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Weekly News Update, September 17, 2021

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Weekly update

A weekly blog with links to current vaccine news

EPISODE 100 of Under the Wire 8pm, September 17

Say No to mandatory experimental injections

New South Wales Health Care Workers will need to have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine by 30 September 2021 and two doses by 30 November 2021 to continue to work for NSW Health or a Private Health Facility (licensed under the Private Health Facilities Act).

Queensland Health Workers must get at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine by September 30 and be fully inoculated by the end of October.

But you can so no

See our flyer page for this and other material to share around your communities

See also our letters of declination

Health workers and others facing these unlawful vaccine mandates please read and send this form to your employer

Begin with asking your employer:

Would you please advise me in writing the legal basis on which you consider that you can mandate this experimental injection. Please do not refer me to some policy you have created but to actual law that you can mandate someone to be forced into an experiment without their ability to say NO.

Follow these instructions on how to deal with employer who is insisting on you having the jab.

Fair Work’s latest guidance on workplace vaccination

Key Takeaways

  • Employers have an obligation to provide a safe work environment
  • A vaccination mandate must be lawful and reasonable, being more likely for Tiers 1 and 2 workers under the new FWO guidance
  • The assessment of whether an employee should be required to get the COVID-19 vaccine must be made on a case-by-case basis
  • It is likely that for an “overwhelming majority” of employees, employers will not be able to mandate the COVID-19 vaccination.

A significant admission considering the coercion from the Victorian premier who has stated that

Victorian construction workers will be required to be vaccinated for COVID-19. Those who haven’t received at least one jab by Thursday, September 23, will not be allowed to work, Premier Daniel Andrews said on Thursday.

He said the decision was prompted by the significant transmission of the virus within construction sites in the state.

“Construction workers state-wide will need to show evidence to their employer that they have had at least a first dose of a coronavirus vaccine by 11.59pm on the 23rd of September,” Andrews said

Good to see that many construction workers are not taking this lying down

Construction workers down tools at sites around Melbourne today


Political prisoner Monica Smit has now spent 16 days in captivity


You can help with Monica’s legal defence support here 

Here is an update on Monica who will face the Supreme Court, September 22 at 10am

COVID-19 vaccine weekly report  16-09-2021

Almost 60,000 reports of adverse events following Covid injections and yet the carnage is allowed to continue. There have been 535 reports of deaths following the injection with the TGA saying that 9 reports of these deaths were linked to immunisation. At what point do we call a halt to this insane rollout?

Now for the Honest COVID-19 Weekly Statistics

What if… you started realising that many of their threats are in fact a blessing in disguise?

What if not having a “passport” meant that you could no longer go to a restaurant and instead were forced to have picnics and dinner parties?

What if not having a “passport” meant that instead of supporting huge supermarket chains where 80% of the food is poisonous rubbish, you instead had to turn to your local farmers and green grocers?

What if not being allowed to fly meant that instead you had to explore your own beautiful state?

What if losing your job working for a company meant that instead you needed to start your own business and you get to keep the income generated for yourself?

What if the medical centres made you feel so uncomfortable about attending that instead you turned to other healing modalities that focused on the cause instead of the symptoms?

What if… you started realising that many of their threats are in fact a blessing in disguise?

World Wide Rally for Freedom


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