Legal letter for those mandated the jab

Mandates by Government and Employers for Employees or Potential Employees 1. It is an established principle in Law that an individual with the capacity to consent cannot and should not be compelled to have any medical or experimental treatment against their wishes.

AVN warned Human Rights Commission in 2019 of a coming dystopia

  In 2019, the Australian Human Rights Commission called for submissions to an inquiry into human rights, ironically called ‘Free and Equal: An Australian conversation on human rights’ (the National Conversation)‘. In the Foreword section of the AVN’s November 2019 submission (copied below), President Aneeta Hafemeister warned of a coming dystopia featuring cradle-to-grave vaccinations and… [Read More]

Canadian Charter of Rights provides grounds for legal challenge

Vaccine Choice Canada (VCC) announced in October 2019, that it is challenging the constitutional validity of mandatory vaccination laws in Ontario, including the Immunization of School Pupils Act (ISPA) and Child Care and Early Years Act (CCEYA). The legal challenge is being brought on the basis that these laws are inconsistent with, or infringe the… [Read More]

WA Premier tells concerned parents to “Bugger off”

Earlier this week the AVN put out a call for members to write to WA Premier Mark McGowan after he publicly stated that parents who don’t vaccinate should “Bugger off”. Watch his statement on this facebook page. We asked that the AVN secretary be sent a copy of the letters so we could publish them… [Read More]

No Jab No Play bill quietly introduced into the WA parliament

The Western Australian Education Minister, Sue Ellery, introduced the No Jab No Play Bill to the parliament (upper house) on Wednesday. The Bill, Explanatory Memorandum, and the Minister’s speech are available here: Public Health Amendment (Immunisation Requirements for Enrolment) Bill 2019 The lack of media fanfare accompanying the introduction of this Bill is notable.  There… [Read More]