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Under the Wire – A show about suppressed data, censorship and rising up to protect our families

Well, it’s finally happened. FakeBook has Cancelled Under the Wire. We knew this day would come. So I need to ask for your help please so we can still reach our audience – especially now with our Federal Judicial Review about to start.

Can you please share this link with everyone you possibly can and ask them to join us for livestreams on Odysee at 8 PM AEDT.

NEW: You can now live stream Under the Wire right here on the AVN website. Simply go to https://avn.org.au/avn-live-stream/ when we begin our broadcast every Sunday evening.

Can’t watch live? The links below will be where the uploads can be found next day.


Please Help us Get the word out!

Hello. My name is Meryl Dorey and I’m the mother of 4 children, the eldest of whom was injured by his DPT vaccine in 1989and again in 1990 by his MMR.

Together with the Australian Vaccination-risks Network, the organisation I helped found in order to prevent further vaccine injuries through education and to give a voice to those who have already been harmed, I would like to welcome you Under the Wire.

Our little Island is home to censored information; to facts and data that the government, corporations and industry would rather you didn’t have access to. We are a repository for research and evidence which one day just might save your life or the life of someone you love.

Join us Under the Wire where speaking truth to power is a way of life and victory over the industries which profit from destroying our lives and health is the end game. We will settle for no less.

Below are links and other information for each episode – watch live on Facebook every Sunday 8 p.m. Sydney time, published later on Youtube and other platforms.


