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The Suppression of Useful COVID-19 Treatments: Professor Robert Clancy

  Emeritus Professor Robert Clancy gaining superb traction on Twitter with his new Quadrant article titled: The Suppression of Useful COVID-19 Treatments. Highly recommended, read at the following link: https://quadrant.org.au/opinion/public-health/2022/08/the-suppression-of-useful-covid-19-treatments/

Update: The AVN’s Judicial Review Case Against the TGA

  As many of you are aware, the AVN’s appeal on the issue of Standing was heard by the full bench of the Federal Court on Monday this week. The presiding justices found that our organisation, which has been exclusively involved with representing, defending and restoring the rights of Australians to informed vaccination and health… [Read More]

AMPS Letter: Covid-19 – An Update of Evidence Based Information

  This week, AMPS (Australian Medical Professionals Society) incoming president Associate Professor Christopher Neil penned an open letter to The Australian Colleges and Associations of Medicine, Health, and Science, and All Australian Federal, State, and Territory Senators and Members of Parliament. The letter, which can be viewed below, provides an evidence based update on COVID-19… [Read More]