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Scope of vaccine medical exemptions to be challenged in the Federal Court

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Federal Court of Australia

By now, it is no secret that the federal government has made it next to impossible to get a medical contraindication exemption under its No Jab, No Pay law, which also adversely affects eligibility under the state No Jab, No Play laws.

For all intents and purposes, the government has effectively abolished vaccine medical exemptions.

In the post-mandate era, broad access to medical contraindication exemptions is essential.

A parent with legal standing is now challenging this in the Federal Court of Australia, but needs your support to do so.  Note: This is not an AVN initiative, however we are supporting the plaintiff by promoting the case on our website.  Any questions should be directed to the plaintiff’s website.

Donate to Vaccine Medical Exemptions Legal Challenge

From the fundraising campaign website:

How does this help everyone?

Our hope is that if we win, this will give medical practitioners the ability to be able to use their own clinical judgement and write vaccine medical exemptions for ANY reason within the medical practitioner’s clinical judgement. Centrelink should not be able to reject a doctor’s certification.

How will the money be spent?

We have already received an initial barrister’s advice, who has advised us that we have a winnable case. The initial estimate to run this case is $36,000.

The initial fundraising goal has been set to cover these fees, however the costs could go much higher, and the parent with legal standing is facing significant risks of the following potential future costs:

  • If we lose, we may have an adverse costs order to pay the Government’s legal fees
  • If we win, the Government may choose to appeal, creating further significant legal costs

Any money not used for this case will be donated for related causes such as:

  • Website costs
  • Donated to the AVN, Vaccine Information Service, VISA, or IMOP
  • Donated to Lindsey Day’s fundraising campaign
  • For conducting Freedom of Information (FOI) requests
  • Donated at our discretion towards any other legal case that has good legal representation and strong prospects for success

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