What you need to do:

1- Obtain the package inserts for each vaccine you are considering giving to your child or taking yourself. You can find links to the package inserts in our Vaccination Information section (they are referred to there as Data Sheets). These leaflets are produced by the vaccine manufacturers and generally contain information you should know but are usually not provided with. This includes:

(a) Vaccine ingredients. Be sure to look for metals (aluminium, mercury in the form of Thiomersal), antibiotics and preservatives.

(b) Known side effects. The package insert include a far more extensive list of side effects then the government information. To compare what information is provided to doctors by the Australian Government, download the 9th Edition of the Australian Immunisation Handbook for free. This book is the vaccine ‘bible’ for Australian doctors and yet, it omits a great deal of the information on ingredients and side effects that is available from the package inserts.

(c) Contraindications. These are reasons why that particular vaccine many not be appropriate for everyone including for people with certain sensitivities or family histories. It is vital that you are aware of your own family history and that your doctor or healthcare provider is as well.

2- Once you have read through this information, make a list of questions that cover your concerns with vaccination. Ask your GP or clinic sister these questions. Then, ask a natural therapist and / or the AVN those same questions. Once you have gotten answers that make you feel secure about your decision – whether that decision is to vaccinate fully, selectively or not at all – you will have the confidence to know that you’ve done the best possible thing by your precious child.

3- Know your family history. Is there a history of allergies (food, environmental, medication) or seizures? Has a close relative had a serious or fatal reaction to a vaccine? Be sure you are aware of this because reactions can and do run in families.

4- If you choose to vaccinate, keep a diary of your child’s health status after vaccination so you will immediately be aware of any changes that may have occurred. Has their sleeping pattern changed? Are they off their food? Do they have diarrhoea or constipation? Are there behavioural changes or symptoms of seizures (eyes rolling, absence, not focusing on faces, loss of skills or regression in behaviour or cognition). Let your doctor know about any of these changes and ask him or her to report anything that you consider to be serious to the government.

5- Know your rights. Vaccination is not compulsory for school and only required for preschools and childcare centres in Victoria and some centres in Queensland but you can still make human rights complaints against them for discriminating against your child regardless of what state you live in.

6- Talk to your MP’s both federal and state. What we found out when we went to Canberra is that very few politicians know much about this issue, so if you want them to represent your views you need to make sure they know what they are!



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  1. Lee says:

    Thank you for your hard work AVN, and ability to read between the lies.
    We are going through the no jab, no play rubbish now with our 4 year old son (who never gets sick) and trying to find a way to get him into early learning. But because we won’t inject our child’s fragile developing immune system with toxic chemicals, we may have to move from VIC to QLD for a fraction more freedom…the world has clearly gone mad.

  2. Soraya says:

    “What you need to do…”:

    Well, obviously I skipped steps 1-4 since vaccines are not an option for those who knows how to keep themselves healthy plus understands of Law, Politic$ and Economy.

    Then, I did give a chance to steps 5 and 6 by calling the ‘legal aid’ available and sending my ‘Conscientious Objector’ MUM’s Letter to almost every local/state/federal politician I know – with no avail. Even to the Local Newspaper, just to be ignored. So, here it is my saying on the “No Jab, No Pay/Play” shame:

    “I read the paper (attached) setting out the policy position of Liberty Victoria on the “No Jab, No Play” provisions in Victoria. I’m grateful that this institution is standing up for the children’s right to education in Victoria. However, I must say that not giving up my parent’s right to not vaccinate is not being “unethical”. Vaccination is only one of the medical treatments available (however, it is the governments’ favorite world wide, no doubt about that… maybe because it has the large$t lobbying? Just a guess). There are much better non invasive medical and non medical treatments that far exceed the benefits of vaccinations without adverse reactions of all sorts.

    What is most disturbing: How can the “Government” cut benefits and block children’s access to preschool since in Australia vaccination is Not Compulsory and there are No Vaccine Injury Courts? How on Earth could the federal and state “Representatives Of The People” pa$$ Unconstitutional Bills like No Jab, No Pay/Play then? Finally, how can the Latrobe City Council close it’s eyes to this injustice and ‘enforce’ these Bad (to say the least) Policies at all? Those are the questions that must be answered and addressed to the Citizens by the politicians in general but specially by the ‘Local Governments’, so called Local Councils or “service providers”.

