school in Jan) and my youngest doesn’t go to daycare at all as it was costing is $99 per day! So we now juggle between caring for the youngest two ourselves which means our business suffers in a big way. In 6 mths time it will be no longer because the debt is already setting in…we are no longer in our home, we have moved into our parents home as we can’t afford rent…I’m not a doll bludger, I don’t expect to get something for nothing, never have….we work bloody hard for our family….with the stress of it all, our marriage is failing, our kids are the only ones holding us up….depression is tapping my shoulder and with financial stress it’s fast becoming more of a hold than a tap…it’s not fair that you are forcing many families into hardship. You are breaking up families….killing some. Am I dramatic….nope just speaking from my heart….you have not won, I will not vacc my child…..if you wanted to ruin me then yes, you won ????

  6. Linda Fleming says:

    My son became autistic with terrible gastrointestinal issues after the MMRV at 18 months. We have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on treatments and therapies and he has improved a lot since the beginning. He was unable to go to kinder this year because he was no where near ready for it, and since the new law has come in he will only get to go if he receives the 4 year old dtap booster. I am very, very concerned about another regression since we know his ability to detoxify is impaired. He needs to go to kinder for the socialization – because he is socially delayed the transition from home to school will be too great. So I can keep him home and hopefully his health will continue to improve to a point where he may actually become verbal (he has apraxia) or I can risk regression with the dtap so he can go to kinder. If he does regress then he will struggle to make friendships anyway because his autism will then be severe.

    The criteria for medical exemption needs to widen at the very least.

  7. M Jackson says:

    I am a single mother of a healthy 12 and 14 year old who have had some immmunisations (DTP) but after careful consideration, have chosen not to have the MMR, despite being financially penalised. I have written in protest to several ministers and more recently to Christian Porter (Minister for Social Services) and now ask if the government are okay with this method of blackmail via the “No Jab No Pay” then perhaps they should lead by example and publish a register of all parliamentarians confirming their own children are all fully immunised to the government’s liking! I suspect it’s a bit like asking them to declare their off-shore investments…lead by example eh.

  8. M G says:

    My daughter aged 6 has had many vaccinations but is not fully vaccinated.

    We have been affected too. I have had to take my daughter out of after school care due to the no jab no pay. I am a sole parent on a disability pension and cannot afford the $25 per afternoon. I work part time to try to set a good example to my daughter and to augment my pension even though it is hard to do and it exhausts me.

    I have had to cut down my hours in order to collect her from school as $25 for four days a fortnight is not affordable. So I am now earning less.

    In the school holidays I will work one day a week and send her to Vacation Care at a cost of $47 per day. I am trying this in the coming holidays and am saving for it. Unfortunately we do not have family to care for her.

    I’m not even thinking about missing out on the FTBA supplement which I normally get and am (was) grateful for.

  9. Cherry says:

    I am single mother, having divorced two years ago. My second child will be school aged next year. I have always worked part time while bringing up the kids, due to having access to the CCB, and was planning to work full time during school hours next year. I recently became pregnant and have realised that because of this new law, I cannot afford to be a stay at home mother until my baby is school aged. That’s six years living off welfare and not being able to work. I have no way of earning an income because I cannot afford childcare. My heart is absolutely breaking because even though this was an unexpected pregnancy I already love the baby and would have kept her/him if I could see a way to work and support my family. But I can’t now. I would never inject my children with the poisons in vaccines. Both my children are so healthy and vibrant. I’m so upset that I don’t get a choice to bring this new life into the world. I have no family support and am just scraping by raising my two children. Holiday care is unaffordable even for them now that the new law has passed. How will I even work to support them when I can’t work in the school holidays? How can what the government has done be legal, how can we as a country sit back and let this happen? So sad.

  10. Theresa says:

    The Australian government goes on about equal rights for gays, women rights and a right to abort babies without being penalized or victimized in any way. Yet the same government is penalizing and victimizing people for not vaccinating their own children that can have a profound effect on their health.

