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Weekly News Update, October 15, 2021

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Weekly update

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The Original “No Jab No Job”

From Topher Field: Link

“Your right to choose what goes into your body, whether it’s injected via Harvey Weinsteins wiener, or via a needle and syringe, is sacred.
Does this comparison offend you?
Let’s use that flash of indignation to help you understand why the mandatory jab makes people so angry.
If you withhold things that people need and want until they do things that they would NEVER have chosen voluntarily, you’re an abuser.
“But you’ve had other vaccinations.” is about as good an argument as Weinstein saying ‘But you’ve done it with other men.’
This is about the most basic human right of all: Choice over what happens to your body, especially including what goes into it.
Mandatory vaccinations, vaccine passports, medical segregation, ALL of it is abuse.
There is nothing more personal to you than your body and no one has the right to punish you for not allowing them to jab you.
Anyone who says otherwise is an abuser.”

COVID injections for 5-11 year olds coming soon

We knew it was just a matter of time before they came for the 5 year olds in our lives. Even so it is so hard to watch this evil continue to play out.

Australia’s medicines regulator has invited Pfizer to apply to have its coronavirus vaccine approved for use in five to 11-year-olds.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration had already provisionally approved this vaccine for use in individuals aged 12 and over. The TGA on Tuesday issued a “provisional determination”, which means Pfizer is now eligible to apply to vary the provisional approval, for the vaccine to include children aged 5 to 11 years.

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt said on Wednesday he had been speaking with the head of Pfizer Australia about expediting their application.

Mr Hunt said Australia had the capacity to begin rolling out vaccines to under 12s pending approval from the TGA and a recommendation from the national expert immunisation group, ATAGI.

ATAGI  Consists of 15 members who advise the Minister for Health on the medical administration of vaccines available in Australia, including those available through the National Immunisation Program (NIP).

We know from experience this experimental injection for one of the youngest groups in our society will most likely be recommended. Please visit this article:

CONFLICTS OF INTEREST in Australian Vaccination Policies 

This is a very informative article published by the Informed Medical Options Party listing many individuals involved in making public health policy and their potential Conflict of Interest (COI).

This is one of the darkest moments in this scamdemic.

Notice and Directive School Cards

You can download this Notice and Directive card to be carried by your child

Current Petitions

Here are 15 relevant petitions closing at midnight on Wed 27 October

Please visit this page to sign these important petitions

COVID-19 vaccine weekly safety report – 14-10-2021

Three COVID-19 vaccines are currently in use in Australia – Vaxzevria (AstraZeneca), Comirnaty (Pfizer) and Spikevax (Moderna).

Since the beginning of the vaccine rollout to 10 October 2021, over 30.7 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been given. So far, the TGA has found 9 reports of death that were linked to immunisation from 597 reports of death received and reviewed.

The TGA report states that they continue to carefully monitor reports of suspected myocarditis and pericarditis following the Comirnaty (Pfizer) and Spikevax (Moderna) vaccines, particularly in younger age groups. For Comirnaty (Pfizer), to 10 October 2021, we have received 269 reports of suspected myocarditis alone or in combination with pericarditis, and an additional 725 reports of suspected pericarditis alone.

These are the reports that we know about. But we also know that only between 1-10% of adverse reactions are ever reported. What is the true level of vaccine injury and death in Australia today?

But rather than call a halt they are now about to extend this abuse to our very young.

Remind me again

What is my risk of dying from ‘COVID-19’?

Source: The Highwire

Human rights implications of mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations in Victoria

This is an interesting article in which the author Benjamin Saunders states that the decision to mandate an extremely long list of “authorised workers” to be vaccinated, including marriage celebrants, personal trainers, emergency service workers, public sector employees, religious workers, and many others has potentially severe consequences for the human rights of workers in Victoria.

Mandatory vaccination signals that there is no area of life exempt from political and governmental control. Even fundamental questions of human autonomy and bodily integrity are now subject to regulation by the state — in this case, by executive order.

Many will agree with compulsory vaccination, but this sets a precedent of government control which is unlikely to stop with vaccination. Read more:

We read so few articles in the mainstream media that point out the human rights abuses at this present time – may we see more of this very soon.

Under the Wire

Brilliant interview with Graham Hood by Meryl Dorey

This Weekend: Nationwide rallies

We will rise for peace, freedom and human rights

You can’t comply your way out of tyranny


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