    For a better comprehension on this matter, attached is the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network Inc. submission to the Scrutiny of Acts and Regulations Committee Parliament of Victoria referent to the Public Health and Wellbeing Amendment (No Jab, No Play) Bill 2015.

    I’m Ethically choosing what is best for myself and for my family’s health – and that’s my Untransferable Responsibility and Ownership. “Unethical” is to let the so called “Australian Government” decide what is best for each one of us – In Our Place. “Unethical” is to blackmail and exclude (discriminate) healthy, clever children of healthy, wise, loving and decent families from the education and social system. This is not only a matter of Human Rights, but a matter of Democracy. No Democratic Government have the right to decide for it’s citizens – that’s why we have a Constitution and it’s Referendum, after all: “When we give government the power to make medical decisions for us, we, in essence, accept that the state owns our bodies.” – Ron Paul. I will never give up my Rights as a Parent to decide on my daughter’s options to medical or non medical treatments and to education and social access. For me this is Truly about Health and Not about Profit. Nevertheless, unfortunately, I can’t expect the same from the “authorities” behind these Unlawful Laws.”

    Now, after ‘speaking up’ and openly opposing this tyranny (basically as a self help emotional release 🙂 since I knew it wouldn’t change a thing), I’d kindly suggest a STEP 7 here: do something about it yourself – now! And together with others that are going through the same ordeal, since WE are the ones “interested” in fighting this fight – not others that may “sympathize” but are not being directly affected by this Unlawful and Unconstitutional Laws. Therefore, not willing to make the efforts necessary to win this cause…

    I gave up trying to “spread the word” expecting that people would suddenly wake up from their ‘mass vaccination propaganda hypnotic state’ and realize the real threat not only tho their health but to democracy in Australia that these kind of BAD (to say the least) legislation imposes – and how it is EASILY PA$$ED on
    nowadays… Which means it’s going to happen again to further limit the citizen’s “rights”. A “WHOLE OF LIFE” vaccination program is already being advertised in this very local newspaper that accepts weekly ad$ from the Local Council but not a single letter from a distressed MUM that had her child “prohibited” to go to preschool…

    Finally, I find strange that some parents who object vaccination prefer to remain “anonymous”… Hey, if you don’t stand up for your rights, who will? We’re Lawfully and Ethically acting on our own behalf and children’s and no one can take this responsibility and ownership from us. Nevertheless, those who HIDE behind these unlawful laws, engaging in criminal activities against their fellow citizens only to ‘enforce’ what should be morally and legally be rejected – these “public”(?) server$ should be ASHAMED and run from publicity – not ourselves!

    This way, only by standing up for our rights together can we overcome laws that were made to limit our rights to our own bodies by “dividing and conquering” the parents while taking away our options to medical (or non medical) treatments.

    My question to AVN then: would a CLASS ACTION by the parents affected by the “No Jab, No Pay/Play” Bill be a possible SOLUTION then?

    • AVN admin says:

      The AVN is in the process of filing a claim against the Federal Government in the High Court of Australia to overturn the No Jab, No Pay legislation. Any individual or class action by parents who are affected by this terribly, draconian law, would be very much welcome but would need to be run by the parents in question. We do not have the funds to run multiple court cases at present, unfortunately. And I agree with you about people standing up to defend their rights. The time for anonymity and silence is long past!

  3. Ray Shaw says:

    Hi Jenn, I was almost to the point of despair and sick with worry thinking that I was going to have to choose between food or rent as of the 1st of January. However, after considerable time trying to find my answers, I have discovered that the fortnightly payments of Part A will be continuing, it is only the “supplement” that is paid out once your tax return is lodged that you will not be eligible for if your child is not vaccinated. If you have no other income, this equates to $726 per child that is paid out a few weeks after you lodge your tax return. This is also based upon your income, so if you do earn taxable income, the rate per child will reduce (sorry, I don’t recall the rate)… Hope this helps at least a little..

  4. Jenn says:

    I am desperately seeking help regarding the recent laws passed. I have current contentious objections in place and am set to be unemployed by January 2016 due to the unaffordability of child care and the removal of benefits. It will have a detrimental effect on our lifestyle (which is basically to begin with). How can I take this further? I have already visited my MP to no avail.

  5. Leanne says:

    My daughter who is 12 was just vaccinated without my knowledge or permission. (She can’t remember what the vaccines were but I’m guessing HPV). I had tried to educate her earlier this year as the school was pushing this vaccine at the time. Because I said no to the school administering the vaccine, my ex got a pediatrician to approve it.