    We are a family with 6 children, our older children have been vaccinated, and all of them have speech, social interaction problems and learning difficulties to say the least. We are now being punished by our government for not vaccinating anymore. None of our children have had all the vaccines required by our government . We are tax payers ourselves and yet we are not entitled to all our family payments that we contribute to. We must pay our taxes all of them, yet we are treated like second class citizens and our government virtually is stealing our income away from us.

    The Australia government taxes families the same way as single people without dependents and equals things out by family tax benefits. This system makes people rely on the government payments that can easily be manipulated.

    Our government does not allow us to split our income we earn so we can live independently from them. It makes it harder to earn more income because we will be taxed at a higher rate therefore severely reducing our income that we make.

    Families that rely on one income to survive are taxed higher than a two income family. A two income family has two tax free thresholds of approx $18,200. A single income family only has one tax free threshold.
    But in order to be a two income family with young children you need childcare. Now our government has made in impossible by taken away childcare rebates for those who do not want to poison their children with vaccines.

    The family tax benefits are designed so all parents can cater for their family needs, food, clothes, housing, utilities and outings so children get to explore their world.

    The Australian government have introduced policy to manipulate people to do things against their will. We have a fascist government in place that dictates and blackmails people into submission.

    The Australian government is also working on Development of the National Adult Immunization Plan. http://www.hhs.gov/nvpo/national_adult_immunization_plan_final.pdf . Why? Do they intend to withhold benefits to the unemployed or pensioners for not being up-to-date with all their vaccinations.

    No rich people will ever have to vaccinate. Even if there was a fine. These people would just pay it, they have plenty of money.

  11. Kia says:

    To Whom it concerns,

    On Christmas day of 2014, I left a Domestic Violence situation with my husband and moved my 4 children and I to the Gold Coast.

    Life began to be great again and I was working in a great position I am great at and enjoy.

    I now can not afford to work. Childcare was $125 a week, now it is nearly that a day.

    I could not afford for my children to all stay living with me so now two of them live interstate with family.

    Being on just Centrelink means I am getting $600 coming in a week and $400 going out in rent with no option to move as I have no money for removalists etc.

    I have no family up here and can not move due to my own safety.

    My 3yo daughter is missing the interaction with other children and her ability to be stimulated day in/day out by me is dissolving no matter what I offer. She is now playing up which is adding to my stress levels and never having any time to myself.

    My lease runs out in August though I know not when I will even have enough money to pay our recent $450 electricity bill.

    I am not someone who just doesn’t want to get my daughter a needle. I took myself to the doctor when I was 15 to get my MMR and had an adverse reaction AS A FIFTEEN YEAR OLD!

    My daughter will not be subjected to the vaccination/immunisation schedule. She is perfect and does not require to be compromised in any way. I will raise her in a caravan park if need be and will always keep her safe.

    I do hope I can have an opportunity to go back to being a productive member of society.

    This is no way to live and I will do what I need to do to ensure her health.

    Kindest Regards,


  12. Perth Mum says:

    i am the separated mother of a nearly ten year old child, university educated and knowledgeable about health choices via my degree. I receive a disability pension for ill health and trauma resulting from a difficult birth experience and subsequent pharmaceutical interventions, including an unnecessary MMR jab while in hospital (I already had natural immunity from mumps and measles as a child). I also have a part time job in the arts.

    Personally I will lose only the end of year rebate, but this has been a useful lump sum payment, helpful to pay for family holidays, healthcare costs, and other one-off expenses, I am deeply grateful for having been able to access subsidised daycare when my son was younger and I was particularly incapacitated after my son’s first year, first in order to be able to rest and recover, then to be able to work again, although to a limited extent, due to both ability issues and parenting responsibilities.

    To be honest, the biggest toll from this policy is the stress from bullying and scapegoating by doctors and pro-vax zealots, who do not even appear to be knowledgeable of the full picture regarding vaccines and their imperfections, but who are instead reacting from fear and misinformation. i have some empathy with how marginalised groups have felt after being irrationally discriminated against in this way.

