Make an informed vaccination choice

One of the most vital of these decisions is whether to vaccinate our children fully, partially or at all. All of these choices are valid but, since vaccines, like all medical procedures, can carry with them the possibility of serious injury or death, we need to be able to make our choice with the best available information.

Unlike medical treatments which are given to relieve the symptoms of illness, vaccination is given to healthy babies, children and adults. Therefore, the requirement to ensure safety is greater for vaccines then for any other medical product or procedure.

By the time a child is five, s/he will have received a total of 41 vaccine doses when the schedule has been followed to the letter.  This rises to 46 vaccine doses when the recommended yearly influenza vaccines are included, and then to 50 doses when the two recommended antenatal vaccines, Influenza, Diphtheria, Tetanus and Whooping Cough are also included.

The No Jab No Pay law was introduced nationwide on the 1st January 2016 allowing the government to financially coerce parents to vaccinate their children against their will by taking away childcare payments and the Family Tax Benefit A supplement payment. They also introduced the No Jab No Play laws in Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales, which enables childcare centres to refuse enrolment of non vaccinated children in Queensland, while Victorian preschool and kinder children are blanket banned from childcare altogether unless they have a medical exemption or are eligible for a 16 week grace period. But even after the introduction of all of these draconian laws, vaccination is still not compulsory for school in Australia.

The AVN has been operating since 1994 with a mandate to protect informed vaccination choice and provide scientifically-sourced information on this complex and difficult issue to our members. We believe that everyone has the right to access all available data on vaccinations, immunisations, immunizations, inoculations – whatever you choose to call them. The government and the medical community provide you with one side of the story – the AVN gives you the other side. Taken together, this data will allow you to make an informed choice for the health of your child. The medical community and government health authorities want to ensure that every child, and indeed, every adult, gets each vaccine on offer. But the ultimate decision is and must always remain with us – the child’s parents.

The AVN – because every issue has two sides

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  1. Bel says:

    I have 3 beautiful, happy, wonderful children….one of whom happens to be on the Autism spectrum. Besides for the fear mungering that happens on this site, the thing I dislike the most is the portrayal that this is such a horrible disorder it is worth risking death over. He is beautiful, talented and unique and frankly I believe my sons Autism has absolutely nothing to do with my choice to immunise him. I do however know that when chicken pox went through the childcare centre… children were fine. When there was an outbreak of whooping cough and I was pregnant with my 3rd child….everyone who would be in contact with my baby got immunised and we were all fine. My children will never get small pox or polio thanks to vaccines.

    • Tasha says:

      Hi Bel, as a Mum of three kids with ASD, 2 of whom are severely autistic, I know without a doubt that my kids would have been much happier having a week off with a well tolerated childhood disease than a lifetime of pain, anxiety, frustration, brain injury, gut and immune disorders that they have acquired through their vaccine induced autism. Autism brings with it a reduced life expectancy with some autistic kids being killed by their own parents, drowning, being killed on motorways or train tracks because they have no sense of danger and they have a tendency to abscond if they are not watched 24/7. I am really glad that you love and adore your son, I adore my kids too, but adoring them does not mean that you cannot want a better life for them or to want to try and take away some of the pain and suffering out of their lives. It also does not mean that you cannot help others learn from your own mistakes especially when vaccine induced autism is avoidable.

      As for death by childhood diseases, I have had measles, mumps and chickenpox and other than spending a week at home being spoilt by my parents, I also acquired life time immunity (which you do not get from vaccines) and it also enabled me to pass on strong passive immunity to my babies. You should also look in to the studies that show that getting and recovering from childhood illnesses helps protect you from certain types of cancers

      As for whooping cough you need to be aware that vaccination does not and cannot prevent transmission of the disease, and the latest research has actually shown that it is the vaccinated who can become asymptomatic carriers and transmitters of Pertussis

      “Resurgence of Whooping Cough May Owe to Vaccine’s Inability to Prevent Infections

      The startling global resurgence of pertussis, or whooping cough, in recent years can largely be attributed to the immunological failures of acellular vaccines, School of Public Health researchers argue in a new journal article.
      The article, published in F1000 Research, points to the differences in mucosal immunity between whole-cell pertussis (wP) vaccines and the newer acellular pertussis (aP) vaccines, first introduced in the 1990s, as playing a pivotal role in the resurgence of the disease.

