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Weekly News Update, April 24, 2021

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How long before our children are eligible for Covid-19 injections?

Researchers are beginning to test younger and younger kids. So far in the US, teen testing is furthest along: Pfizer and Moderna expect to release results soon showing how two doses of their vaccines performed in the 12 and older crowd. Pfizer is currently authorised for use starting at age 16; Moderna is for people 18 and older.
But younger children may need different doses than teens and adults. Moderna recently began a study similar to Pfizer’s new trial, as both companies hunt the right dosage of each shot for each age group as they work toward eventually vaccinating babies as young as 6 months.

All children should be eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine by 2022, U.S. infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci said on CNN’s Face the Nation over the weekend.

“I think by the time we get to the first quarter of 2022 we’ll be able to vaccinate children of virtually any age,” Fauci said.


And the severe and deadly reactions keep on coming along with the deaths…

Blood clots

Genene Norris, aged 48, was given the AstraZeneca jab on the morning of April 8 just hours before the government recommended Pfizer be preferred for Australians under 50. The death of the 48-year-old Australian woman who developed rare blood clots days after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine is “likely” linked to the jab, Australia’s medicines regulator found.

ABC news, April 24 reported that the TGA is investigating three new blood clot cases in people given AstraZeneca vaccine affecting a 35-year-old woman from New South Wales, a 49-year-old Queensland man and an 80-year-old Victorian man, who is the first case over 50 years of age.  There have now been six cases of blood clots, or thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS), linked to the AstraZeneca vaccine in Australia, from 1.1 million doses.

Also this week a man in Brisbane was rushed to hospital with blood clots just days after receiving the Pfizer vaccine.

Most of the first reported cases involve a clot in the brain called cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST), although some clots present in other parts of the body.

What could be the reason behind the haemorrhage and blood clots?

One possibility:

In molecular mimicry theory, the pathogen-derived molecules are so similar to self-molecules that in the process of activating immune cells against the pathogen, they also activate the autoreactive immune cells. Autoreactive immune cells act against the host himself. In other words, the similarities between foreign and self-peptides favour the activation of autoreactive T or B cells by a foreign-derived antigen in a susceptible individual.

Another possibility:

Platelets are known to synthesize proteins intracellularly and this protein synthesis can alter the phenotype and functions of platelets

Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine:

Use of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine is allowed again now that a panel of experts has voted to put it back in distribution despite rare blood clotting problems.

The Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Friday after the panel voted that the vaccine is safe and effective at preventing COVID-19, and its benefits outweigh the known risks.

Earlier this month federal agencies paused J&J’s vaccine  while they investigated the vaccine’s possible link to potentially dangerous blood clots.

Are you feeling relaxed and comfortable?

Moderna, Pfizer-style jabs to be made locally

Victoria announces $50m to fund mRNA COVID-19 vaccine production in Australia, paving way for Pfizer-style manufacturing.

The Victorian government is providing $50 million to “kickstart” domestic manufacturing of mRNA vaccine technology. The move paves the way for mRNA vaccines, like the Pfizer and Moderna shots, to be produced in Australia for the first time.

The facility will be a collaborative project with Monash University and Melbourne University, along with the Doherty Institute and other research centres.

COVID-19 ushers in a whole new breed of vaccines 

These COVID-19 vaccines under development are unlike any other vaccine ever released. They’re mRNA vaccines, and do not work like conventional vaccines. In summary, RNA are molecules that encode certain proteins. The RNA used in COVID-19 vaccines encode for the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein.

The idea is that by injecting this RNA, your own cells will start to produce and secrete the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. Your immune system will then respond to the presence of that viral protein by producing antibodies. It’s important to realize that this technology is entirely unproven, and there’s no telling how this RNA programming might affect your health in years to come.

Read more here

And a potent warning as to the intent:

“The COVID vaccine presents governments, intelligence agencies and corporations that have a direct interest in suppressing dissent, monitoring dissidents and controlling their populations with the perfect opportunity to make such systems a permanent fixture of daily life.

Adverse events following AstraZeneca Vaccination

As at 18 April, 2021

111,084 Australians responded to an SMS/email about their health in the three days after their COVID-19 vaccinations

23.3 % could not go to work, study or perform routine duties for a period after the injection

Reporting an adverse vaccine reaction 

If you believe you or your child has suffered an adverse reaction to any vaccination, please fill in the form at VaxxTracker – link below:
VaxxTracker Global Vaccination Reporting

You can also report directly to Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) after filling in the details at VaxxTracker above.
AEMS Online Reporting

Update on Serene Teffaha, principal Lawyer of Advocate Me who had a win in the Vic Supreme Court on Thursday

Exposing their corruption is all Serene is guilty of here, and this has caused them to be fearful. Fearful that the public confidence in the administration of government and some of the judiciary will be seriously diminished. But it is too late for that, we already know where the system is broken. That horse has already bolted.

Read more: A Dance with Dragons

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