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Under the Wire Speaks with Sam Dodson of the To The Lifeboats Podcast: June 19, 2022

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We have an action-packed show on tonight so buckle up and be sure to join us as well as sharing this link widely – thank you!

Under the Wire – A show about suppressed data, censorship and rising up to protect our families.

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Today’s Program

Under the Wire – Sam Dodson of the To The Lifeboats Podcast

Sam Dodson is someone who hadn’t crossed my radar before last week when I heard his incredible evisceration of the FDA Committee that was meeting to consider approving COVID jabs for children between the ages of 6 months and 5 years of age. Approve them they did – it was a foregone conclusion. But those who listened to this incredible 3-minute clip (available here – https://informedchoice.substack.com/p/sam-dodsons-testimony-to-the-fda…) were schooled in the incredible corruption and complicity of those who are supposed to have ours and our children’s best interests at heart but instead, appear to be batting for the other side.

Sam is no stranger to controversy as anyone who has listend to his podcast would quickly discover. He is a long-time pro-liberty activist, videographer and creator of the successful To the Lifeboats Podcast which you can listen to at https://tothelifeboats.taplink.ws/ as well as via his telegram channel https://t.me/tothelifeboats
Tonight, we will be speaking with Sam about his history regarding how and why he became interested in this issue and what his research has revealed about the real harm we are doing with unapproved, experimental COVID jabs.

Don’t forget, the Vaxxed Bus sets off in less than 2 weeks travelling down from QLD through country NSW – we need you to tell your stories, help out as a volunteer and some locations are still looking for venues for the bus to park.

To share your story or come see the Vaxxed Bus, click here – https://calendly.com/vaxxeddownunder


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