      “This disease is back because we didn’t really understand how our immune defenses against whooping cough worked, and did not understand how the vaccines needed to work to prevent it,” said Christopher J. Gill, associate professor of global health and lead author of the article. “Instead we layered assumptions upon assumptions, and now find ourselves in the uncomfortable position of admitting that we may made some crucial errors. This is definitely not where we thought we’d be in 2017.”

  2. Justine says:

    I am a mother to four children, am currently a non practicing RN and am questioning the safety of imunisations. I have faith in God and when my last child was due for his immunisations God just said- No- I want you to place your trust in me to protect your children- not in a man-made vaccine. Then I started asking others and myself a few questions. I was vaccinated as a child but have been sick my whole life. Doctors have called me a medical mystery several times. I nearly died after giving birth to my third child and Doctors could find nothing wrong with me. I’ve spent most of my life sick, on antibiotics alot as a child, asthma, skin disorders, hayfever, had my tonsils removed etc… I’m starting to question whether my health was compromised by the use of vaccines. Am seeing some medical professionals this week as my four year old has been displaying some autistic behaviours and I am not so sure that vaccines are actually safe. I am disappointed that the only information we get when our babies are born are to vaccinate- thats not really making an informed choice. Control and manipulation of people is clearly not of God. Even God gives people the choice- we can follow Him or reject Him. I would love to see the information becoming available to new mothers in the Hospital system and the GPs outlining our choices clearly. For our family- we have the hope that our faith in Jesus will cure all sickness and any disease or other affect brought about by a vaccine. The other thing I’m wondering is- where exactly are these dead viruses coming from that are in the vaccines? The other thing is that Jesus came to bring life to all people so I’m thinking that taking a healthy child and injecting something containing a disease into them doesn’t sound very life- giving. Thinking about it this way- the choice is becoming more clear to me that our family will not be having any more vaccinations. The way that society, the Government and the media pressure people into making choices regarding pro-vaccinations is unGodly. God is not about pressure, control or manipulation so this is a very big issue for me. People deserve choices and while the world does not always provide justice- If we call out to God in our times of trouble- He will answer and He will grant His people justice. All of us are His people whether we choose to believe that or not. So that is my opinion and the reasons I have formed my new stance against vaccines.

    • Donnella Buxton says:

      Please watch the new series “The Truth about Vaccines”. You will learn so much.

      Please try to spread the word about this series. The only way there will be change is by people power. You will also find this very hard to do because from experiences, is that no one is interested in the subject. They want herd immunity and they have it, the herd is brainwashed and deaf,dumb and blind to the truth and will not even do the research and if they do they go to the CDC web site which is full of the biggest liar of them all. Dr Suzanne Humphries – book Dissolving Illusions – watch her Youtube lectures. She is a amazing woman fighting for our rights of choice.

  3. Andi says:

    The key issue in all of this is that parents should have the right over their own children to make informed and educated choices for their own children, to give them the tools they believe are the most beneficial for the child’s success and wellbeing in every area . The over riding problem, is that Governments are trying to take away parental rights and this is wrong. The government is not the parent here.
    Freedom of choice is a God given right if you take away this gift to humanity, we become like robots.
    Lets face it immunisation is BIG money, wherever their is BIG money there is likely to be greed and some form of corruption.
    In this case it is forcing people to immunise excessively so they can make more money.
    1+1 =2

  4. Screw Timmy says:

    I’m so glad I finally found a website that is neither pro or anti jab. Other websites often have references and citations from peer reviewed journals and as such tend to be pro vaccine, but what would a team of doctors, researchers, statisticians and epidemiologists know about vaccines? Or about my right to not vaccinate my children?

