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There is currently no No Jab No Play legislation in place for SA, ACT, NT and Tasmania.

Conscientious Objection

As there is no requirement for children to be vaccinated to be enrolled in early childhood education and childcare services in these four states and territories, there is also no requirement for the parents of unvaccinated children to conscientiously object to the vaccination of their children.

Documentation Requests/Requirements

When enrolling a child in an early childhood education or childcare service in these four states and territories, parents may be requested or required to provide a vaccination status / history statement showing which, if any, vaccines their child has received, when such requests / requirements are authorised by state-based Public Health Acts.

Importantly, such a request / requirement is not a requirement for your child to be vaccinated.  This is a documentation request / requirement, not a vaccination requirement.

This information is collected to enable unvaccinated children to be temporarily excluded in the event of outbreaks of so-called vaccine-preventable diseases, when such exclusions are authorised by state-based Public Health Acts.

A Vaccination History Statement can be downloaded from the Medicare website via your MyGov account.

Eligibility for childcare subsidies is determined by federal law

The federal No Jab No Pay law, which requires vaccination for the purpose of eligibility to Childcare Benefit and Childcare Rebate, applies in all states and territories.  Consequently, even when a child qualifies for enrolment under state law, unless the child also qualifies for an exemption under the federal law, then the parent/guardian will not qualify for Childcare Benefits and Rebates.

Listed immediately below are links to the current requirements for obtaining medical exemptions under the federal No Jab No Pay law, in order to qualify for Child Care Benefit and Rebate.

Lobby your State / Territory MPs

We also strongly recommend that if you live in one of these five states and territories that you visit your State MPs and educate them on the reasons why No Jab No Play legislation should not be introduced, unless it also provides for non-medical (belief-based) exemptions.

Please visit our Lobby Politicians page for resources and information that you can share with your politician.

Conditions on enrolment in the compulsory phase of schooling

Some authorities and schools tell parents that children must be vaccinated to enrol them in the compulsory phases of school.  This is not correct, anywhere in Australia.  For further information see No Jab No School – Not true.

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