    The court orders stated we have joint parental responsibility for our girl but that we are to be under the recommendation of the pediatrician, if they recommend vaccination. The ex took her to the pediatrician without my knowledge too so this whole thing was done behind my back.

    So, as a mother and primary care giver I have be stripped of my right to parent and give proper guidance. Both the court and the ex feel they have the power to make those decisions and this is WRONG WRONG WRONG.

    How can I possibly fight this in court when the court is pro-vac? They just treat me like I’m someone harming my child if I don’t vaccinate her. I just feel completely powerless and like I am in a corner with no way out but to wear whatever the family court and my ex decide they want to do.

  6. Troy says:

    Can someone provide any scientific papers or journal articles from reputable sources showing a correlation? We’re seeing a lot of numbers, percentages and statistics thrown around here with no supporting citations. Keeping in mind that there is no such thing as absolute proof; all we can do is put forward a theory until evidence refutes or contradicts that theory, but the theory/claim needs to be falsifiable (i.e. stated in a way that can be either confirmed or refuted).

    Which raises the point of proving a negative; how do you go about proving something doesn’t happen or doesn’t exist? All that scientists and researchers can do is look for evidence supporting a link between a condition and a possible cause. If someone accuses their partner of infidelity and demands proof they haven’t cheated, there’s no way that burden of proof can be met. All that can be shown in this case is either a) a definitive link or b) the absence of one at this time.

    So, let’s introduce some quantitative, rational and reputable science to this discussion and leave emotion and unsubstatiated general claims out of it.

    • admin says:

      Troy – a correlation between what and what? Please state your question more clearly.

      • Lyle says:

        “Can someone provide any scientific papers or journal articles from reputable sources showing a correlation?”
        Between Autism and Vaccinations!

        • Err says:

          Watch episode one of ‘Truth about vaccines’. There are plenty od evidence and one won matter in federal court proved correlation

        • Kylie says:

          I you watch Vaxxed the documentry…all the proof is on there. You can pause your dvd and photograph the graphs and studues they show. It may be small but its there.

        • Kylie says:

          Or…the best documentry SERIES called THE TRUTH ABOUT VACCINES by Ty Bollinger. 8 part series. Also THE TRUTH ABOUT CANCER by Ty Bollinger alsi covers it ALL. Thw vaccine one on you tube has already been messed with by big pharma making a joke of it. Over and over. You can own the series by going ti his website.

    • Ginny Webb says:

      Troy- The entire basis on which mass vaccination programs take credit for the elimination of infectious disease is itself a correlation based on “unsubstantiated general claims.” To use your own infidelity analogy, there is no empirical scientific “proof” that vaccines eliminated infectious disease: the documented fact that X number of people didn’t get sick during a particular period in time does not mean that vaccines being administered during the epochs in question had an appreciable impact in creating those statistics. The fact that numerous individuals and administrative bodies, those given authority to make decisions about people’s health, have continued to claim the success of vaccines since their introduction as a pubic health strategy, doesn’t make it any more factually true either.

      In actual fact, the historical record (which I was first exposed to while studying the issue as a student of both biological science and medical sociology), i.e. statistics and graphs from official government sources in developed and developing countries- clearly points to other quality of life factors and correlations which well pre-date mass vaccination strategies, if you look at these far enough back in time (over a two hundred year or so period): improved nutrition, sanitation, clean water and less crowded conditions.

      To use correlation to claim vaccination’s success, while dismissing it when considering the extent of vaccine injury and vaccine safety, involves a double standard in measuring public health outcomes. To insist on mandatory vaccination when there is NO pubic health emergency beyond anecdotal media reporting of rare deaths from infectious diseases (some of which are being found to be traceable to highly vaccinated populations), and to exclude healthy children from public places such as kindergartens and schools, as is happening in Victoria, Q’land and many states of the USA, is the height of irrational policy-making.

      And that isn’t even beginning to talk about the human rights side of receiving vaccinations. As with ANY medical intervention, there are known, documented risks, and we have been for many years protected by Australian and International laws based on the Nuremberg Code, for good reason.

      Furthermore, it is an absolutely legitimate human right to conscientiously object to consuming substances KNOWN (although this is not usually actively disclosed) to contain substances objectionable to many people, such as animal proteins and human aborted foetal tissue, regardless of what “the (dominant view) science” is saying.

