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Vaccine refusal forms

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No jab, No job

Many employers particularly in the health care sector are now demanding their workers submit to the experimental COVID-19 injection and influenza jabs.

Here are some templates with useful information to send to your employer. It is so important to challenge these mandates.

Begin with asking your employer:

Would you please advise me in writing the legal basis on which you consider that you can mandate this experimental injection. Please do not refer me to some policy you have created but to actual law that you can mandate someone to be forced into an experiment without their ability to say NO.

Letters for employers

Instructions on how to deal with employer who is insisting you have the Jab


Letter B – Coercion into an Experiment

HR Vax Document

Exemption Form – NSW


Other letters

Letter Templates

Use this link and select the template you would like to use, the click ‘Let’s Get Started’.

Mandatory Masking

Masking and Children/Students

You MUST Act Now to Protect Your Privacy!

RT-PCR Testing Template

Declining Covid injections – Australian school aged children letter

Biosecurity Act Override letter

Human Rights Statement

Experimental Covid Injection

Constitutional Right to Refuse to Consent to any Medical Service

Letter of Declination

Letter to a Principal from a Queensland parent

To the Principal,

After listening to many school parents of over the last 18 months, I would like to voice my concerns over the pushing of the experimental Covid vaccine on our young high school children. I am extremely disappointed that the school is participating in this experiment which could cause serious harm to our young people who would never be at risk of harm from Covid. As we all know, from all global data, children don’t die FROM Covid. Any authority that tries to infer they are at risk, should be treated with contempt. Thus, I strongly object to our children being used as human shields.

Read More and download :

Legal template – have you been rejected medical treatment or consult?

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