    If I make a decision not to vaccinate it’s not based on these “facts” and “statistics” being spouted by big research companies after doing extensive testing and trials on large scale populations, it is because the anecdotal evidence I’ve read on this website tells me that measles, mumps and rubella are nothing more than cute sniffles children get that only last a short period of time and then leave them with “real” immunity and not the synthetic version doctors are trying to kill my kids with.

    And herd immunity? Sorry I’m not cattle, why would I want that? You’re trying to inject my kid with this TGA certified cocktail, with ingredients too long to pronounce just so little Timmy the immunocompromised kid doesn’t die of measles? I don’t think so! Screw Timmy, and Jessica his newborn sister that is too young to be vaccinated yet, if they die because I chose not to vaccinate, then I’ll tell their parents it was my choice! I have the right to choose whether or not to stop my children becoming pestilence spewing death machines by getting them vaccinated.

    And what’s the best argument the vaccers give? “Vaccines eradicated small pox”? Pfft if small pox was so scary why did they name it SMALL pox? Enormous pox, now that’s a scary name. And polio? Big whoop if you’ve reduced the number of cases to essentially zero, the iron lung children were confined to after contracting the disease looked like great fun, why bother breathing for yourself when you can get a machine to do it for you? And why think for yourself when people on the internet can do it for you?

    In short, it is my right as a human being to choose to give my children a clinically tested, extensively reviewed and constantly monitored vaccine, produced by people who understand the science of immunity or choose to trust that my children will fight deadly diseases by themselves (with the aid of homeopathic remedies such as crystals, incense and of course the healing power of acoustic guitar).

    Thanks for reading and may Wakefield bless you.

    • Soraya says:

      Vaccines and injections are NOT the best options for those who have researched the History of Vaccines. Furthermore, most who ‘Conscientiously Object Vaccination’ acknowledge (either by their own experience with vaccinated/unvaccinated children and/or friends’) the damage done by the overload of toxins accumulated in developing bodies in an ever increasing number of doses of this invasive medical “treatment” which triggers (in a short, medium and long term ) crescent adverse reactions that cause damages in disguise of DNA mutation, syndromes of all kind, allergies, immunodeficiency, speech pathology problems, lower IQs, aggressive behavior, autism, ADHD, SIDS and the list goes on…

      Not mentioning what is explicitly expressed in the ‘Appendix 6: Definitions of adverse events following immunisation’ in the Australian Immunization Handbook: Abscess, Acute flaccid paralysis [diagnosis must be made by a physician], Allergic reaction (generalised), Anaphylaxis, Arthralgia, Arthritis, Brachial neuritis, Death, Disseminated BCG, Encephalopathy [diagnosis must be made by a physician], Encephalitis [diagnosis must be made by a physician], Extensive limb swelling, Injection site reaction (severe), Intussusception [diagnosis must be made by a hospital physician], Lymphadenitis (includes suppurative lymphadenitis), Meningitis [diagnosis must be made by a physician], Nodule, Orchitis, Osteitis, Osteomyelitis, Parotitis, Rash, Screaming (persistent), Seizure, Sepsis, Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis [diagnosis must be made by a physician], Syncope, Thrombocytopenia, Toxic shock syndrome [diagnosis must be made by a physician], Vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis, Vasovagal episode (syncope, faint).

      Any wonder why the Pharmaceutical/Vaccine/Medical Lobby/Politician$ are “Targeting” the minority of parents (30.092 in Australia as at December2015, Immunise – ACIR – National Vaccine Objection Data) who conscientiously object this poison??? Maybe we KNOW something the rest of the parents who obediently and diligently follow the vaccination program don’t!!! And, by the way, will never be told about by the powers that be. Moreover, WE have our own children as a live proof of how much healthier they are without extra poisoning of their biological systems (as if we didn’t have already too much chemicals and toxics in our air, water, environment and food!). By the end of the day (at Kinder or Daycare) the teachers and other parents are realizing that the large majority of not vaccinated children don’t have allergies, syndromes, speech delays, behavior and mental problems, autism, cystic fibrosis, diabetes, asthma, Gastrointestinal (GI) and many other disorders, etc.

