AVN Takes TGA to Federal Court

Peter Fam files with the Federal Court

The AVN’s instructing Solicitor, Peter Fam, files our case on the Federal Court’s website and asks for an urgent hearing.

We would like to ask everyone reading this to take a moment to send a quick and polite message to the registry requesting that this case be livestreamed on the Court’s YouTube channel due to the national and international public interest in this case. One or two sentences will be all you need.  The court email is [email protected]

Below are links to each uploaded document which you are free to download and/or read online. We are committed to transparency.
Please note – we have uploaded the files as they were sent to the Federal Court Registry. As soon as we have received the sealed copies, we will repace these uploads with the official sealed copies.

Affidavit of Lisa Mitchell, with annexures, signed 31 January 2022

Affidavit of Meryl Dorey, with annexures, signed 29 January 2022

Affidavit of Peter Halim Fam, with annexures, signed 31 January 2022

Genuine Steps Statement 31 January 2022, signed

Originating Application, 31 January 2022

AVN Press Release Announcing filing in Federal Court

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