Under The Wire, Episode 142, August 21, 2022
– Interview with Dr David Ayoub
Under The Wire, Episode 141, August 14, 2022
– Mary Holland from Children’s Health Defence
Under The Wire, Episode 140, August 7, 2022
– Updates Regarding Court Case, Medical Accountability and more
Under The Wire, Episode 139, July 31, 2022
– Interview with Dr Bob Sears, Paediatrician
Under The Wire, Episode 138, July 17, 2022
– Karli and Andrew Scott – 2 scientists treating the ‘untreatable’
Under The Wire, Episode 137, June 19, 2022
– Sam Dodson of the “To The Lifeboats” Podcast
Under The Wire, Episode 136, June 12, 2022
– Queensland GP Speaks Out, Court Case Update and Upcoming Vaxxed Bus Tour
Under The Wire, Episode 135, June 5, 2022
– Monkey Pox: Will We Be Fooled Again?
Under The Wire, Episode 134, May 29, 2022
– Dr Phillip Altman on Clinical Trials and COVID
Under The Wire, Episode 133, May 19, 2022
– Interview with Mark Neugebauer, AFP canditate for the Federal seat of Mayo.
Under The Wire, Episode 131, May 1, 2022
– Huge Updates on COVID and the AVN’s Court Case
Under The Wire, Episode 130, April 21, 2022
– Under the Wire speaks with Kim Burgess about the TGA’s Database of Adverse Event Notifications (DAEN).
Under The Wire, Episode 129, April 21, 2022
– Under the Wire speaks with Dr. Jane Ruby
Under The Wire, Episode 125, March 20, 2022
– Under the Wire speaks with Robyn Chuter about COVIID-19 and Real Health
Under The Wire, 124, March 13, 2022
– Under the Wire Interviews Dr Jessica Rose
Under The Wire, 123, February 20, 2022
– Under the Wire speaks with George Christensen, MP for the Dawson Electorate
Under the Wire Episode 122, February 7, 2022
– Live update about the AVN’s court case and what is happening in the world of vaccination today.
Under the Wire Episode 121, January 23, 2021
– Rebecca Lloyd is the Founder/Spokeswoman of Fair Business Australia
Under the Wire Episode 120, January 16, 2022
– Q&A with Meryl Dorey
Under the Wire Episode 119, January 2022
– A Conversation with Adam Gibson of Parents with Questions
Under the Wire Episode 118, December 5, 2021
– Under the Wire Interviews Dr Brian Martin, Emeritus Professor UOW
Under the Wire Episode 117, December 1, 2021
– Dr Steele is a molecular immunologist and is no stranger to controversy and his theories have brought him into conflict with many in the scientific community
Under the Wire Episode 116, November 28, 2021
– Under the Wire speaks with Cyndi O’Meara about changing lives through changing diet
Under the Wire Episode 115, November 23, 2021
– Part 2 of the Under the Wire’s exclusive interview with Julian Gillespie
Under the Wire Episode 114, November 21, 2021
– This is part 1 of Under the Wire’s interview featuring Julian Gillespie
Under the Wire Episode 113, November 14, 2021
– A conversation with Dr Catherine Fyans, a medical practitioner with a long-standing interest in ‘mind-body’ medicine.
Under the Wire Episode 112, November 7, 2021
– Naomi Cook is a former registered nurse who surrendered her registration last year after a public and media backlash for her work promoting community awareness about 5G and Wireless technology.
Under the Wire Episode 111, November 3, 2021
– Dr Peter McCullough joins UTW
Under the Wire Episode 110, October 31, 2021
– Sally Fallon from the Weston A Price Foundation speaks with Meryl Dorey
Under the Wire Episode 109, October 27, 2021
– Interview with Dr Dingle, Australia’s leading motivational health speaker
Under the Wire Episode 108, October 24, 2021
– Q&A about the latest vaccination and COVID Jab information.
Under the Wire Episode 107, October 21, 2021
– Nick Hudson is one of the founders of PANDA (Pandemics Data & Analytics)
Under the Wire Episode 106, October 14, 2021
– Interview with Graham Hood, Qantas Captain
Under the Wire Episode 105, October 13, 2021
– A Rollicking Good Chat with Aussie Icon-Max Igan
Under the Wire Episode 104, October 11, 2021
– Viewers of Under the Wire got to ask about the issues that are important to them in this current climate of COVID craziness.
Under the Wire Episode 103, September 29, 2021
– A Conversation with Jeremy Hammond, independent journalist
Under the Wire Episode 102, September 26, 2021
– Kimberly McConchie of Australia’s Frontline Health Professionals (AFHP) joins Under the Wire.
Under the Wire Episode 101, September 19, 2021
– A conversation with Rinat Strahlhofer, spokeswoman for the Northern Rivers for Safe Technology group, a mum and the creator of the global We Are Not SAM campaign.
Under the Wire Episode 100, September 17, 2021
– We are so honoured to host this talk with Dr Lee Merritt, the Medical Rebel on our centenary episode of Under the Wire!
