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Weekly News Update, November 12, 2021

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Weekly update

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Some amazing protests were held last weekend

Over 20,000 Victorian protesters formed a massive crowd to stop the premier’s dangerous new legislation.

Public Health and Wellbeing (Pandemic Management) Bill 2021 

Here is what the passage of this draconian law would look like

If there is an outbreak of a disease in Africa the premier can trigger a lockdown even if Victoria has not been affected. This declaration of a pandemic lockdown can be extended beyond the specified time if the premier is satisfied there is a risk to public health.

But what is the criteria that enables the premier to make this extension?

What is a serious risk? These considerations are left to premier and health minister. This lockdown can be extended forever. There is no time limit as to how often this legislation can be used. Under section 2A – the orders are as broad as he wants. They enable people to be rounded up and detained. They allow for restricted movement. There will be no public gatherings. There will be orders about the level of PPE you are required to wear. You can be forced to have a medical examination.

Remember that once you have lost your sovereignty over your body there is nothing left

These pandemic orders override every other piece of legislation such as the privacy act. People will be called specified classes of people. Black, poor, gay etc. This is horrific. Power will be in the hands of premier and health minister. Specified people may even mean political opponents such as cross-benchers.

This is the greatest over-reach of power.

Even elections can be suspended.

Do not betray your fellow Victorians or we might as well be in China or North Korea.

See more on the implications of this frightening new legislation which has already passed in the lower house and is due for debate in the legislative council next week.

Have your say here

It isn’t time to give up yet – there still might be a chance to swing a crossbench vote or even one of a handful of Labor MPs.

There is a remote chance that these Labor MPs might be open to being persuaded to be sick on the day:

Dr Tien Kieu – (03) 7501 8688 [email protected]

Kaushaliya Vaghela – (03) 8742 3226 [email protected]

Jane Garrett – (03) 5940 5010 [email protected]

Former Labor Minister turned independent Adem Somyurek might be convinced to turn up and oppose the bill.

Adem Somyurek – (03) 0704 0699 [email protected]

Reclaim the Line

A fabulous Reclaim the line rally was held at the border of NSW and Queensland where thousands of protesters gathered and passionate speakers spoke their truth.

We are in a terrible war where our nation’s leaders are complicit in bringing about monstrous injury and death.

Photo: Mosh Ibrahim

We will kill 117 kids to save one child from dying from COVID in the 5 to 11 age range

Steve Kirsch writes:

That’s stunning. Read it again. We kill 117 kids to save one kid.

They don’t really care how many kids they kill from the vaccines.

Their sole focus is on saving kids from dying from COVID, regardless of how many kids have to be killed from the drug. All-cause mortality is ignored entirely even though Pfizer’s own study showed 4X the deaths from cardiac arrest in the group that got the drug.

Even though there were 20 deaths in the group that got the vaccine vs. 14 deaths in the group that got the placebo, they can simply write that off as “not statistically significant.” In other words, the data does show that the drug does kill more people than it saves, but the study was never powered to measure that.

More protest action in Melbourne this Saturday November 13

Forthcoming Protest

Under the Wire

Naomi Cook is a former registered nurse who surrendered her registration last year after a public and media backlash for her work promoting community awareness about 5G and Wireless technology. She is currently co-authoring a paper for a peer-reviewed journal on the health effects of wireless tech and why it should form part of the education for health care professionals.
Naomi is passionate about health, vitality and emerging health – (bio and the energetic) technologies that will ultimately displace big pharma.
She has published a children’s book series called The Little Bush Nurse and is on the executive committee of the Australian branch of the Children’s Health Defence.

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