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Read this before taking the Covid-19 jab

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It is hard not to want to flood people with information about this shot, but I want to make sure you will read, consider and seriously think about this issue as if your life depended on it because, in the end, I believe it does.

With the COVID shots, we aren’t dealing with a vaccination. They are called vaccines but they are actually genetic modification devices or, as some people refer to them, gene therapy. They can and do permanently alter your native genetic makeup and should not be allowed to be used in any country because of that. COVID shots – ALL covid shots – whether they are mRNA or adenovirus vector shots – are meant to do one thing and one thing only: to turn your cells into factories that manufacture the spike protein.

It is thought that the spike protein is part of the SARS-COV-2 virus but in fact, that has never been shown to be the case. This virus has never been shown to exist, never been purified or isolated from any person and the PCR test that we are using to prove there is a pandemic has also never been verified as being accurate in any way. The existence of SARS-COV-2 has never been proven – but it has also never been positively associated with any symptoms that we have come to consider part of SARS-COV-2 either using Koch’s postulates which is the basis of how we show that a pathogen is associated with an illness.

Here is a document with FOI requests that have requested proof that SARS COV-2 has been isolated, purified or identified. Last I heard there were more than 70 such requests and not one of them was able to provide proof of its existence.

I am going to stay away from anything except what has been positively shown to be accurate.  And I will try to pare it down as much as possible. But like I said, I do believe that our future life – and our health depends on our decisions regarding COVID shots so I hope you will take this seriously.

We need to ask these three questions:

1 – Is the product safe? Has it been thoroughly tested against an inert placebo which is the gold-standard of all scientific safety studies – and been determined to not cause lifelong disability or increase the risk of death?

2 – Is the product effective? Will taking this shot mean that I will not be infected with whatever infection it is meant to prevent? If it does not provide 100% coverage, will I be less likely to get the illness if I take this shot than I would be if I did not take it and will the outcome of that infection be less harmful to me?

3 – Is this product necessary? Is the illness that it is meant to prevent so dangerous that it is worth taking whatever risk I will be facing with the shot in order to try and prevent it?

If you answer yes to all three of those after reading the information then maybe go ahead and get the shot. But if you can’t answer yes (and I believe that if you look at this issue with open eyes and consider what is being shown to you – most of it from the scientific literature) then you need to conclude that the shot is not for you – or for anyone who cares about their health and the health of those around them.

Let’s look at the safety aspects first – taking those 3 questions in order.

In general, it takes between 8 and 11 years to bring a new vaccine to market and vaccines, which are considered biologics and not drugs. This is a technicality which allows them greater latitude in avoiding proper trials – such as not requiring an inert placebo such as saline solution in studies, instead, comparing vaccines with other vaccines or vaccine adjuvants during testing. Those trials include 4 stages of trials starting with animal studies and going on to small human trials, larger and longer human trials and then, in stage 4, very large trials with thousands of subjects.

Vaccines are almost never tested for more than a few days to (at most) a few weeks in individuals. Whilst drugs often follow trial participants for many years – vaccines just don’t. But these shots for COVID have totally skipped the animal studies (and earlier versions of these vaccines were pulled early because every single laboratory animal (ferrets) who received them died as a result) and gone straight to human studies. And even those human studies were not geared to test for safety – only for dosage.

There were 3 cohorts of 15 people each who were given varying dosages of the AstraZenica, Moderna and Pfizer shots. They were simply looking for an immune response (not antibodies in this case but production of the spike protein) and were not the concerned with safety until several trial participants died during the ‘studies’. All deaths were explained away as coincidences and the shots were either given Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA – in the US, Canada and most of Europe) and provisional approval in Australia. These shots are not licensed or approved anywhere and in fact, if you are to agree to take it, you will be part of a Phase 3 Trial whose participants are not being tracked and who, for the most part, are on their own should something happen to them. Greg Hunt, the Health Minister, said that this is the largest clinical trial ever run but nobody is even actively tracking the outcome of the trial and most participants don’t realise they are guinea pigs.

If you look at the Therapeutic Goods Association’s website, you will see that the current trial runs until 2023 – different months for different shots – and that there is only a provisional approval because these shots have not yet been studied.

There is no list of ingredients available for any of these shots. In the US, the package inserts that come in the box are blank – with the words – Left Blank Intentionally – on the sheet.

This is unprecedented. You can’t sell a loaf of bread or a lipstick without a full list of ingredients – that’s the law. But these shots don’t list ANY of their ingredients. The prescribing information on the TGA website also lists no ingredients or much information at all.