      Well, I never tried to convince anyone to vaccinate or not – UNTIL NOW! And that’s exactly what every person(parent or not parent) that knows the truth should start to do since “they” are giving us no other option! Good Job “No Jab, No Pay/Play” team!!! Bad strategy though… It’s going to fire back against you ???? ????

      Now, before finally researching and asking for an ‘Exemption Conscientious Objection Form’ signed by a midwife (when I had my first daughter in the hospital and until her last vaccination when she was 6 months old), all they gave me before “jabbing” my baby was the vaccine pamphlets (full of vaccine propaganda) at the hospital and at the GP’s clinic. Is that “Informed Consent”? Why no one never ever gave me the ‘Australian Immunization Handbook’ instead of ‘Vaccine Propaganda’? Or at least showed me what’s in the composition of these vaccines? Well, go have a look and see what’s inside each one of them and draw your own conclusions.

      Now “they” tell us that our Acquired Right with this Valid Exemption To Not Vaccinate in not recognized by “law” anymore so we can now take our children to a “program catch up” in order to access kindergarten and childcare facilities with “informed consent” still? And the Local Council Family Service Administration staff tell us that we still have the choice to not vaccinate? Well, yah! Not with a gun on our heads (yet)! Sorry, I must be missing something here… Since when is vaccination compulsory in this country? Besides, there are not even ONE Vaccine Injure Court here (opposed to in the USA). Are we in a COMMUNIST STATE already and we haven’t realized? Surely this is NOT the Australia that I want to leave to my children!

      And that’s what the “Immunize Australia Program” offers to “Protect” the Australian Population via a “Whole of Life” Register. The so called “Australian Government” creepily wants to IMPOSE vaccination from the Cradle to the Grave of each Citizen – even AGAINST THEIR WILL. This is clearly happening to the families “jabbing” their children not necessarily because they think they are doing what is best for their health, but because they Need the Benefit$ to Pay the Rent, Eat and also to have their kids not “PROHIBITED BY LAW” to go to preschool and Day Care so they can continue to work and have a roof over their heads!!! Is that CONSENT to VACCINATION FOR LIFE??? Maybe in Hitler’s and Stalin’s dreams ????

      I have no words to describe how IMMORAL this is. Obviously, this is NOT about Health AT ALL. These “No Jab, No Pay/Play” are so UNREASONABLE, UNJUST, UNETHICAL and TOTALLY WRONG that they scream out loud “This is Not about People, this is Plain Busine$$”. Here is some of what is planned For Us from the “Factsheet Immunization Registers Expansion”

      “From 1 January 2016, the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (ACIR) will broaden to
      capture immunisation information for young individuals under the age of 20 years, enabling
      implementation of the Australian Government’s No Jab, No Pay measure. The ACIR currently
      records vaccinations given to children aged less than seven years.
       From September 2016, the ACIR will expand further to become the Australian Immunisation Register
      (AIR) to capture all vaccines administered throughout a person’s life (birth to death), given through
      General Practice and community clinics. This will include all vaccines funded under the National
      Immunisation Program, as well as private vaccines given through general practice.
       This whole of life register will be ready to support the zoster virus vaccine being available on the
      National Immunisation Program (NIP) for 70 year olds (including a catch up programme for 71-79
      year olds), which is planned for November 2016. Other vaccines funded for adults under the NIP,
      which include seasonal influenza vaccine and pneumococcal vaccine, will also be captured by the
       From the 2017 school year, the HPV Register will be expanded to become the Australian School
      Vaccination Register (ASVR), which will capture all adolescent vaccinations given through school
      programmes. Vaccines to be recorded include varicella (chickenpox), the diphtheria, tetanus and
      pertussis (whooping cough) booster, and the HPV vaccine. This will provide tools such as recall and
      reminder systems to improve adolescent vaccination rates.”