    I also live in close proximity to someone with severe physical and intellectual disabilty which was the result of a multidose vaccine. This person, now in their thirties, requires round-the-clock carers, and a lifetime’s supply of nappies. I’ve read extensively about vaccines and I think the denial of injury, given what has been recorded, documented and in many cases paid out in compensation in other countries such as the USA via its VAERS/VICP vaccine special court process, reveals Australia to be a backwards nation where over-zealous vaccination policy and compensation for known risks are concerned. There is a the matter of health choices- I believe it is my right and that of every Australian, as clearly stated in Australian and International laws and covenants, to choose non-pharmaceutical, non-vaccination means, about which a great deal is known in 2016, to safeguard our families’ health.

    I therefore feel such compassion and empathy for families with healthy, disease-free children, and legitimate reasons to object to full schedule vaccination, who will effectively be excluded from childcare or kindergarten for no good reason, either because of the CCB cuts, or because they are excluded totally under No Jab No Play, unless they consent to EVERY SINGLE VACCINE and EVERY SINGLE FOLLOW UP SHOT, whether required or not, even by the standards of the system whereby the presence of antibodt tests can be used to measure such things….but are not routinely done.

    The penalties and exclusions seem to me doubly misguided, given that infectious disease episodes, which are never widespread outbreaks anyway, in a lucky developed country like Australiaare, are being traced to the fully vaccinated here. My own unvaccinated child acquired chicken pox via a vaccinated child. I am thankful that my kid now has lifelong immunity for a mild childhood illness that isn’t even on the schedule in some countries (e.g.UK), but omission of which vaccination results in financial penalties and being banned from childcare centres and schools, in Australia!

  13. Peter Bazeley says:

    The Australian Governments (both Federal and State) have completely exceeded and abused their authority by imposing these harsh, coercive vaccination laws. MP’s are elected to administer infrastructure and legislate just and necessary laws; not to force unwilling parents to accept an unscientific medical intervention!
    The school system is not owned by the Government; it is elected to administer it wisely but here in Victoria, the current Labour Govt. has introduced several laws which impose their own corrupt values on the children!

  14. Pavel says:

    It’s simple. My wife was looking for work. Now there is no point, whatever she would have earned would have gone for childcare. So she stays home with the kids. You lose a taxpayer.

  15. Jodie Miers says:

    My third child out of four suffered developmental regression at 12 months following the Varivax vaccine. He had developed normally until then, but now has severe autism and intellectual disability and will require full time care for the duration of his life. Twelve years ago his diagnosing paediatrician acknowledged that the Varivax vaccine is capable of causing encephalitis which he stated would explain the developmental regression and my sons current presentation. We decided against invasive testing due to the risks involved and the distress it would cause our son but stopped vaccinating all of our four children. We have always qualified for medical exemption at our doctors discretion until now. My husband and I divorced seven years ago and my new partner is now supporting me, and my four children that are not his. We will lose nearly $3000 in FTB supplement per year. I will not be able to work now or the future, even though financially I need to work, because my son will not ever be capable of staying home alone, and he is now banned from attending family day care. Special schools don’t have school holiday care or before and after school care programs, so family day care was previously the only option for us even though he is thirteen. This policy is a huge kick in the teeth to us, and is negatively affecting my family and I emotionally, as well as financially.

  16. tanya hammond says:

    Hi I’m Tanya Hammond the wife/carer of Ben Hammond.

    On the 26th of September James was born 8 weeks premature and on the 28th, a nurse approached us and informed us that we have to have Dtap shot in order to go and see James, as my husband was a supervisor on the mines and had only 2 weeks off, naturally he had the shot (after arguing as he hates needles) ….. 12 days later he was a complete quad.
    Thanks to the staff at Royal Perth Hospital and Shenton Park rehabilitation, Ben is no longer in a wheelchair and able to walk short distances, but has on going medical and health issues due the paralysis from the vaccine. He can’t sweat from the chest down, so is unable to regulate body temperature, skin conditions, chronic fatigue, regular catheters, and medication on top of a weakened immune system due to the condition and treatment to name a few. Due to his condition and the heat Ben needs to be in an air conditioned, sterile environment.