Independent laboratories around the world have tested the contents and found some very concerning ingredients – highest amongst them (comprising over 99% of the via contents) is graphene-oxide – a toxin that has no place in the human body nor is it in any way considered to have a therapeutic use in the prevention of COVID or any other infection.

In Australia and around the world, the pharmaceutical companies have demanded and received complete immunity from prosecution should someone be injured or harmed by these shots. The government has given doctors and nurses who administer the shots immunity from prosecution as well. And now, with the Australian Defence Forces being involved in the rollout under Operation COVID Shield, they have also been given immunity from any responsibility or accountability for harms caused by the shots. I would feel more comfortable with a product if those who made it and administered it would be responsible for something that might happen to me if I took it. As far as I know, there is no other industry that could ask for or get this kind of liability protection and it does not engender much confidence or trust.

In the United States, the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System was set up in 1991 as part of the VICP (Vaccine Injury Compensation Programme) to track reactions and deaths caused by vaccination. Like our own DAEN (Database of Adverse Event Notifications) in Australia, it is a passive reporting system with causality never determined and usually denied. In 2018, Harvard University did a study to try and determine how many reports are actually captured by VAERS and they found that less than 1% were. Despite the vast underreporting, it is the best barometer we have of harms caused by vaccines.

The years 1991 to 2020 when COVID shots started (in the US, they actually started in mid-December 2020), there were less than 5,000 deaths reported to VAERS. In the first 6 months of 2021, nearly 7,000 deaths were reported following COVID shots alone – and remember that this represented only a tiny percentage of the actual deaths that are occurring. Due to the FDA’s statement that they would be approving all reaction reports submitted to VAERS, it is known that more than 500,000 reactions have still not been assessed or uploaded to the system – again, representing only 1% of the actual reports.

Here is the latest information from VAERS

Here is a table (not up to date) of the deaths reported to VAERS in the last 20 years:

Note that on June 4th, there were a total of 5,888 deaths reported to VAERS following COVID shots – that has nearly doubled in the last month.

In Australia, our passive reporting system has had 335 deaths reported so far with 36,387 reaction reports. It is thought that the DAEN also represents only 1% of the true reaction reports.  According to the TGA, the nationwide rate of reaction reports is 4.4:1,000-meaning that these risks are anything but rare – especially when we take into account how rarely reactions get reported. See: COVID-19 vaccine weekly safety report

The unique risks of COVID shots in the young – especially in young men

In countries where the young have been targeted, reports have emerged of serious heart issues including stroke and death in young people who get any of these shots – especially young men. Whether Pfizer, AstraZenica, Moderna or Johnson and Johnson – the risk seems to be the same.

Here are some links:

Israel reports link between rare cases of heart inflammation and COVID-19 vaccination in young men

Heart inflammation after COVID-19 shots higher than expected in study of U.S. military

Top Health Officials Tout Vaccines After Heart Risk Reports

The FDA held an emergency meeting a couple of weeks ago due to the very public and increasingly common risk of heart damage from these shots in the young. Their response was to put a warning on the box. Talk about pissing into the wind! Aside from the blood clotting issues, these shots are linked with myocarditis and pericarditis. There have been attempts to claim that these are mild – but there is no such thing. Both myocarditis and pericarditis can and do cause permanent injury to the heart and in most cases, the damage is irreversible. This has been stated by cardiologists worldwide. One of those cardiologists is Dr Peter McCullough who is one of the most highly published and well-respected cardiologists and academic medicos in the world.

Here is a great interview with Peter McCullough 

And here in the British Medical Journal is an article titled : Covid-19: Should we be worried about reports of myocarditis and pericarditis after mRNA vaccines?

A forum on Medscape where doctors are discussing their own concerns about (and reactions to) the safety of these shots:

Doctors for COVID truth is a group of doctors around the world (including here in Australia) who believe that these shots are extremely dangerous and provide no real benefit. Here is a transcript of an interview done with Dr Michael Yeadon, former VP at Pfizer in vaccine development where he talks about how dangerous COVID shots are:

This is the last thing I will share with you on safety for now…

Dr Robert Malone is the inventor of mRNA technology. He personally took 2 Moderna shots. He is no longer a supporter of the COVID shots and despite his qualifications and stature in the field, he has been cancelled off of nearly every social media platform and his page was removed from Wikipedia.

Why is it that science can no longer debate or discuss scientific issues? Why is the answer always to silence those who disagree with the prevailing point of view? How can we ever work out what is true and what isn’t when one side is consistently censored?

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