      Those who HIDE behind these unlawful laws, engaging in criminal activities against their fellow citizens only to ‘enforce’ “laws” that should be Morally and Legally REJECTED – these “public”(?) servant$ should be ASHAMED and run from publicity! Moreover, they should be prosecuted by the real politicians, judges, lawyers and citizens that know and understand what’s really going on “down under”.

      Thoughts from any committed parent, serious/honest lawyer, judge or legal expert concerning a CLASS ACTION by the parents affected by the “No Jab, No Pay/Play” Bill would be much appreciated.

      Here, an interesting quote for those parents who may feel unempowered by this grand scheme:

      “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. – Margaret Mead.

  5. JB says:

    I was very interested in this website and have read much of the information, but I find it very biased and anti-vax. Do you in fact reject information provided by Doctors and the goverment?
    Also, there are specific pages covering some vaccines and not others. Where is the page about polio specifically? And measles?
    I have also noticed that the descriptions of the diseases from the medical perspective do not include the more serious complications and side effects that are possible from contracting the illness.
    My husband lost 100% of hearing in one ear when he contracted measles as a child. And that is not the worst thing that can happen.

  6. Sharon says:

    As a parent I understand the passion of articles both for and against but what most people want is the facts, without the haze of a writers own opinion. I simply believe in choice, as parents we cannot allow governments to override our choices for our children, it is our job to protect our children. Your child, your choice and no matter what side of the issue you fall surely we all stand together on that?

  7. Ashley says:

    I am a non vaccinated teenager. My mum made an educated choice due to past reactions from my other siblings.So far i have never been sick apart from receiving the odd cold in the winter months and in fact avoiding the whooping cough epidemic in my region which every other vaccinated kid in my class received, however this is credit to a homeopathic and healthy lifestyle which my family provided. I agree that some vaccinations are beneficial depending on your location and lifestyle but more focus should be made into the production of these vaccines. To often these companies are just in it for the huge money and more needs to be provided into what is actually going into these vaccinations. I am not 100% pro or negative but i hope more people appreciate this organisation and are open to others views. I have been treated negatively by others after they have heard I’m not vaccinated, especially in school environments including teachers saying my parents are “evil monsters”.
    I want to make it clear, this disgusting behaviour which parents you should not be demonstrating to your children! Freedom of choice people!

    • meryldorey says:

      Ashley, thank you so much for contributing your story. There are many other very healthy unvaccinated children and adults in the community and they need to become vocal about this issue too. Many well-meaning people think that not vaccinating is the same as consigning their children to an early death and they need to know that the truth is that unvaccinated people can be brilliantly healthy whilst the vaccinated can be terribly unhealthy (not every time – but that needs to be understood.)

  8. Tamara says:

    I agree! I think parents do deserve to be given the opportunity to become informed on both sides of the argument, be they from the medical journals, just as from the opposing side of the debate, which quite often, sadly doesn’t seem to be given much acknowledgement from either our Politicians, medical practitioners (who are often in collusion with major pharmaceutical companies) or our mainstream media.
    What’s more, no matter what side of the fence you happen to be on when it comes to the matter of vaccinations; there is one undeniable fact: that is, that the rate of autoimmune diseases and neurological disorders; such as the number of rates of children being diagnosed with learning difficulties, such as ADHD or Autism is greatly on the rise and has greatly increased to endemic proportions since the increase of vaccination rates in this country. And that’s not simply due to better diagnosis of these particular neurological problem, but I talking about a literal increase.
    Tell me that’s not simply just a coincidence.
    Furthermore, I would very much like to see more clinical trials being conducted on vaccinations and their impact on the immune system response, being done over a number of years by comparing vaccinated populations against fully unvaccinated populations of children. Something, which hasn’t yet ever been done due to the fact that the vast majority of children in this country have all been vaccinated.
    Another thing I’m strongly opposed to is any government law imposing `forced’ vaccination programs on the public by punishing those who for various reasons choose to become `conscientious objectors’ as all it accomplishes it to bring about a sense of deep seeded resentment towards that government body pushing what they perceived as none other than a totalitarian dictatorship and an oligarchy, which causes those particular individuals who already feel mistrusting towards politics; mainstream medicine and science; and media to dig their heels in and become more deep rooted within their beliefs.