Under the Wire Episode 99, September 12, 2021
– Interview with Michael O’Neill, founder of Informed Medical Options Party (IMOP)
Under the Wire Episode 98, September 10, 2021
– Under the Wire interviews Matthew Hopkins from AFL Solicitors
Under the Wire Episode 97, September 5, 2021
– Interview with Ex-SAS officer and QLD Candidate, Ricardo Bossi Riccardo. Riccardo, his wife and a team of dedicated volunteers are creating AUSTRALIAONE
Under the Wire Episode 96, August 29, 2021
– Rod Culleton, former Federal Senator for Western Australia – The Fight for Australian Freedom
Under the Wire Episode 95, August 27, 2021
– UTW interviews Dr Meryl Nass. Her expertise is in epidemics and infectious diseases.
Under the Wire Episode 94, August 22, 2021
– Dr Laibow is the Founder of the Natural Solutions Foundation and a practitioner of many years’ experience
Under the Wire Episode 93, August 18, 2021
– Barbara Loe Fisher is co-founder and president of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC)
Under the Wire Episode 92, August 15, 2021
– An impromptu Q&A
Under the Wire Episode 91, August 11, 2021
– An interview with Dr Jane Orient, the Executive Director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS)
Under the Wire Episode 90 August 8, 2021
– An interview with Dr Isaac Golden, a homoeopathic practitioner since 1984
Under the Wire Episode 89 August 1, 2021
– Under the Wire Recap: From Australia rises to government smackdown
Under the Wire Episode 88 July 25, 2021
– Christina Hildebrand from A Voice for Choice
Under the Wire Episode 87, July 18, 2021
– Dr. Tedd Koren is the most widely read Doctor of Chiropractic in the world today.
Under the Wire Episode 86, July 14, 2021
– Dr. Palevsky is a NYS licensed pediatrician, who utilizes a holistic approach to children’s wellness and illness.
Under the Wire Episode 85, July 11, 2021
– An interview with Aneeta Hafemeister
Under the Wire Episode 84, July 8, 2021
– Under the Wire Interview Dr Jane Ruby: Do You Know What’s in that Shot?
Under the Wire Episode 83, July 5, 2021
– Dr Jennifer Margulis is the author and co-author of 8 books including The Vaccine Friendly Plan and the Addiction Spectrum with Dr Paul Thomas.
Under the Wire Episode 82, June 29, 2021
– An interview with Senator Malcolm Roberts
Under the Wire Episode 81, June 26, 2021
– Dawn Richardson is the Director of Advocacy for the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC).
Under the Wire Episode 80, June 25, 2021
– Meryl speaks with Andrew Kaufman MD, a public speaker, researcher, natural healing/business/education consultant, inventor and Covid-19 whistleblower.
Under the Wire Episode 79, June 20, 2021
– Dr Ted Kuntz is a fellow activist, working on the front lines of the Canadian pro-health vaccine-choice movement.
Under the Wire Episode 78, June 13, 2021
– Meryl speaks with Dr Obomsawin about his analysis of the role played by vaccines in increasing deaths and decreasing health status and also about what is currently happening with the COVID experimental genetic modification devices.
Under the Wire Episode 77, Part 2, June 9, 2021
– This is a continuation of this past Sunday night’s Under the Wire ( June 6th, 2021) analysing the government’s responses to Senator Malcolm Roberts’ questions at Senate Estimates.
Under the Wire Episode 77, June 6, 2021
– One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts recently asked the Senate Community Affairs Legislation Committee some very hard and pertinent questions about COVID vaccination during the most recent session of Senate Estimates. In this episode Meryl Dorey presents a blow-by-blow analysis of what was said.
Under the Wire Episode 76, May 30, 2021
– On Sunday, May 30th, Under the Wire is very proud to be presenting a conversation with Greg Beattie – former President of the AVN and author of 2 books on Vaccination including the very popular Fooling Ourselves on the Fundamental Value of Vaccines.
Under the Wire Special Edition – A Nurse Whistleblower speaks
– An Australian nurse who has worked around the world in many developing countries and was employed in the UK from the beginning of the plandemic, discusses what she saw.
Under the Wire Episode 75, May 23, 2021
– A discussion with Dr. Stephanie Seneff  a Senior Research Scientist at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.
Under the Wire Episode 74, May 16, 2021
– Jamie McIntyre, Founder of Australian National Review and author of The Great Vaccine Con, which you can access for free at this link will be joining Under the Wire to discuss the current vaccination and COVID situation in Australia and to share his ideas on how to fight back against the current state of tyranny.
