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Weekly News Update, July 14, 2021

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Lockdown Australia

Today is the first full day of the new world order – Ten News First

Greater Sydney’s lockdown will likely be extended beyond August due to the amount of positive cases who had been active in the community, one of Australia’s leading epidemiologists has said.

It will take “at least a month” to get numbers significantly down and possibly even longer to see no community transmission

– Professor Mary-Louise McLaws, advisor to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

This is Sydney – Vaccination centre. Click on the image to play

Fear of a ‘virus’, fear of losing a business or a job, tiresome lockdowns and what do you get – Lambs to the slaughter

In the words of Michael Simms:

This is truely disheartening and has brought tears to me eyes.
Getting marched around like animals, waiting for over 2 hours, in the cold, to get a jab. All while leaving their family, their kids, in the car to wait for them.
The urgency and dispair these people have to receive the jab and do absolutely anything to get it.
What’s next? These people are gone, and I say that with love and sadness.

We need to prepare…


Food shortages ahead

Industry experts are warning that food shortages are “inevitable” in the UK as crops rot without reaching retail. Imports of beef from the EU are to be cut 85% under Brexit, leaving Brits asking “Where’s the beef?” and seeing absurdly high prices. What’s more — the mainstream media is acknowledging the food shortages ahead, which means we are truly entering the “Problem/Reaction” stage of the dialectic intended to herd people into accepting the “Solution” of the fake food from the technocrats. The UK may be ahead of the curve here, but this is going global — watch this video to find out why.

Deaths following the experimental vaccines at the heart of the scamdemic are climbing… 

The TGA’s COVID-19 Weekly Vaccine Report

The deaths continue to be reported with 355 reports of deaths in people who have recently been vaccinated. The TGA only admits to three of these being linked to the injections. These deaths were all related to the first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine – two were TTS cases and one was a case of ITP.

In the week of 28 June – 4 July 2021 there were 1,646 AEFI reports for COVID-19 vaccines.

To 4 July 2021, the TGA has received 52 reports of suspected GBS following vaccination with the AstraZeneca vaccine.

GBS is a rare immune disorder that causes nerve inflammation and can result in pain, numbness, muscle weakness and difficulty walking. In many cases it resolves within months but can sometimes take up to two years.

Myocarditis and pericarditis

The TGA continues to monitor reports of myocarditis (inflammation of the heart) and pericarditis (inflammation of the membrane around the heart) following a safety concern in the US(link is external) and Israel(link is external).

To 4 July 2021, the TGA has received 38 cases of suspected myocarditis or pericarditis – 13 reports were in men and 25 were in women. Of the men, five were aged 17–23 years, while the others were aged 41–72 years. The women were aged 22–65 years old with the most aged in their 20s and 30s.

In the US where there is a burgeoning number of cases of myocarditis the FDA has issued a warning on Pfizer and Moderna for myocarditis.

But how many more deaths and injuries …

before the rollout of these experimental, dangerous and deadly injections is stopped?

In the US in 1976, 55 million people were vaccinated with the swine flu shot. Once the deaths got to 25  it was pulled off the market.

When we get to typically 50 or 60 deaths with any type of drug, it gets pulled off the market. Why not now?

The TGA has begun after many months of the rollout to report on the cases in their database of adverse events notification page DAEN

They are now listing adverse events and deaths from 01/02/2021 – 01/04/2021. Still way behind in their reporting.

New blog post

Read this before taking the Covid-19 jab

It is hard not to want to flood people with information about this shot, but I want to make sure you will read, consider and seriously think about this issue as if your life depended on it because, in the end, I believe it does.

With the COVID shots, we aren’t dealing with a vaccination. They are called vaccines but they are actually genetic modification devices or, as some people refer to them, gene therapy. They can and do permanently alter your native genetic makeup and should not be allowed to be used in any country because of that. COVID shots – ALL covid shots – whether they are mRNA or adenovirus vector shots – are meant to do one thing and one thing only: to turn your cells into factories that manufacture the spike protein.

Read more here

Coercion of the workforce – No Pay, No Job coming …

The treasurer, Josh Frydenberg, will meet with business leaders to outline plans for large employers to get involved in speeding up Australia’s troubled vaccine rollout. Frydenberg, and the head of the vaccine rollout, Lt Gen John Frewen, will discuss plans to use workplaces to improve the rollout using a similar model to how flu vaccinations are provided to employees, as the government looks to the end-of-year “sprint” in the latest reset to Australia’s vaccination campaign.

Ramping up
Workplaces could be turned into vaccination centres and medical students may be recruited to help administer the jab as the government attempts to meet its goal of offering a coronavirus vaccine to everyone who wants one by the end of the year.

Unbelievable – How did we get to this state where unless you take an experimental injection you can lose your job as well as your ability to live what was recently considered a normal life?

How would you like to have studied for three years and now banned from completing clinical placements because of a snap decision by Queensland authorities?

Queensland Health confirmed the decision that only students who are fully vaccinated with two doses of either the Pfizer or AstraZeneca vaccine can undertake clinic placements. This applies to placements in hospitals, aged care facilities, disability accommodation services and correctional centres.

See our webpage for declination templates you can use when faced with mandates from employers to have the experimental jab.

Be very afraid

From the ‘Joint Statement by the Heads of the World Bank Group, International Monetary Fund, World Health Organization, and World Trade Organization.’

We have formed a Task Force, as a “war room” to help track, coordinate and advance delivery of COVID-19 health tools to developing countries and to mobilize relevant stakeholders and national leaders to remove critical roadblocks—in support of the priorities set out by World Bank Group, IMF, WHO, and WTO including in the joint statements of June 1 and June 3, and in the IMF staff’s $50 billion proposal.

Gardasil-related infertility

The AVN has been asked by a documentary maker for women’s stories of Gardasil-related infertility

If you are affected by infertility following Gardasil and wish to share your story please email:

[email protected]

Virtual Vaxxed Downunder Tour

Starts July 14

Click here to book a time to tell your story

Under the Wire

Under the Wire Interview Dr Jane Ruby: Do You Know What’s in that Shot?

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