      As someone who respects good, ethical science, in its rightful place, it seems to me very arrogant when people claim to be Science-minded, or science-lovers, but without any humility and without taking an interest in the broader political, commercial and legal context in which vaccine science and research, and medicine itself operates. Instead of taking a moderate, dispassionate view regarding science, and being willing to admit vaccination’s obvious shortcomings and limitations, many who object to conscientious objection to vaccines take a Fundamentalist approach. This leads to dismiss not only sensible questions asked by dissenting science, but dismissing thousands of people’s direct, anecdotal observations of injury and regressions in perfectly healthy children, which they know to be the result of the administration of multiple doses of vaccines. All entirely plausible considering that vaccines in their current combinations on the Australian schedule have NOT been adequately and independently tested for safety, and are KNOWN to not be tolerated by all recipients. Even their manufacturers disclose this information in their product information.

      If your interest is in the science, rather than in the broader political and commercial machinations behind mass vaccination and the push for universal vaccination, I suggest you read Shoenfeld et al, Vaccines and Autoimmunity. This is a research compilation with contributions from world leaders in the field, detailing a syndrome known as ASIA- Autoimmune Syndrome Induced by (vaccine) Adjuvants. The main case being that, the more vaccines are administered around the world numerically, including to populations whose poor nutritional as well as genetic status does NOT support the injection of foreign proteins and known neurotoxins (those communities furthermore not always being informed and consulted thoroughly first), the greater the incidence of death and serious injury from vaccines will be, with no legal recourse in many places in the event of injury. I found the book in the library of an Australian teaching hospital, where many other dissenting vaccine scientific research papers are available. Here’s a link to a synopsis an the book on Amazon:


      • Colin says:

        Yes well done Ginny Web!!
        I have studied Chemical Engineering and the Medical Sciences and what these non scientific pro vaccination people call “Science” makes me cringe. If one has studied science one knows how incredibly deficient and inadequate it can be and through simple manipulation and financial incentive stories are told that serve the greedy Pharmaceutical/medical industry.
        Our health should never have been made a game of profit, it attracts the most kaniving people in existence, ruthless cold individuals making decisions based purely on profit and living far far from the coal face of the people affected, thank you for being a smart thinker as a true scientist, not paid by corporate dollars, you give me hope……….

  7. Jennifer Power says:

    1 in 88 American children diagnosed with autism. 50 % of American children diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. US children subjected to 49 doses of 14 vaccines before age six. (2012 vaccine schedule).

    Is this what we want for Australian children? Sian? Is this okay with you?

    Please read The Thinking Moms’ Revolution blog for a much-needed dose of empathy.

    • admin says:

      Great comments Jennifer! And yes, empathy is something that seems to be sadly lacking from most of those who oppose freedom of vaccine choice (though I haven’t found that to be the case with Sian, I have to say – she is quite different from most of her compatriots over on that side).

      It always astounded me that there can be a group of supposedly intelligent people who are openly saying that the hundreds of thousands of parents who have seen their children become ill and even die right after vaccinations – many of them seeing the same reactions over and over again after each dose – have somehow imagined it. As if they don’t know their own children and need some doctor who will spend 5 minutes examining these kids to say – “Nope. Your child is sick but it’s just a coincidence – nothing to do with the shot I just administered (which, were I to admit it was the shot, you could sue me for…). There is NO mass delusion here. As you said, 50% of American children are suffering from at least one chronic condition and the figure in Australia is over 40%. 1 child in 6 is developmentally delayed. One in SIX! And there is no cause for concern as far as most of the mainstream medical community is concerned. Nothing to see here – just keep moving.

      Empathy and intelligence would require that we stop ignoring these families and that we get off our collective butts and start REAL investigations. Stop the smoke screen of genetic studies (I mean really – we’ve gone from 1 in 20,000 to 1 in 20 in just about 30 years and they are spending billions looking for genes? DUH!) We need answers and we need them now. And if the doctors of this world aren’t prepared to do the real work in finding those answers, then we will do it ourselves. But wouldn’t it be better to work together then at cross-purposes?

  8. Jack says:


    I have read science based studies & articals for over 12 years. The more I read the more corrupt the nature of the big Pharmas & the industry is as a whole.

    Have you ever asked yourself the most basic of questions. Of all the ingredients on the planet that could be used as a preservative for a vaccine, Why use mercury or even aluminium.