    Due to this neither of us can work. Ben was full time on site and I worked as a resteraunt manager. We have lost nearly everything as day to day living and medical supplies costs keep coming in.

    As Bens wife/ carer and a mum to 5 kids I’m struggling bad and I don’t know what to do. It’s been 3 years now and still no hope as the government / legal system needs to recognise vaccine injures happen . It only gets harder as days / years go by.

    At 6am Tuesday morning ( 19/1)our family were still in bed when we got woken up by cops breaking down our front door! They removed us from our room (where we were sleeping with our 3-year-old) and they tried to forced Ben to the floor. I was screaming that he couldn’t because he is disabled, but they wouldn’t listen. I had to watch him trying to get down, but since he couldn’t they slammed him roughly to the ground and pinned him to the floor with a gun to his head. I was pinned to the ground with a gun against my head also but I kept trying to ask about my baby and trying to see where he was. Each time I tried they kept slamming my head against the floor yelling GET DOWN! GET DOWN! My baby was so upset but I couldn’t help him, I felt so powerless.

    My 11 yr old woke up to my screaming and crying just before he had his room raided by 10 police. They destroyed our 2 front doors, terrified and traumatised my family and when I asked what’s going on they said to wait till the camera gets here before they will tell us. Why would they need a camera crew when we had done nothing wrong? How long had they been planning this?

    A good 10 mins later (still pinned to the floor with guns pointed at us) the camera arrived. They told us they had a warrant to search our home for making and selling CRYSTAL METH!! I couldn’t believe my ears, they thought we were drug dealers?!? Our family is struggling to stay on top of all of the challenges that have tried to destroy us since the Whooping Cough vaccine took away Ben’s health and they think we have the time and energy to make illegal drugs?!? I just couldn’t believe what was happening? I was helpless to protect my kids and my disabled husband, watching them force him to the ground and my little boy screaming while I was pinned to the floor and I couldn’t help them…

    They found Ben’s catheters and they categorised them as “sharps” they also took Ben’s medicinal cannabis plant that he uses for managing his pain and his smoking device he uses to administer it and they are charging Ben for that. HE NEEDS THAT to manage the constant pain he is in, nothing else works as pain meds cause him to urinate blood.

    Needless to say but they found NO evidence of any Meth or Meth making equipment so they put our family through hell and traumatised all of us for absolutely NOTHING!

    We need your moral support even more now than ever, if you can contact your MP and ask them to investigate our case and find out why and how this happened we would really appreciate it. I can’t help but ask, when








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    American guy talking bout us

