Video Archive – Cry Freedom

NEW ZEALAND: The police commissioner made a plea for tow truck companies to move the convoy for freedom vehicles the tow companies did not respond to the plea nor did the military when asked. — Apex World News (@apexworldnews) February 15, 2022

Video Archive – Conflicts of Interest and Corrupt Decision-Makers

“This was never about the virus. It was about creating a compliant public…primed to accept the next lockdown order no questions asked. The assaults on our basic liberties have been wide-ranging.”@IngrahamAngle — Michael P Senger (@MichaelPSenger) February 15, 2022

COVID-19 Video Archive

We will be archiving videos about COVID-19 shots on the pages below. If you have found a video you feel should be stored here, please use the contact us feature to share a link. Effectiveness Safety Ingredients Personal Stories Conflicts of Interest and Corrupt Decision-Makers Cry Freedom  

Video Archive – COVID-19 Safety +++ Breaking +++ German TV interviewer pushes for sooner enforcement of generel vax mandate, then collapses live on air due to climate change. @claudisbest — Corona Realism (@holmenkollin) February 15, 2022