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Weekly News Update, March 11, 2021

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A year ago today the WHO Director-General announced that the COVID-19 outbreak was a pandemic.

We have made the assessment that COVID-19 can be characterized as a pandemic

Find, isolate, test and treat every case and trace every contact; Ready your hospitals; Protect and train your health workers.

A year later and the world’s population is in the grip of an epidemic of adverse reactions and deaths after receiving experimental injections for a so-called ‘virus’ that has not been isolated according to Dr Andrew Kaufman

This really is the issue. Everything rests upon this issue

Another voice in the wilderness is Dr. Derick Knauss

I’m a Clinical Lab Scientist, COVID-19 Is Fake, Wake Up America, I say there is no Covid 19, it is fictitious.

The flu was called Covid and most of the 225,000 dead were dead through co-morbidities such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, emphysema etc. and they then got the flu which further weakened their immune system and they died. I have yet to find a single viable sample of Covid 19 to work with.

But despite the warnings of scientists, doctors and lawyers the vaccination program is in full swing with more than 309.3 million vaccine doses administered.

Between December 14, 2020, and February 26, a total of 25,212 total adverse events were reported to the US reporting system VAERS, including 1,265 deaths and 4,424 serious injuries.

Australia rolls out the AstraZeneca experimental injection

Just as Australia began rolling out the AstraZeneca jab this week Austrian authorities suspended inoculations with a batch of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine as a precaution while investigating the death of one person and the illness of another after the shots, a health agency said on Sunday. One 49-year-old woman died as a result of severe coagulation disorders, while a 35-year-old woman developed a pulmonary embolism and is recovering, it said. A pulmonary embolism is an acute lung disease caused by a dislodged blood clot.

Last Sunday both the Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt and former PM Julia Gillard received their jabs and just two days later the federal health minister is in hospital diagnosed with cellulitis.

Overnight on Wednesday, tests confirmed the 55 year old has the condition, which is a bacterial infection in his leg.

It seems the minister did not take heed of his own alert last week when being interviewed on the ABC’s Insiders program

The world is engaged in the largest clinical trial

Had he done so he could have avoided what maybe a serious adverse reaction to the injection he was given.

Coercive tactics ramp up

The Morrison Government now wants mandatory COVID-19 vaccines for all public servants and has brought in a consultancy firm to work out to do it. Remember when Scott Morrison backtracked and said that COVID vaccines would not be mandated.

Real News Australia has become aware of information detailing how an unnamed consultancy firm has been contracted by the Federal Government with a specific goal. That goal is to assist the Government in making the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory for all Public Servants.

This draconian action will affect millions of Australian as there were 2,041,200 public sector employees at the end of June 2020 comprising:

  • 246,000 employees in Commonwealth government;
  • 1,609,100 in state government; and
  • 186,000 in local government.

Real News Australia suggests that the Federal Government’s reason for going after their own employees is most likely in an attempt to create a trickle down effect.

That is; Make all Government employees have the COVID shot as a condition of employment. Said employees will then set the example for family and friends who will then in turn have the belief that the vaccine (Gene therapy) is safe and effective and subsequently roll their own sleeves up, willingly mind you.

Videos-not to be missed!

Meryl Dorey at her best in an interview by BYRON NEWS CORE

Del Bigtree on UTW

Last week Under the Wire spoke with Del Bigtree from ICAN and The HighWire!
Del Bigtree is one of the preeminent voices of the Vaccine Risk Awareness Movement. His career as an Emmy winning producer of the CBS talk show, The Doctors, changed profoundly when he produced the documentary, Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe, which is credited with igniting a revolution against pharmaceutical tyranny around the world.

Watch here: 

In this guest blog post, Alan Hamilton explains that when it comes to forced vaccination the government and the opposition are reprising the fear and loathing of those white colonists who sought to control, corral, civilize, and ultimately assimilate Australia’s First Nations people – who’s only crime was that they did not conform to the bio-political paradigm that the new colonial governments had imposed as ‘legitimate’.

Lastly a short but inspiring video

We were born for this

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