    Girls movie

    Our story via media

    1st ch9 report

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    Live 9 today show


    Our petition


  17. Kiwiaussie says:

    The second of my 7 daughters had a severe reaction to her vaccinations. She came within moments of being a SIDS statistic. “Coincidence” I hear you cry. Maybe. To tell the truth, I didn’t connect the dots the first time it happened. The second time, following her next round of vaccines was when the penny dropped. The paediatrician told us it was the pertussis vaccine causing the problem. So to avoid that one next time. We listened to him (why it didn’t occur to me, that for him to point the finger at a particular vaccine, there must have been a significant number of others, to this day I still question my naivety) she had all her third round apart from Pertussis. Again, she stopped breathing. If we hadn’t started monitoring after that first incident, she would not be here today.
    Fast forward 21 years, and our daughter, swayed by the university she attended, lined up and got all her shots. The next two years, she was almost bedridden. Another year has passed, and she is slowly getting her life back, but has had to take a break from her studies.
    My nephew ended up in ICU after two rounds of his vaccines.
    My older girls have grown up now. But my youngest is seven and has multiple disabilities and medical conditions. Down Syndrome (some of the ingredients are contraindicated), Cerebral Palsy (thanks to a stuff up by our wonderful medical system), Ehlers Danlos syndrome – a connective tissue disorder that has been associated with severe adverse reactions, along with the MTHFR gene (we have only recently discovered all the girls and me have this autosomal dominant genetic condition), severe sleep apnoea (stops breathing – last thing we need considering her sisters reactions), laryngatracheabronchiamalacia – floppy and small airways, autism – really don’t want to aggravate that either, Bronchiectasis – a chronic lung condition, and is tube fed. Her body would not cope with the assault her sisters body received. Not only once. Not only as a baby, but even in adulthood.
    I had a DTaP shot 3 years ago after a nasty cut on a rusty farm trailer. My health has nosedived since then. I occasionally leave the house – maybe once every 10 days or so on average – once every 4 weeks that’s for my pain meds prescription to be filled. I knew the timing matched, but thinking I only had a tetanus shot, I couldn’t understand my body’s reaction. It was only recently I discovered that they don’t just give a tetanus shot, but diphtheria and pertussis as well. Hmmmmmmm
    We are now on a Carers Pension, because my husbands caring responsibilities towards both our daughter and myself led to him being fired. As ex-pat Kiwis, we were lucky we had Permanent Residency.
    I see another Kiwi family have commented above. Especially with their sons allergies I am extremely worried about his chances of having an adverse reaction. If he becomes disabled by vaccines, his family will never be able to receive help from the government. They exclude Kiwis from the NDIS. I have a business and a charity in the paediatric disability sector. I see way to many kids who have been severely disabled by vaccines. Many of those children, through my charity in particular, are Kiwis. A communications device for a child with autism is around $4000. A wheelchair or stroller for a child who is left with seizures, autoimmune problems, etc can easily set you back $5000-$20,000. If I wasn’t in Brisbane, and so sick myself, I would offer to help them so they could avoid the shots. Because I am genuinely scared for them. All I can do is offer my prayers, and if this does go horribly wrong, my charity http://www.facebook.com/arohaangels is here to help them.

    • AVN admin says:

      Thanks to you and everyone else who is sharing their stories. People who are part of the anti-free health choice brigade have been saying that I’ve made up all of these stories. Wish I had that good an imagination! Wish we didn’t need to hear things like this. Governments are there for infrastructure and to keep the trains running on time. They are NOT there to oppress, discriminate against or in any other way penalise the citizens of their nations.

  18. Steve says:

    Without minimising the stories of other people I would like to share mine. Our daughter is now 11 (6th class) she is responsible and has been catching the bus home on her own for a couple of years now. She is not vaccinated. In preparation for the Australian Government’s delinquency towards free choice, our daughter now catches the bus to school on her own. She has a watch, a list, an old mobile phone for emergencies (and it would have to be an emergency for her to pull it out in front of her peers 🙂 and so far so good. My ex and I (we dont live together anymore but remain committed parents have managed to eliminate the need for assistance from a lost and bereft Government. The part A supplement that my ex was going to get is gone. We’ll find a way. For every problem, there is a solution. At the very least, I guess I am saying to people who may fit our situation, where there is a will, there is a way. I am also saying to everyone, is this the Australia we invisioned? Its wrong. The vibe is wrong. Oh, if it get’s really bad, we are prepared to home school too. Odd isnt it. People who think for themselves ultimately get pushed out of the “system”.

  19. lisa appelgren says:

    I will have to quit uni
    I had plans to be a teacher when my youngest starts next year. I had a job lined up at his school. And I’d worked out that after working for a year I will have the deposit for a house. Now, no uni so no job so no house. It’s going to cost the government more. I don’t want to be poor. I want to stand on my own two feet and not be a burden on anyone and show my children success and not get them caught in the welfare cycle. I just need some help with childcare this year so I can get there!
    Also, it says in the Australian Immunisation Handbook that for consent to be given there must be no coersion, persuasion or manipulation. How is this not financial coersion?
    Also, it says in

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