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Abuse by members of SAVN and the Australian Skeptics

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Liz Hempel is the mother of a vaccine-injured child. Peter Bowditch is a past-president of the NSW Skeptics and a moderator on the Stop the AVN Facebook Page. He has a long history of being quite unapologetic about his abusive treatment of those he disagrees with. His interactions with Ms Hempel, however, is beyond the pale.

This thread from Twitter also includes a threat from Mr Bowditch to Ms Hempel – “By the way, have I told you what you should do with a length of red hot rebar?”

The order of these screenshots may be a bit difficult to follow, but Peter Bowditch responded to a post that Liz Hempel had made on Twitter by asking her how many dead babies it takes to give her sexual pleasure. Please see the information below for a better idea of what occurred. NB – Peter Bowditch is RatBagsDotCom, Liz Hempel is Old Mans Obsession and SAVNGodComplex.

Those who are guilty of this sort of cyberbullying and abuse should be aware that, due to the recent internet assaults against Charlotte Dawson, the following statement has been issued and would most definitely apply to you and those who enable your behaviour:

Mr Gallacher said that “even a cursory examination of the comments made to Ms Dawson overnight reveals they are clearly offensive to a reasonable person, which is the test for any prosecution under Section 474.17 of the Commonwealth Criminal Code Act”.

That section refers to use of a “carriage service” to menace, harass or offend, with a maximum three-year jail term.

University of Technology Sydney communications law expert Michael Fraser said those who attacked Dawson had committed criminal acts.

“The online world is not above the law,” Professor Fraser said.
Read more: https://www.news.com.au/technology/charlotte-dawson-twitter-attack-sparks-call-for-changes-to-laws-against-cyber-bullying/story-e6frfro0-1226461962215#ixzz254i36go9



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