23 childcare workers out of work due to influenza vaccine mandate

The Fair Work Commission recently handed down a disturbing decision in an unfair dismissal case. Background The case involved Ms Bou-Jamie Barber, an early childhood educator in Queensland who was dismissed by Goodstart Early Learning (Goodstart) for failing to comply with the organisation’s new mandatory influenza vaccination policy, which only provided for an exemption in… [Read More]

Freedom and Justice

We are the most likely to succeed when we remember why we’re here and when we are all aiming for a common goal – Freedom and justice. Not just for us, for this one cause. I look forward to sharing that future with all of us here, our families and our society as a whole…. [Read More]

First as Tragedy, Then as Farce

In this guest post, Alan Hamilton explains that when it comes to forced vaccination the government and the opposition are reprising the fear and loathing of those white colonists who sought to control, corral, civilize, and ultimately assimilate Australia’s First Nations people – who’s only crime was that they did not conform to the bio-political… [Read More]

Only 18 percent of Australians received the 2009 pandemic vaccine

As the COVID19 vaccine program continues to be rolled out across Australia, federal Health Minister Greg Hunt has been talking up what a great vaccination nation Australia is.  But is this really the case? Sure, vaccination rates for five year olds are at around 95%, but if history is anything to go by, it is… [Read More]