Under the Wire Episode 73, May 10, 2021
– Should you avoid the recently vaccinated? So many questions – so few answers!
Under the Wire Episode 72, May 2, 2021
– Dr Shiva Ayyadurai, has a lively discussion with Meryl on Under the Wire regarding how a knowledge of systems can be used to activate people to become leaders in the movement to preserve and restore freedom.
Under the Wire Episode 71, April 25, 2021
– Tonight’s show is going to be a lucky dip. Things are moving so quickly now in regards to the current COVID lunacy, that it’s getting very hard to keep up.
Under the Wire Episode 70, April 18, 2021
– We will be speaking about the AstraZenica COVID shot and blood clots, the Johnson and Johnson shot being paused in the US and Canada, ScoMo’s push for vaccines to be ‘as mandatory as possible’, Serene Teffaha’s loss of her practicing certificate just as she was starting her class action on the Towers Case and so very much more.
Under the Wire Episode 69, April 10, 2021
– Building your community with gratitude and respect.
Under the Wire Episode 68, April 3, 2021
– Meryl Dorey speaks with J.B. Handley, author of Underestimated: An Autism Miracle.
Under the Wire Episode 67, March 27, 2021
– Q & A regarding questions and concerns you may have about recent events in Australia when it comes to vaccination.
Under the Wire Episode 66, March 20, 2021
– Under the Wire-Special Event: Interview with Israeli Human Rights Lawyer, Tamir Turgal
Under the Wire Episode 65, March 13, 2021
– Recap of the week’s events
Under the Wire Episode 64, March 6, 2021
– Under the Wire is very excited to be speaking with Del Bigtree from ICAN and The HighWire
Under the Wire, Episode 63 – A conversation with Dr Carrie Madej
– A conversation with Dr Carrie Madej
Under the Wire Episode 62, February 20, 2021
– Millions March Against Mandatory COVID Vaccines
Under the Wire Episode 61, February 13, 2021
– the Question of 5G and vaccination
Under the Wire Episode 60, February 6, 2021
– Under The Wire – OpenVaers.com – Can we trust Official Data?
Under the Wire Episode 59, January 30, 2021
– COVID Vax: Dangerous, ineffective and HERE
Under the Wire Episode 58, January 23, 2021
– It’s like 1984 all over again
Under the Wire Episode 57, January 16, 2021
– Massive update with info from first month of COVID Vaccination
Under the Wire Episode 56, January, 2021
– Under the Wire interviews Dr David Rasnick regarding HIV and COVID 19
Under the Wire Episode 55, December 19, 2020
– a Pre-Christmas update on the world around us
Under the Wire Episode 54, December 12, 2020
– Dr Wilyman comes to Under the Wire to share her latest research paper, Misapplication of the Precautionary Principle has Misplaced the Burden of Proof of Vaccine Safety
Under the Wire Episode 53, December 5, 2020
– UTW features an interview with Dr. James Lyons-Weiler from  The Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge
Under the Wire Episode 52, November 7, 2020
– Update on COVID
Under the Wire Episode 51, October 10, 2020
– Operation Warp Speed – what are the risks of rushed vaccinations?
Under the Wire Episode 50, October 3, 2020
– On the program today Meryl Dorey interviews Aneeta Hafemeister, the President of the AVN about the recent North Queensland Vaxxed bus tour.
Under the Wire Episode 49, September 26, 2020
– Will democracy return to Victoria? Under the Wire interviews Matt Wong of Discernable.io, about what is happening in Victoria regarding the current lockdown situation.
Under the Wire Episode 48, September 19, 2020
– The QLD Election – which parties support liberty?
Under the Wire Episode 47, September 12, 2020
– Time isn’t a friend of tyrants. Is the COVID-19 construct beginning to fall apart?
Under the Wire Episode 46, August 29, 2020
– Interview with Melbourne lawyer Serene Teffaha
Under the Wire Episode 45, August 22, 2020
– Will the Gov’t make COVID-19 vaccination mandatory
Under the Wire special interview with Elizabeth Hart
– This episode of Under the Wire was broadcast on Wednesday night, August 11, 2020 with our guest, Elizabeth Hart, independent researcher.
VaxXed Tour, Censorship, Covid, Vic Aged Care Win, SA NJNPlay – UTW 44
– news from SE Qld Vaxxed tour, censoring doctors and more, 1/8/2020
Under the Wire Episode 43, July 10, 2020
– Andrew Wakefield talks about his new film 1986 The Act
Under the Wire Episode 42, July 4, 2020
– Latest News from Australia and the World
Under the Wire Episode 41, June 27, 2020
– Meryl Dorey interviews Mark Blaxill about his recent paper, co-written with Amy Becker, called Lessons From The Lockdown: Why Are So Many Fewer Children Dying?
