Leaflet Downloads

If you would like to print the leaflet ‘Do You Know What’s In A Vaccine?’ at a commercial printer or at home, find files and instructions here.

These downloadable PDF’s will open as new pages in your browser, which you can save to your computer/device.

AVN-Leaflet Front

AVN-Leaflet Back

AVN-Leaflet Both Sides

Notice that on the bottom right of the leaflet is a link to the Leaflet page. People can type this into their browser’s address bar to read more information about the items on the leaflet.


The paper used for the leaflets in the image below is A4 80GSM white bond – in other words standard copy paper like Reflex. Please bear in mind that if you are intending to letterbox leaflets printed on this paper, do it in dry weather as this paper will not last if it gets wet!

Most commercial printers will fold the leaflet for you in a machine, at little extra cost. Producing 500 folded leaflets will cost around $100 (hint: the cost may be lower if you ask for 501 rather than 500 leaflets).

The leaflet can be folded in either a roll-over fold or a Z-fold. Ask the printer to make sure the image of a woman is on the front, and we suggest you ask them to do a test leaflet before printing a large number of them.

Roll-over fold (L), Z-fold (R)


Home printing

You may like to print some leaflets at home. For the folds to fall in the right place on both front and back, you most likely need to use a borderless printing setting, if you have that available on your printer. An alternative is to print the leaflet as a flat sheet.

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