  9. Janine says:

    Anti-vaccine folk – as ‘anti’-anything, or ‘pro’-anything folk – will be much the stronger as people, and as a group, if they can effectively distance themselves from their emotional positions on the subject at hand, and aspire to objectivity. As many people will be put off by apparent bias on the part of AVN personnel as by apparent bias (including ‘innocent’ bias) on the part of those supporting vaccination. This is a terrible dilemma for modern society.

  10. Jo M says:

    I have read with interest many pages on the “Australian Vaccination Network” website, together with many comments made by both consumers and your admin people, and I keep coming to the same conclusion….

    When there is a differing point of view or even just asking a simple question about where the information has been obtained, the admin people are very quick to jump in and ‘bite’!!

    I believe that ‘most’ vaccinations are neccessary to help lower or even eliminate infectious diseases, and therefore my children have been vaccinated according to the recommended childhood vaccination program for Victoria.

    I am currently studying nursing, and as I get excited for my upcoming first placement, I was advised to have several vaccinations, including the Fluvax and Hepatitis A&B. I decided NOT to get these vaccinations, as I believe that I will be extra cautious when handling waste materials. That is my choice!

    But I would like to share some information with you that I have found from a Victorian Government website, so I know that the information is true and correct.

    Measles (rubeola)

    The use of measles vaccine in infant immunisation programs globally has led to a significant reduction in measles cases and deaths. In addition to providing direct protection to the vaccine recipient immunisation against measles results in the indirect protection of unimmunised persons (herd immunity) if high enough coverage is achieved. Measles vaccine has several major effects on measles epidemiology. These include achieving an increase of the mean age of infection and an increase in the time between epidemics.

    Despite the availability of an effective measles vaccine for almost 40 years the disease still causes a considerable burden in many countries. This is primarily because of underutilisation of the vaccine. In 2001 it was estimated that there were 30 million measles cases and 777 000 deaths. Most deaths occurred in developing countries, principally in Africa and Asia. Thirteen countries reported that routine measles vaccine coverage was below 50%. Large measles outbreaks continue to occur. These occur especially in areas of developing countries with low vaccine coverage and among children living in countries where there are unstable social conditions. These outbreaks frequently have high case-fatality rates.

    In Australia, live attenuated measles vaccine was licensed in 1968 and included in childhood vaccination schedules in 1971. Even after the first national measles campaign in 1988, coverage remained too low (85%) to achieve herd immunity. This allowed major measles outbreaks in many areas in 1993–94. In 1994 a second dose of measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine was introduced for a year’s cohort of children aged between 10 and 16 years. Although the incidence of measles declined, seroprevalence studies indicated that further measles outbreaks were likely.

    In July 1998 a ‘catch-up’ campaign was conducted to give a dose of MMR vaccine to all primary school children before lowering the recommended age for the second dose of MMR vaccine to four years in 1999. After the measles control campaign an estimated 96% of children aged five to 12 years had received two doses of MMR.

    Although the endemic spread of measles has now been interrupted in Australia, small outbreaks have continued to occur following importation of measles cases from overseas. Adults born after 1966 who have not been vaccinated are most at risk along with the small numbers of unimmunised children.

    Outbreaks in the community setting occur sporadically as a result of imported measles cases exposing local susceptible people. The epidemiology of outbreaks has changed with the introduction of childhood vaccination, with young adults now at highest risk. Outbreaks in schools may still occur if there are significant numbers of unvaccinated students.

    last updated 10th Feb 2007

    Finally, I would just like to say that as this page is titled ‘Make an informed vaccination choice – Pros & Cons’ – because every issue has two sides… this is my side, my choice, and I just want to make people ‘aware’ of the risks about not vaccinating against measles!!

