Why the AVN?

Our children. Is there anything we wouldn’t do for them?

These little bundles of gorgeousness, obsess, charm and scare the daylights out of us! Every little thing they do is a miracle. Watching them discover the wonders around them can keep us entranced for hours at a time.

But every sneeze, fever and rash has the capacity to frighten us as nothing else can. We lose hours of sleep waking when they wake and then, hours more worrying about them.

Wanting happy, healthy, intelligent children is the ultimate goal for all parents. Whether you are a parent who uses mainstream medical treatments, natural therapies or a combination of the two, there are certain choices you will need to make from the day of your child’s birth through to adulthood.

From nutrition, environmental toxins, disease management or prevention, alternative therapies to mainstream medicine, the choices are endless. A great guide for navigating these choices  is found in the pages of Dr Jennifer Barham-Floreani’s brilliant book “How to have Well Adjusted Babies” many have described it as the Baby Bible and I would have to agree.

But once you have decided on what you believe to be the best health choices for your baby and yourself, you start to realise that these choices may not be supported by the government or medical organisations and in fact they are trying to take away your very right to make them.

That is where the AVN comes in, it is our job to help you protect your right to make an informed choice. We do this by

  • providing buddies (support people) to come with you to doctor’s appointments etc so that you don’t get bullied in to vaccinating against your will,
  • by providing you a place to record vaccine reactions and advice on how to lodge them with the TGA,
  • providing support and information for the families of the vaccine injured,
  • lobbying politicians in Canberra,
  • by appearing in government inquiries,
  • by representing your voice in the media
  • by linking you in with support groups, information and seminars, talks and community screenings.
  • networking and working with international vaccine choice organisations to enable us to work together as an international movement.But we need you to become a member so that when we speak for you, we can say that we represent thousands of concerned Australians that demand the right of to make our own health choices especially in regards to vaccination! That is why you should consider joining the AVN now, we need you now more than ever to join the largest vaccine choice organisation in Australia!

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