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Vaxxed Down Under Stories

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On this page are the stories of Australians who have been injured or died following Covid-19 injections

Vaxxed Bus Down Under

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Tania’s Healthy Mum Died 5 Days After a COVID Jab

Tania joins the Vaxxed Bus Down Under – COVID Special Edition to tell the story of her mum who died 5 days after receiving a COVID jab and how the medical community denied the obvious connection between the shot and her death.

Paula Shares COVID-Jab Injury Stories

Paula has been a first-hand witness to people who have been injured following the COVID jab. Her story is far from unique with people coming forward to share stories of 2, 3 or even more people in their circle who have suffered or even died following COVID injections.

Nicole, Aged Care Worker-All 8 Covid-Vaxxed Clients Injured by Shot!

Nicole does home care for elderly clients. Out of her 11 current clients, 8 have agreed to take the jab and all 8 have been injured, some seriously. The 3 who refused the jab are all fine.

Brett’s healthy dad died after a COVID jab

Brett flew from NZ to help his father in Australia after his COVID jab. This formerly healthy, fit and active man quickly went downhill and passed away from effects that began after receiving the AstraZenica vaccine.

Manda and Liz

A story of 3 COVID vaccine injuries in 1 family: 1 leading to the death of a 55-year old woman.

Vaxxed Bus Down Under – Cathy’s mum died 23 days after receiving AstraZenica

Cathy’s mum became paralysed less than 24 hours after receiving her AstraZenica COVID jab and was hospitalised. Her health declined very quickly and 23 days later, she passed away. Her death certificate states that the jab contributed to her death. RIP.

Vaxxed Bus Down Under – Crystel’s Pfizer Reaction

Crystel was coerced into taking a Pfizer jab in order to get work. Her reaction was immediate and produced an elevated D-Dimer test (evidence of micro blood clots) as well as severe pain symptoms in both legs. Despite this happening within only a few hours of receiving the jab, her doctor refused to accept that it was related to the shot and will not give her an exemption. She is looking for treatments and detox protocols to help return her to health.

Vaxxed Bus Down Under – Terry’s Pfizer COVID vaccine reaction

Terry has never had a problem with any medication, but 4 days after his first Pfizer jab, he was diagnosed with both Myocarditis and Pericarditis and is still not fully recovered.

Vaxxed Bus Down Under – Cyndi’s Story

 Cyndi was coerced into taking a COVID jab and now regrets doing so.

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