    There is no safe level for this substance in humans. Dental Associations are using this substance as well for their amalgums which is banned in many other countries. The reason for this is that it causes psychological & physical disease and injuries. If you add to this you are pumping this crap into a new born child, this ammounts to willful harm of a young human life.

    If you are still intent on this course of action, I say to you, you can have my share as well cause it’s not going into any child of mine!!!

  9. Sian Morton says:

    “(b) Known side effects. The package insert include a far more extensive list of side effects then the government information. To compare what information is provided to doctors by the Australian Government, download the 9th Edition of the Australian Immunisation Handbook for free. This book is the vaccine ‘bible’ for Australian doctors and yet, it omits a great deal of the information on ingredients and side effects that is available from the package inserts.”

    The package inserts include an extensive list because they include things which may or may not be associated with the vaccination. I think you will find a similarly extensive(and even more detailed) list in the appendices of the Australian Immunisation Handbook (9th Ed).

    • admin says:

      Dear Sian,
      I know you believe firmly in what you are saying, but beliefs don’t work here – this is science, after all. Where if your proof?

      It is easy to look up the appendix of the 9th Edition of the Immunisation Handbook. Here is a link to where you can find it – http://www.health.gov.au/internet/immunise/publishing.nsf/Content/Handbook-home.

      Just looking at the HPV vaccine as an example, there are only 4 reactions listed to that shot – all mild:

      Localised pain, redness and swelling at injection site; lowgrade temperature; mild headache; mild nausea.

      That’s it – in the entire book unless they have hidden the other reactions elsewhere and I haven’t found them. Please do send me a link if that is the case.

      So you see, this Handbook is dangerous, deceptive and misleading. It has cherry-picked the reactions in order to lull parents into a sense that the vaccine is far safer than it actually is.

      That is just wrong. Absolutely wrong. So we urge parents to go to the manufacturer’s package inserts for these shots and to do their own research before making a decision.

      I would think you should applaud that decision since I know you want people to be fully informed about medical procedures.

      • Sian Morton says:

        I heartily endorse any recommendation for parents to read the package inserts. I also believe it is important that they understand the actual significance of what they are reading.

        From the Australian Immunisation Handbook (9th Ed)

        Appendix 6: Definitions of adverse events following immunisation

        Section 1.5.2 Adverse events following immunisation

        • admin says:

          Lovely Sian, I saw these and they still are not adequate in any way. The list of adverse events are great to have but they don’t relate the event to the vaccine. So doctors won’t either. What needs to be in place is a list of each vaccine and the adverse reactions that are KNOWN to follow their administration.

          Also, did you look at the reaction on the 1.5.2 appendix? They are they are also only the mild reactions, totally disregarding the known serious side effects of shots. If this is the information provided to doctors, is it any reason the average researching parent will know more about this issue than the average GP. It’s a shameful situation!

          • Sian Morton says:

            Perhaps it would be a good idea to read section 1.5.2 again. There are several quite specific mentions of serious adverse reactions, including the likely incidence of such reactions, their management and the appropriate reporting mechanism. It also lists things that are NOT associated with vaccination (including autism), and provides links to the definitions of adverse reactions mentioned above. These are only two small sections of a very comprehensive summary of vaccination information.

            • admin says:

              Sian, perhaps you need to read what I’ve written again. A list of reactions is good for when a parent goes to a doctor so the doctor can know what should and should not be reported (not that this seems to make much difference because very few doctors will report events like these after vaccination anyway – even if they are on the list). But what is needed is a list of reactions associated with each specific vaccine. So, on the HPV page of the book, there needs to be the full list of KNOWN events following administration of the HPV vaccine. That is not there. It is not accidental that it’s not there. And that is wrong – very wrong! Do you understand what I’m saying now?

              • Sian Morton says:

                I do and I respectfully disagree.

                This is what the HPV section of the Australian Immunisation Handbook says about adverse events associated with HPV: “Adverse events
                Both the 2vHPV and 4vHPV vaccines are generally safe and well tolerated. A variety of comparators were used in clinical trials of 2vHPV and 4vHPV, but data comparing vaccine adverse events with an aluminium-containing placebo are available for both vaccines and are quoted below for common local adverse reactions. More detailed information about adverse events occurring in the vaccine trials is available from the product information for 2vHPV vaccine and from the US FDA for 4vHPV.75

                In clinical trials of the 2vHPV vaccine, the most commonly reported adverse events were injection site pain 78%, swelling ~26% and erythema ~30% compared to ~53%, ~8% and 11% in the aluminium hydroxide placebo group. Incidence of injection site pain decreased across the 3 doses, whereas there was a slight increase in the reported proportion with swelling and erythema after successive doses.
                In clinical trials of the 4vHPV vaccine the most commonly reported adverse events were injection site pain ~81%, swelling ~24% and erythema ~24%, compared to ~75%, ~16% and ~18% in the aluminium-containing placebo group.The incidence of injection site pain was approximately equal across the 3 doses, whereas there was a modest increase in the reported proportion with swelling and erythema after successive doses.

