Avoiding temporary aged care flu vaccine mandates

As the 01 May 2020 flu vaccination deadline approaches, we considered it timely to emphasise the following: The flu vaccination mandates for aged care facilities are being authorised under state or territory emergency/public health pandemic laws, are temporary, and can only be extended for the duration of the pandemic. If you are a financial member… [Read More]

Influenza vaccination refusal letter

Two weeks ago Prime Minister Morrison announced that from the 1st of May 2020 it would be compulsory for those working in aged care or those visiting aged care facilities to receive a flu vaccination. The AVN has been inundated with requests for help from aged care workers and visitors who do not want to receive… [Read More]

Mandatory Flu Vaccine for Aged Care Workers and Visitors

On the 18th Of March Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that it would be mandatory for staff and visitors of aged care facilities to receive a flu vaccine by the 1st of May 2020. Subsequent to this announcement that AVN emailed the Prime Minister and Health Minister Greg Hunt a list of questions about this… [Read More]

Is the 2019 Coronavirus Really a Pandemic?

The information contained in this blog is from a chapter of a forthcoming book by David Crowe. The AVN has not verified the details within but is sharing it in the interests of balance.

Legislation and Lockdown

Wow! There are a lot of things happening at the moment. We hope all our members are safe and well and are doing their best to stay calm and happy under such uncertain circumstances. For those who are feeling a little stressed please watch this video that Meryl Dorey filmed regarding not panicking about the… [Read More]

Canadian Charter of Rights provides grounds for legal challenge

Vaccine Choice Canada (VCC) announced in October 2019, that it is challenging the constitutional validity of mandatory vaccination laws in Ontario, including the Immunization of School Pupils Act (ISPA) and Child Care and Early Years Act (CCEYA). The legal challenge is being brought on the basis that these laws are inconsistent with, or infringe the… [Read More]