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Weekly News Update, January 28, 2022

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TGA approves boosters for older teens as Health Minister says ATAGI will look at next week

In a predictable and disastrous move

Australia’s medicines regulator has granted provisional approval for Pfizer as a booster shot for older teenagers, leaving one last hurdle before they will be available to administer.

Under the changes announced by the Therapeutic Goods Administration this morning, Australians aged 16 and 17 will be able to get a third dose three to four months after their second jab.

Health Minister Greg Hunt said boosters would be available as soon as the decision clears the final regulatory hurdle (i.e., the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation gives its tick of approval).

So it’s now up to ATAGI to ‘clear the final regulatory hurdle’ before the experimental boosters are given to our teenagers.

Let’s look at ATAGI


Consists of 15 members who advise the Minister for Health on the medical administration of vaccines available in Australia, including those available through the National Immunisation Program (NIP).Provides advice to research organisations on current immunisation research and areas that need more research

Provides industry sponsors with pre-submission advice for potential submissions to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) on vaccine effectiveness and use in Australia.

ATAGI advice must be sought prior to a sponsor making a submission to the PBAC (see parallel processing requirements for PBAC vaccine submissions and pre-submission advice for industry sponsors wishing to make a PBAC submission).

Consult with relevant organisations to produce the Australian Immunisation Handbook

Consult with relevant organisations in implementing immunisation policies, procedures and vaccine safety.

In the words of Australian Vaccine researcher Elizabeth Hart, in Vaccination committees – power, influence, and ‘conflicts of interest’…

Vaccination committees provide advice to governments on vaccine products and ‘recommend’ the addition of new vaccine products to national vaccination schedules. These groups wield enormous power. The members of these groups are part of a process that results in effectively mandating medical interventions (i.e. vaccinations) for healthy people. The decisions these people make affect not only children and adults in their own countries, but can also impact internationally as the ripple effect of their decisions spreads around the world.

As the decisions of these vaccination committees result in massive sales of vaccine products for pharmaceutical companies, it is vital that the process of adding vaccine products to national vaccination schedules is open and transparent, and that any potential ‘conflicts of interest’ of the members of these groups are accessible for public perusal.

For example, a register detailing the history of any relationships with the vaccine industry, e.g. research grants, consultancies, honorariums, plus any shareholdings in vaccine companies, royalties received, directorships etc, must be publicly accessible.  If a member indicates they have no potential conflicts of interest, this must be clearly recorded.

At this time, publicly accessible information on potential conflicts of interest for members of vaccination committees and groups is severely lacking.

But for your interest there is a very informative article published by the Informed Medical Options Party listing many individuals involved in making public health policy and their potential Conflict of Interest (COI). These are some of the individuals making decisions about whether your child takes a dangerous experimental injection.

Push for third shot to be mandated in Victoria

In Victoria the push is now on to make the booster the third shot of COVID vaccination roll out.

Why is this when we are told that the ‘cases’ are decreasing.

Despite coronavirus cases dipping across the state, Premier Daniel Andrews today implored Victorians to get their booster shot as some new data reveals the majority of residents who died during the pandemic were unvaccinated.

Where is the evidence?

The Department of Health found that nearly 62 per cent of COVID-19 deaths were unvaccinated Victorians, meaning around 40 per cent were in fact vaccinated.

The fact is that before the rollout of these jabs there were no COVID related deaths, that is in the first seven months of last year but now we are seeing reported 12-15 deaths from ‘COVID-19’ a day.

COVID-19 vaccine weekly safety report – 27-01-2022

Since the rollout of COVID-19 injections the TGA has received 755 reports of deaths.

Two extremely serious adverse effects of the shots are Myocarditis and Pericarditis. These conditions are very serious and likely to be with the sufferer for life.

To 23 January 2022, the TGA has received 431 reports which have been assessed as likely to be myocarditis from about 31.6 million doses of Comirnaty (Pfizer) and 46 reports which have been assessed as likely to be myocarditis from about 2.7 million doses of Spikevax (Moderna).

Myocarditis is inflammation of the heart, and pericarditis is inflammation of the membrane around the heart. They are occurring after vaccination with the mRNA vaccines Comirnaty (Pfizer) and Spikevax (Moderna).

Some perspective from Senator Gerard Rennick

Since 1971 Australia has rolled out 128 vaccines excluding the Covid vaccines
In those 50 years there have been 19,545 reported cases of adverse events and 62 suspected reported deaths.
For the 12 months ending 2021 there have been 98,017 reported cases and 725 suspected reported deaths from the four Covid vaccines.
So fives times more reported injuries and more than 10 times more reported deaths in just one year. (Albeit with a higher rollout rate in 2021)
The Covid vaccines are nowhere near as safe as other vaccines rolled out in the past. And given the transmission rates in the middle of summer when many people are staying at home – not very effective either.

TGA provisionally approves Novavax (Biocelect Pty Ltd’s) COVID-19 vaccine NUVAXOVID

Yet another Covid-19 injection!

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has now granted provisional approval to Biocelect Pty Ltd (on behalf of Novavax Inc) for its COVID-19 vaccine, NUVAXOVID. This is the first protein COVID-19 vaccine to receive regulatory approval in Australia.

This protein vaccine is provisionally approved and included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) for active immunisation to prevent COVID-19 in individuals 18 years of age and older. It is recommended that the vaccine is given in 2 doses administered 3 weeks apart.

Please read: Novavax produced genetically-modified avian, swine and Spanish flu – 51 million doses coming to Australia

Update January 21, 2022 – Legal Team Meets to Discuss the AVN’s Judicial Review

Our legal team held a critical meeting today. After intense discussions with Senior and Junior Counsel, our instructing solicitor Peter Fam provides the following update:

  • The case is moving ahead at great speed;
  • We have finalised the evidence and strategy we intend to use. We are now putting it together in its most potent form;
  • The legal team is reconvening on 27 January with a view to settling the evidence and statement of claim, and filing within days of that date;
  • Once filed, we will press for the allocation of a substantive hearing where we will ask the Court to order the Secretary of the TGA to suspend or cancel the provisional approvals for Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca.

Read more here

Under the Wire Episode 121, January 23, 2022

Rebecca Lloyd is the Founder/Spokeswoman of Fair Business Australia.
She has worked with various small business owners and commerce platforms as a business strategist and marketer. She is passionate about marketing and business automation systems as well as story-based marketing.
Prior to covid, Rebecca was also an accomplished professional jazz and cabaret singer with a career in the arts extending over 15 years.
Rebecca is determined to assist small business owners in rebuilding after COVID.

Fair Business Australia’s website – is a place for businesses that support freedom and privacy to register and for those who want to support such businesses to source their products and services.

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