                HPV vaccines are well tolerated by those who have already been exposed to the HPV types included in the vaccine.”

                It does not pretend to be a comprehensive list of anything and clearly refers readers to further information as is reasonable and appropriate given the scope purpose of this handbook (see below). There is also rather a comprehensive list of references at the end of the chapter.

                The introduction to the handbook may be helpful in clarifying this: http://www.health.gov.au/internet/immunise/publishing.nsf/Content/Handbook-home

                • admin says:

                  How can you cite clinical trials using the vaccine adjuvant as a ‘control’? You take something containing a poisonous substance and use it to try and prove the safety of something else containing that same poisonous substance and then, when 89% react to one and 92% react to the other, you say, “See! this is perfectly safe because the ‘placebo’ caused the same percentage of reactions as the vaccine!”

                  This is corruption – not science. Perhaps you should read the underlying study instead of relying on the government and the medical community for your information Sian? Read the study, the methodology and who funded these ‘trials’. Then tell me that you still think this vaccine was tested properly for safety prior to licensure.

              • Sue says:

                Ms Dorey – we all have access to an excellent reference that has compiled a highly detailed review of the available evidence. It’s Adverse Effects of Vaccines: Evidence and Causality, – you have posted about it yourself. The chapter on HPV vaccine shows that there is no convincing evidence for any directly linked reaction except for anaphylaxis.

                • admin says:

                  So Sue, you are saying that all those women and girls who have died or been permanently injured because of the HPV vaccine and whose injuries and deaths have never been investigated made up their reactions or that all of them were totally coincidental? Great science there. Just declare everything associated with a vaccine to be a coincidence and you can continue to state they are perfectly safe and there is no causal link. Oh wait a minute – you already have! The emperor has no clothes Sue – can you see it?

                  • Sian Morton says:

                    “…all those women and girls who have died or been permanently injured because of the HPV vaccine…”

                    It is very easy to make sweeping claims like this but you have absolutely no evidence to support your beliefs. The onus is actually on you to prove that these claims are valid, not the other way round. The consensus of expert scientific opinion differs markedly from your understanding of this issue.

                    • admin says:

                      Sian – there are tens of thousands of women and adolescent girls (and now boys) who have reported reactions after the HPV vaccine. Many of these people have not recovered. Many have died.

                      If you don’t want to believe that the vaccine has caused these reactions, that is your right. But since the follow up has NEVER been performed and since the vaccine was never subjected to double-blind placebo controlled trials either before or after licensure, I will say again that the onus of proof rests with the government and pharmaceutical companies. These are adults who are reacting too – they have a history of health prior to and after vaccination. What will it take to make you look at this issue with an open mind?

          • John says:


            My wife is pregnant and I am getting very worried with all the rules related to vaccination in this country, which I just browsed through.

            There are so many things from this Aus immunisation book that seem so wrong. It is stated : “The amount of aluminium in vaccine is very small”. WTH is that ? I want to see science. This is junk, at best. I want to see what amount of aluminium is in the vaccines, as well as the maximum aluminium threshold beyond which the baby’s health is compromised. Based on various sources, the amount of Al in vaccines is not very small at all!!!

            I am all for vaccination, but not with all the aluminium and not as early as instructed. It starts before the baby is even born. This is nonsense!

            And what about these “no jab, no pay” rules that I just read about. It sounds so wrong on so many levels. If there are rules, because of safety and health concerns, they should apply to all babies. This “no jab no pay” rule means the rich can get away with not vaccinating their baby, whereas the mass has no other choice but to inject all this aluminium and stuff. WTH!

            I understand GPs don’t realistically have much choice other than applying guidelines from this Aus Immunisation book. And parents (other than the 1%) don’t realistically have much choice either because the gov. will cut all tax rebate and stuff. I feel like parents are being held hostages.

            What can parents possibly do ? Thanks !

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