No Choice No Way (Laws)

Effective 01 January 2016, three states – Qld, NSW & Victoria – have legislated vaccination requirements for enrolment in most early childhood education services (see table below).  In addition, Commonwealth legislation – applicable in all states and territories – requires vaccination for eligibility to Childcare Benefit & Rebate.  Links to detailed information pages are available below the table.


  • Although the other five states and territories do not have vaccination requirements for enrolment in early childhood education services, parents may be required to produce vaccination status / history statements.
  • The Commonwealth ‘No Jab No Pay’ law, which requires vaccination for the purpose of eligibility to Childcare Benefit and Childcare Rebate, applies to all states and territories.  See ‘No Jab No Pay’ link below.
  • None of the states and territories require children to be vaccinated for enrolment in school, pre-school, or prep,however most institutions will require parents to produce a vaccination status / history statement.

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