    • James says:

      Jo M – I agree that some of the replies from the ‘admin team’ tend to be of the ‘biting’ variety. I little more time considering how they reply to other views would be wise, too much emotion can give a poor impression.

      That said, your information may come from a government website but this does not mean it has immediate impartiality and accuracy. For me the big problem with the vaccination discussion is getting impartial and accurately researched info. I have somewhat of an in-built distrust of big business and much of government (often in bed with each other), and when there is big money involved rarely are outcomes human focussed.

      Be interested to see what response your post gets from the AVN team.

    • Bec says:

      I too, came to this site with an interest in reading the research and to get a picture of the reasons why families may choose not to vaccinate.
      I was disheartened by the often rude and, what appears to be at times, deliberate misunderstanding of people presenting pro vaccination arguments, by the admin and at least one writer.
      It would be wise if administrators of this site, kept to the facts and remained objective if they are to be taken seriously. Particularly, when your home page quotes in bold
      ” The AVN is NOT anti-vaccination; nor are we pro-vaccination.”

    • John says:

      So, you believe that most vaccinations are necessary, but in your personal case, you chose not to be vaccinated. And you pretend you can be careful enough not to be affected by virus, whatever that means. I have to say you are so full of it, just like many pro-vaccines I read about on the comments of this website.

      Anyway, vaccinating a 1 month old baby, as required by the Aus immunisation handbook, is entirely different from vaccinating an adult. At 1 month old, a baby’s immune system is not fully formed yet, not even at 6 months old. You don’t want to interfere with the building of the baby’s immune system by injecting all kinds of s.hit. You also don’t want to inject whatever adjuvent that big pharma adds to the vaccines, and especially not at such an early age!

      Given the amount of content, written by actual doctors and scientists on the side effects and potential consequences of vaccines and aluminium on the baby’s health, the principle of precaution prevails. When in doubt of the consequences on health, the smart way of doing is to apply the principle of precaution.

      • Lucy says:

        Hi John,

        Referring to aluminium in vaccines, a mother that nurses a baby by feeding them breast milk will naturally pass on aluminium to them too.

        Also, I’m a hospital pharmacist but have never liked taking medications or having needles myself. If I can live my life without ever taking unnecessary medications or needles, I will.

        With regards to your comments about a baby’s immune system still building at 1 month, 6 months etc you’re absolutely right, it isn’t really fully formed until you’ve gone through adolescence. In saying that, paediatricians really care about kids and have a better understanding of their immune systems than anyone else. They would not recommend treatment to a child that is harmful – 1. because they actually care about their wellbeing and 2. if anything about their method of practice was harmful, they could be reported and stripped of their qualifications.

        With all medications – vaccines, tablets, inhalers etc – they have excipients in them. These are filler materials which stabilise the drug and ensure that they do not break down and become ineffective. Vaccines will then of course have adjuvant excipients in them, they are not toxic. I think you may be referring to old reports of thiomersal which were removed from all vaccines since 2000.

        Personally, I completely empathise with parents who want to protect their children and are scared that vaccinations would harm them. I don’t think anyone should ever be coerced into doing something against their will.

        However I do feel that there isn’t enough clear, high quality information being provided to parents and the general public that allows people to make more informed choices. Much information that is provided on the internet can be written by anyone with an agenda. The internet is not a reliable source of information. Talk to people who work in these fields and question the absolute crap out of them if you want, I’m sure they will be glad to answer your questions. Question their methods, why they believe what they believe, their qualifications – everything! Just don’t go off the internet alone.

        It’s all well and good for people to do their own research but most people who don’t come from a science background will not know how to go about doing this properly. Most likely, you will read the interpretations of others and go off their opinions (including mine, right here). If you are going to do your own research and reach conclusions that are accurate, you will need to have a really solid understanding of how good studies are designed and carried out, how to interpret scientific data, whether there were other confounding factors present that affected results etc.

        Would be happy to discuss with anyone that wants to shoot questions back at me and send information to you 🙂

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