No Jab No Play bill quietly introduced into the WA parliament

The Western Australian Education Minister, Sue Ellery, introduced the No Jab No Play Bill to the parliament (upper house) on Wednesday. The Bill, Explanatory Memorandum, and the Minister’s speech are available here: Public Health Amendment (Immunisation Requirements for Enrolment) Bill 2019 The lack of media fanfare accompanying the introduction of this Bill is notable.  There… [Read More]

Physicians call for moratorium on WA No Jab No Play pending independent review

As many of you would already know, the Western Australia Department of Health is currently conducting a public consultation regarding the government’s proposed No Jab No Play law. We were pleasantly surprised to see that two options are under consideration. Option A – Fully implement recently introduced regulations requiring the collection and reporting of immunisation information by… [Read More]

Unity in our community

I feel a need to post here about something very important – even vital – to our cause. It is about how we ourselves can do the work of those who want to destroy us and suppress our valid information through their careless words and attacks on those who are on our side. A speaker… [Read More]

Public consultation on WA No Jab No Play expected in February

We recently reported on the Western Australia government’s intention to enact a ‘No Jab No Play’ law to prohibit incompletely vaccinated children being enrolled in childcare and early childhood education services.  See WA ‘No Jab No Play’ law announced before COAG policy finalised.

Calling all Victorians to make your vote count this weekend!

This weekend, Victorians will go to the polls to decide their parliament for the next four years. This state election, to be held on Saturday November 24, presents a real opportunity to elect the Health Australia Party (HAP) into the Victorian parliament.

Victorian paediatrician condemns No Jab No Play

Pro-vaccine Victorian paediatrician, Dr. Jenny Royle, strongly criticised the Victorian No Jab No Play law during a panel discussion at the 2018 National Immunisation Conference held in Adelaide during June. I vehemently oppose the Victorian law, No Jab No Play.  […]  I don’t want people to be disadvantaged by strategies to increase immunisation coverage, and… [Read More]

General anaesthesia for vaccination under No Jab No Pay/Play?

Sydney University academic, Associate Professor Julie Leask, made a disturbing revelation at the 2018 National Immunisation Conference held in Adelaide during June. She claimed that some medically-complex children will require sedation or even general anaesthesia in order to undergo catch-up vaccination, and that if their parents are unwilling to consent, they will be denied family… [Read More]

Low health literacy associated with high vaccination rates

The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care reported in 2014 that 60 per cent of adult Australians have low health literacy, arguing that they may not be able to effectively exercise their choice or voice when making healthcare decisions. The Commission defines individual health literacy as the skills, knowledge, motivation and capacity… [Read More]

There Is Nothing Trendy About Not Vaccinating Your Child

Not vaccinating your child is not something you take lightly as a parent. The bombardment of vaccine propaganda is everywhere you look and some are scared to even let others know that they don’t vaccinate, because they don’t want their children to face the stigma of going against the crowd. Going to the doctors can… [Read More]