List of MPs and Senators for lobbying

We need everyone to get an appointment with their MPs, especially your State MPs as they are the ones who will be deciding whether to implement the No Jab No Play laws and if you can your federal MPs too and educate them on this issue. You don’t have to go alone, get a few friends or contact the AVN or your local support groups and they will help connect you with others in your area. You need to show your politicians the real science and government data that shows that their vaccine policies are faith based not evidence based.

We will have information very soon that you can download off this page and then print out and put in a folder to give to each politician you see. Please make sure that you engage with them respectfully but honestly about the science or lack there of and how you feel about the proposed and existing legislation without attacking them, or else they are less likely to listen and just become defensive or dismissive.

If you have a vaccine injury story this is the time and the place that you really need to share it, you will not have to deal with the trolls and your identity and your loved ones identity will be safe. If you are a medical professional or health practitioner this is also where you need to share your views and experiences so that your politicians can be shown that is not just parents who are concerned about where Australia is headed with these draconian vaccine laws but that you are too!

List of Victorian Members of Parliament

List of New South Wales Members of Parliament

List of Queensland Members of Parliament

List of West Australian Members of Parliament

List of South Australian Members of Parliament

List of ACT Members of Parliament

List of NT Members of Parliament

List of Tasmanian Members of Parliament

List of all Members of Parliament

List of all Senators

List of Links to information on great points to cover:

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Whooping Cough

Mortality rates pre vaccine


Small Pox

Influenza vaccine and Cochrane Collaboration


Pharma corruption

CDC whistleblower

Vaccine ingredients

Vaccine schedules

Vaccine side effects

The science that has not been done

Vaccines and autoimmunity

Vaccine induced Autism

Fooling Ourselves on the Fundamental Value of Vaccines

Please let us know how you go and if you need any help.

Standing with you in solidarity

The National AVN Committee