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No Jab No Play NSW: Attacking the right to work and learn makes no economic sense

Poverty, Family poverty

It is almost impossible to believe that the New South Wales (NSW) LNP government has enacted a No Jab No Play law prohibiting unvaccinated children from being enrolled in early child care and education services, in the absence of any evidence

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Wishing our members a Happy and prosperous New Year!

For immediate release: 1st January 2017 Another year has come to an end and what a tumultuous year it has been. There has been a lot of suffering that has been imposed on our community with the introduction of the

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AVN represents Australia at the CDC rally, Vaxxed and other news!

Hi everyone, this is our latest newsletter, it includes our report on the CDC rally in the US, a VaxXed update, CDC whistleblower news, our fundraising and more.

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Joining forces in Atlanta

On Friday the 22nd of April, I found myself sitting – quite unexpectedly and in a state of great excitement – on a plane headed to the United States. The members of the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network (AVN) had provided me

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HCCC Once Again Shown to be Incompetent and Arrogant

In a move that displays the worst of medical politics, the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC) has once again issued a public warning against the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network, Inc. (AVN). This office and the way in which they have

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Another HCCC ‘investigation’ and complaint about the AVN

As you probably already know, the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC) spent more than a year and a great deal of taxpayer funds investigating the Australian Vaccination Network in 2009 / 2010. This resulted in their being told by

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Government puts boot into the AVN, Democracy and the Truth

As many of you would have seen, the NSW Department of Fair Trading has announced that they want the Australian Vaccination Network (AVN) to change its name because of concern from within the community. Yet in their response to the

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Dan Buzzard

Return to Dossier of Attacks on the AVN Dan Buzzard is a SAVN member from Western Australia who blogs, Tweets and posts many message on Facebook which are both derogatory and threatening about the AVN and its President, Meryl Dorey.

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Daniel Raffaele

Return to Dossier of Attacks on the AVN As we have said on another page of this website, Daniel Raffaele is the ‘creator’ of the Stop the AVN Facebook page. Over the last 3 years, he has issues many threats

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Help the AVN Facebook page

Return to Dossier of Attacks on the AVN A page was started on Facebook about 12 months ago by someone who was motivated to do something to help the AVN and its members find a safe place to discuss the

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