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Judicial Review update – March 9, 2022

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First of all, I really apologise for the tardiness of this update. Our internet died with the flooding from the recent rains in the Northern Rivers area of NSW and only came back late on Sunday night. There were many emails and messages to catch up on, but finally, we are sitting down to write and let our many supporters know what has eventuated.

Livestreaming problems

Due to the connection issues experienced with the Court video system in our original Case Management hearing in February, we had requested the Court to facilitate this hearing via YouTube whose bandwidth is virtually unlimited. Sadly, we have heard from many, many people who had problems connecting. If you are one of those people, you could consider politely notifying the Registrar at [email protected] to let them know about the difficulty you had so that hopefully, a similar problem can be avoided for our next hearing. Be sure to quote Federal Court of NSW – NSD52/2022 to identify our case.

You can see our earlier update, published minutes before the internet went down completely, here (entitled Second Case Management Hearing). We will catch up and get all of this information mirrored onto the AVN’s website on our Federal Court update page.

Mark the Date – March 23rd, 2022

As we stated, our next big date is March 23, 2022, when we will be seeking a decision on ‘Standing’ (being recognised as a proper litigant to bring the case, under the legislation), allowing the AVN to move on to the next part of the Case on the 20th of April, 2022 – challenging the TGA’s decision to target children aged from 5-11 with these experimental genetic-modification injections.

We sought and received advice from our Senior Counsel regarding prospects for an injunction to temporarily cancel or suspend the provisional approvals for Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZenica jabs pending the outcome of proceedings on 23 March, and moving forward to 20th of April, and our Mandamus case whose date is yet to be determined.

Sadly, the advice was a very emphatic NO to an injunction. Not because we don’t have enough evidence – we have the most amazing evidence! But because bringing an injunction requires the AVN to show the Court that we can cover any future damages claims brought by companies who the injunction might commercially affect; damages which could enter the tens of millions of dollars should the injunction not be upheld down the track during either of our subsequent cases. We simply don’t have the funding to make such a guarantee to the Court.

That was an incredible disappointment to us – especially since the Case has now effectively been split into three parts – Standing, the Children’s Decision and finally, the Mandamus Case to cancel or suspend all provisional approvals. These changes will not only increase our expenses substantially, but they are also taking far longer than we had expected.

Where is the urgency? Our Senior Counsel told the Court that we wanted our matter to be heard as quickly as Mr Djokovic’s matter was.

Our evidence is gold standard!

As a consequence of recent evidence compiled by our national and global team of research scientists and top doctors, our case is getting stronger and stronger.

Senior Counsel is incredibly excited by the latest information uncovered regarding the processes in Australia, and we will be introducing this into evidence very shortly. We will also be publishing this information as a separate update for the general public as soon as it has been filed.

We are in the process of filing our new scientific evidence.

Some of the most important new data suggests the mRNA in both Pfizer and Moderna vaccines can not only enter the cell’s nucleus but once there, can recombine with our own DNA, causing genetic changes/damage which are known precursors to unintended consequences for ourselves, but also our future generations as well.

The recent peer-reviewed findings are pointing to Reverse Transcription of the mRNA into human DNA, and the inhibition of DNA damage repair. Both of these critical findings have downstream consequences including increased cancers, suppression of innate immunity, loss of embryos, and the possible sterility of female offspring in future generations.

That the mRNA in these vaccines is entering and disrupting the functioning of cell nuclei, and indeed reverse transcribing with human DNA, was emphatically denied as a possible consequence following vaccination by Adjunct Professor, John Skerritt, Deputy Secretary of the TGA, in response to a question from One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts as recently as June 1, 2021 before Senate Estimates:

“There is no evidence at all from animal or human studies that the RNA vaccines, if you’re talking about them, incorporate into the genetic material of human beings. They wouldn’t have received regulatory approval, and that includes by much bigger regulators such as the FDA, if these bits of mRNA incorporated into the human genetic material. In fact, medicines that incorporate into human genetic material and are inherited are currently not permitted in most major countries, including Australia.”

When we have published this evidence on our website and also at Give Send Go you may be shocked (or not?) at the complete failure of the TGA to stop these vaccines when they had every reason to stop them. When evidence was contrary to their agenda, they either ignored or misinterpreted it. As a result of the Secretary’s dereliction of duty, hundreds of Australian adults and children have died and hundreds of thousands were permanently injured by these jabs.

So please remember to keep reading the information on our Updates page and when we get the link for the next case on the 23rd of this month, please share it widely and attend if at all possible. It is only available to watch live unfortunately and it is vital that we show the Court how much interest there is in the outcome.



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