COVID Vaccines Adverse Events Local and International


With the introduction of the experimental Covid-19 vaccines into the Australian community, we are witnessing historically unprecedented numbers of Australians of all ages experiencing death, Illness, and Injury from these jabs – collectively called Adverse Events.

Most of these deaths, illnesses, and injuries are occurring within 48 hours of our friend’s, neighbours, and family members receiving one of these experimental, previously untried and grossly under-tested, so called vaccines.


US VAERS Adverse Event reporting system, showing reported Deaths from vaccines 1990-2022. The spike to the left is a result of the introduction of Covid-19 vaccines. Data shown to 6 May 2022. Source:

Besides the soaring numbers of Adverse Events both here and across the world, these vaccines which politicians everywhere have all been saying are ‘Safe and Effective’, have proven to be anything but, with many countries seeing clear evidence of ‘breakthrough infections’, resulting in many instances of vaccinated persons outnumbering unvaccinated in hospitals; while peer reviewed science papers have been repeatedly showing for months now, that vaccinated folk are about as equally able to transmit and infect others with SARS-COV-2, and in turn Covid-19, as unvaccinated people.

By long accepted definitions for what constitutes a safe and effective vaccine, the Covid-19 vaccines have proven to be a failure, where now the single shot everyone was promised would keep them from harm, has now turned into two jabs, plus one booster after another, with no end in sight.


Australian Adverse Events reported to the TGA to 8 May 2022. AEFI means Adverse Event Following Inoculation. Until the release of Covid-19 vaccines the TGA through the years 2013-2019 received an annual average of 3,494 AEFI reports for conventional vaccines. Within the first 12 months of Covid-19 vaccines the TGA has received 97,404 AEFI reports to 2 January 2022. Source:

And the kicker – each additional booster appears to increase every person’s chance of experiencing one or more Adverse Event – including Death, or illness, and/or injury.

Why? It’s rather simple – these vaccines induce our cells to produce a very large quantity of Spike proteins (a toxic component of the SARS-CoV-2 virus), but in such quantities, our body is forced to react to them. This reaction can cause an immune response very similar to that seen with actual Covid-19 infection and illness, which can produce detrimental effects on various organs within the body. Additionally, these Spike proteins don’t remain bound to our cells that produce them. Instead, they enter the bloodstream and can accumulate in dangerous levels in various organs of the body, most noticeably the heart, where now we are witnessing record numbers of vaccine recipients struck with the heart conditions Myocarditis or Pericarditis, to name a couple.

Myocarditis is rare, but not with these vaccines. These vaccines have grossly increased the natural rates of Myocarditis in the Australian community, and Myocarditis produces permanent damage to heart tissue. Recent studies have estimated that perhaps 10% of vaccine recipients who experience the adverse event of Myocarditis, will quite possibly require a heart transplant later in life, when before their vaccination that was almost certainly unlikely.

But we have only just begun to describe the range of Adverse Events impacting our community, and those overseas.

In Australia you can begin to understand the scale of the Covid-19 Adverse Event disaster, once you start looking at the historical vaccine data versus the Covid-19 vaccine data.

To date reported deaths from Covid-19 vaccines in Australia are in excess of 720 within the first 12 months of being rolled out. Until they were, Australia used to average only 4.57 deaths per year from all of the other 21+ vaccines administered annually via over 15 million doses.

That’s over 720 versus 4.57 .. are you starting to see the problem?

Admittedly many people die naturally and due to natural life events and accidents some period after receiving a vaccine, so the 720 reported deaths can not all be said to be due to the Covid-19 vaccines.

However historically it can be shown that approximately 40% of reported deaths can be attributed to receiving a vaccine, where in the context of Covid-19 deaths, highly credible Autopsies performed upon those who died soon after receiving a Covid-19 vaccine, also confirmed 30-40% of the deaths as being causally due to receiving a Covid-19 vaccine.

So in the situation of Australian, of the current 720 reported deaths we can reliably approximate 288 of those reports as likely being caused by a Covid-19 vaccine.

That’s 288 deaths versus a historical annual average of 4.57 deaths.

But you must know that our Therapeutic Goods Administration (the TGA) acknowledges that there is significant under-reporting of Adverse Events, both here and overseas.

Best estimates to date from recognised experts gauge the under-reporting factor anywhere between 5 to 31 times, with 5 being the most conservative figure.

If say 5 is correct, then actual deaths in the Australian community from Covid-19 vaccines are 5 x 288 .. 1,440 deaths versus a historical annual average of 4.57 deaths.

If 31 is correct, then actual deaths in the Australian community from Covid-19 vaccines are 31 x 288 .. 8,928 deaths versus a historical annual average of 4.57 deaths.

All we know right now is that the figure of Covid-19 vaccine deaths in Australia is very likely somewhere between 1,440 to 8,928 deaths, and climbing.

And to put this all into perspective, once Australian authorities do the right thing and properly acknowledge real deaths in Australia from Covid-19 after they get rid of those folk who died of other causes while apparently testing positive to Covid-19, those who ‘died with Covid-19’, and instead releases the real numbers of those who died ‘from’ Covid-19 illness, then what will emerge is total Covid-19 deaths in Australia of less than 2,000 folk to date, to possibly 1,000 or less.

Indeed Italy undertook a similar revision of its Covid-19 deaths, resulting in a reduction of their Covid-19 deaths count of over 91%. America’s CDC reported that only about 6% of the deaths initially attributed to COVID-19 were actually caused by COVID-19 meaning that 94% of the deaths had nothing to do with this infection.

Meaning then, as of today’s date, these Covid-19 vaccines are very strongly appearing to have killed about the same number of our friends, family, and neighbours .. as have actually died from Covid-19 itself.

But if we are wrong and have to increase the under-reporting factor above the conservative 5, then clearly the Australian government and TGA will have entered a situation of allowing the continued supply of a drug in Australia, that while causing unprecedented Illnesses and Injuries, has actually caused more loss of life than what the drug was meant to prevent ..

Already 4.57 deaths a year was a lot, and gravely affected the families and friends involved .. but over 1,440 and possibly much greater beyond is an exponentially higher cost to life than can or should be accepted with an infection that appears to be no more deadly or severe than seasonal influenza.

This is a situation where the Australian people can no longer state with any confidence, that the TGA and the Federal Government responsible for overseeing the TGA, is protecting Australians from preventable deaths or Illnesses or Injuries. Rather, this is a very grave situation we all must acknowledge and insist upon stopping immediately.

Julian Gillespie 
LLB, BJuris
11 January 2022


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Reutlingen autopsy/histology study: Autopsies on post covid vaccine recipients – translation by SK Wilde