Under the Wire Episode 40, June 20, 2020
– Discussion about Sen Holly Hughes and Sen Raff Ciccone’s attacks
Under the Wire Episode 39, June 13, 2020
– Meryl Dorey interviews Brian Hooker about his analysis of health outcomes in vaccinated and unvaccinated children
Under the Wire Episode 38, June 6, 2020
– This week, we are super-excited to be speaking with Polly Tommey from the US Vaxxed Team.
Under the Wire Episode 37, May 23, 2020
– Under the Wire will be speaking with Michael Simms, one of the organisers of next weekend’s Millions March Against Mandatory Vaccination.
Under the Wire Episode 36, May 16, 2020
– The new normal?
Under the Wire Episode 35, May 9, 2020
– Under the Wire Interview with Kent Heckenlively-Co-Author of Plague of Corruption
Under the Wire Episode 34, May 2, 2020
– Under the Wire presents an Interview with David Crowe
Under the Wire Episode 33, April 25, 2020
– a chat with Meryl Dorey of the AVN regarding all of the latest information that has come out about COVID-19
Under the Wire Special-Mandatory vaccination for Aged Care – April 23, 2020
– Under the Wire interviews Melissa Bruce
Under the Wire Episode 32, April 18 2020
– Under the Wire interviews Victor Tey about exercising our rights
Under the Wire Episode 31, April 11  2020
– Dr. James Lyons-Weiler is the founder and CEO of the Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge, also known as IPAK.
Under the Wire Episode 29, March 28 2020
– Crisis of freedom
Under the Wire Episode 28, March 21 2020
– Mandatory vaccination of Victorian health workers and COVID-19
Under the Wire Episode 27, March 14 2020
– Was Peter McIntyre truthful? And Allona Lahn on Coronavirus
Under the Wire Episode 26, March 7 2020
– In memoriam-two great leaders in our community pass away in the last few weeks: Dr Tony Bark and Catherine Frompovich
Victoria pushes ahead with requirements for all healthcare workers to be fully-vaccinated. We must stand up against this medical tyranny! And much, much more!
Under the Wire Episode 25, February 29 2020
– Urgent Action Alert!
Mandatory Vaccination for all Victorian Healthcare workers; No Jab No Play legislation introduced in SA
Anti-vaxxers spreading messages in baby products; And of course Coronavirus
Under the Wire Episode 24, February 15 2020
– Under the Wire’s special guest today is Aneeta Hafemeister, AVN President
Episode 23, February 8 2020
– Lots of updated news on the Coronavirus (hint – it appears to be a man-made virus that either escaped the lab or was intentionally released); Lawmakers in South Dakota propose legislation to outlaw mandatory vaccination and medication; HPV vaccination may be responsible for a huge increase in cervical cancer in young women and much more.
Under the Wire Episode 22, February 1 2020
– Under the Wire interviews Ted Kuntz from Vaccine Choice Canada
Special update January 30 2020
– Coronavirus and more timely news
Episode 21, January 25 2020
– Coronavirus and more
Episode 20, January 18 2020
– AVN issues press release on WHO bombshell discussed last week
Episode 19, January 11 2020
– Information from the latest episode of The HighWire
Episode 18, January 4 2020
– Happy New Year and Vaccination update
Episode 17, December 14 2019
– Interview with AVN President Aneeta Hafemeister
Special Report, December 12 2019
– Samoa, Tonga and Fiji
Episode 16, December 7 2019
– Interview with Greg Beattie, Part 2
Episode 15, November 30 2019
– Vaccine Injury Epidemic (VIE) event, Vaxxed II, Measles madness and more
Episode 14, November 16 2019
– An interview with David Stephan
Episode 13, November 9 2019
– An interview with Taylor Winterstein from Tay’s Way about health freedom, activism
Episode 12, November 2 2019
– Measles – the new lies being told by the media to make more people give this vaccine to their children and take it themselves.
Episode 11, October 26 2019
– Report from Launceston following the AVN’s screening of Robert F Kennedy Jr’s documentary on Gardasil.
Episode 10, October 19 2019
– vaccine injury awareness & rate, vaccine hesitant parents
Episode 9, September 28 2019
– Greg Beattie, ex AVN president and author of 2 books
Episode 8, September 21 2019
– Hilary Simpson from Crazy Mothers (US), the VIE event
Episode 7, September 14 2019
– medical exemptions, vaccine laws, activism
Episode 6, September 7 2019
– Alia (NZ), Corvelva, HPV vaccine
Episode 5, August 31 2019
– Flu shot, Aluminium, California, Corvelva
Episode 4, August 24 2019
– Corvelva-Vaccinegate, SIDS, antibiotics
Episode 3 August 10 2019Episode 2 July 27 2019Episode 1 July 20 2019

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