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Our response to article in the Fraser Coast Chronicle

Dear Carlie, I have just read the article you wrote for the Fraser Coast Chronicle regarding the AVN’s up-coming screening of the documentary film, VaxXed, in Maryborough on November 6th, 2017. I appreciate your coverage of our event and would

No Jab No Play NSW: Attacking the right to work and learn makes no economic sense

It is almost impossible to believe that the New South Wales (NSW) LNP government has enacted a No Jab No Play law prohibiting unvaccinated children from being enrolled in early child care and education services, in the absence of any evidence

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Queensland State Government Spreads Misinformation (Australia)

QLD Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk said that VaxXed should never have aired at Miami State High School despite the fact that over 400 local parents, concerned community members, medical doctors and healthcare professionals attended the screening. “My initial advice is there

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Facebook tries to censor our update!

Here is the post that Facebook has tried to censor. Can I please, please PLEASE ask that ALL of you share it on your pages? It is obvious that they are terrified that we will be given the ability to

Modern day zealots with a pen

You guessed it! We are under attack yet again by the poisonous pens of the Murdoch minions., The latest instance reminded me of a blog I wrote a while back called “Anti Vaxxers the new dirty word”. Even though I

Gardasil Vaccine, Katie Couric & Cyber Lynching

The public flogging of veteran broadcast journalist Katie Couric began on Dec. 4, 2013, immediately after a 17-minute report on HPV and Gardasil vaccine was broadcast on her TV talk show “Katie.” It was kick-started by a west coast business

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Richard Glover asks – How much honesty do we really need?

Richard Glover from the Sydney Morning Herald/Melbourne Age/Canberra Times and other Fairfax newspapers, has asked the question – How much honesty do we really need? Unfortunately, his article is filled with so much misinformation due to, I would imagine, a

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