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Weekly News Update, December 3, 2021

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Weekly update

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Another week of enormous protests all around the country.

Victoria’s controversial pandemic laws pass after weeks of debate and protests

From Channel 9 News

Australia’s first tailor-made pandemic laws will soon apply in Victoria, with the state’s upper house having finally pushed through the pandemic bill after weeks of debate and protests.

The laws passed in the upper house 20 votes to 18 with the support of four crossbenchers.

The new pandemic laws will come into effect from December 16, with Victoria’s current state of emergency powers set to expire on December 15.

Victorians can be jailed for two years and fined $45,250 for breaching public health orders under premier Daniel Andrew’s controversial pandemic bill. The premier and health minister – rather than the chief health officer – will now have the power to declare a pandemic. They will also enforce restrictions during a health crisis when Victoria’s state of emergency laws expire in two weeks.

The premier can declare a health emergency and lockdown in the state in three-month blocks for as long as he likes.

While the maximum $90,500 fine for breaking health orders has been halved, a heavy two year jail sentence is still part of the legislation.

Changes to the Bill also restrict the government of the day from making public health orders which differentiate between groups of people.

Victorians have been sold out by four cross benchers

Remember their names:
Fiona Patten, Samantha Ratnam, Andy Meddick and Rod Barton

And remind me again why these laws have been passed when 84.7% of Australians have been double jabbed?

Australians are living like prisoners because we need to be kept safe from a virus that:

– infected 0.15% of the population

– killed 0.0037% of the population

– 91.8% of deaths were in people over 70

– 75% of deaths were in people over 80

The Australian government has caused so much grief to millions of Australians.  The unreasonable & draconian lockdowns mandates & restrictions implemented by the State governments have caused more problems than any virus. How is it justifiable to have a solution worse than the so-called problem, the virus?

How science is being weaponised against us

There is not one study out there, there has never been with this virus or many other viruses that has properly isolated the virus, properly sequenced the virus. This injectable product is nothing like any vaccine that has ever been made and in no way should be called a vaccine.

An interesting article

I thought the left supported freedom

Today plenty of people for all sorts of reasons have real concerns and questions about these new Covid vaccines. None that I know of are “anti-vaxxers”. They and I have had plenty of vaccines. What we are rightly concerned about are these new, rushed, vaccines that have not even properly finished rigorous clinical trials yet, but are being pushed on us.

And those who are hesitant about this are now facing a totalitarian nightmare: losing their jobs, their livelihoods, their ability to feed their families, and all their basic human rights: the ability to travel, to congregate, to attend school, to get basic goods and services.

That is not choice. That is health care fascism. So where are all the lefties and libertarians and civil liberties folks when you need them? Where are their demands for choice and the importance of conscientious objection? Crickets chirping. Most of them are now full-tilt authoritarians, demanding that all individuals conform or else. 

So much for personal autonomy. So much for the ability to choose. So much for the right to follow one’s conscience. ‘You will obey – or else.’ ‘Do as you are told or suffer the consequences.’ ‘The State will decide what is best for you.’ ‘We will choose for you.’

Goodbye freedom. Goodbye democracy. Goodbye human rights. Welcome Brave New World. And it is the left that is leading the charge here. How the tables have turned.

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COVID-19 vaccine weekly safety report – 2-12-2021

The numbers of adverse events and deaths keep rising and still they insist on injecting the Australian population

Of the 686 deaths reported to the TGA, over 75% occurred in people aged 65 years and older. A small number of deaths have been reported in individuals under 35 years of age, including two adolescents.

It is known that only 1-10 percent of adverse reactions are ever reported to the TGA and other reporting agencies so we may be looking at thousands of deaths following these experimental injections. The experiment is said to be finished at the end of 2023. We are the guinea pigs.

The TGA reports that the number of reports of myocarditis is increasing each week. Really-then what are they doing about it? Nothing but making sure that more and more of our youth are coerced into taking an experimental jab or be locked out of normal life.

Reports received by the TGA of suspected myocarditis and pericarditis for the mRNA vaccines:

Suspected cases of myocarditis after the Pfizer jab – 693

Suspected pericarditis cases after the Pfizer shot – 1471

37 suspected cases of myocarditis after Moderna and 73 cases of pericarditis after Moderna

These are likely to be permanent injuries to the heart. These adverse reactions are not rare and it is extremely unlikely for teenage boys or young men to suffer from these heart conditions. Which leaves the jab as the most likely source of assault.

Vaxxed Bus Down Under-Crystel’s Pfizer Reaction

Crystel was coerced into taking a Pfizer jab in order to get work. Her reaction was immediate and produced an elevated D-Dimer test (evidence of micro blood clots) as well as severe pain symptoms in both legs. Despite this happening within only a few hours of receiving the jab, her doctor refused to accept that it was related to the shot and will not give her an exemption. She is looking for treatments and detox protocols to help return her to health. Click on picture to hear the interview.

We are in the world’s most giant game of chicken.

What do you think would happen if the federal government lost millions of employees in a single day?
What happens when businesses stand together and collectively tell these tyrants to kick rocks?
What happens if all the parents pull their children out of the corrupt school system trying to harm them?
What happens when THE PEOPLE stand united?
I know it’s scary, but remember you ARE the majority. You’ve been tricked into thinking you’re an outsider because they own the media, they own big tech, and they rig the elections.
We are so close, don’t give in now!
You’re not a chicken. But they are.

Source: The Kate Awakening Channel

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