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How science is being weaponised against us

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Dr Thomas Cowan presents an Overview of the Real Science Related to the COVID Narrative; How Science is Being Weaponized Against Us

In this recent  video he discusses:

How science is being weaponized against us and why we must understand real science.
What do virologists actually do?
Where do they get the genome?
The creation of an imaginary genome of a make-believe virus.
Looking into the science of the so-called COVID vaccine — an injectable product that is nothing like any vaccine ever made.
Genetic engineering
The theory of vaccines
mRNA drug development meant to act as an operating system in our bodies
Dr. Tom Cowen’s strategies for keeping himself and his family well

Viral isolation

There are many studies in peer reviewed medical literature that purport to show proper isolation of  SARS-CoV-2 but in the first part of this video Tom Cowan explains why this isn’t so.

Cowan asks us to assume that there is something called COVID-19 that is a specific disease entity and proceeds to discuss how virologists make their assertions.

Isolation of the virus is said to have occurred after respiratory secretions taken from a number of people who have this ‘disease’ are ground up and filtered. This first step is followed by the inoculation of the un-purified and un-isolated mess onto vero cells, in this case monkey kidney tissue which is poisoned and broken down into debris. At this point you have no idea of the origins of this genetic material.

They then do a PCR test which has never been standardised against having found a virus in the first place. They have never isolated and pulled out a genome

So where do they get the genome?

Certain segments are taken from the debris (originally un-purified snot) and put into a computer producing what is called an in-silico genome meaning (theoretical). They standardise this in-silico genome against the first Sars virus which was made in the same way from an in-silico genome.

There is nothing unique about this. They are simply testing for pieces of genetic material.

There is not one study out there, there has never been with this virus or many other viruses that has properly isolated the virus, properly sequenced the virus

Isolation is the key. That right there is the key to the kingdom

In the second part of this video Cowan discusses what we all want to know about.

The COVID injections

This injectable product is nothing like any vaccine that has ever been made and in no way should be called a vaccine

Cowan states that for the first time

humans are injecting other humans with messenger RNA (mRNA)

This is the definition of genetic engineering.

Most people think that a measles vaccine will cause an immune reaction and will help prevent transmission. However the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA injections have never been tested for any immunological perimeters of transmission ability. This is because they have no virus so of course they can’t study this. All they can assess is if the injectable will affect any of the symptoms.

Pfizer’s own website states that

DNA template used does not come from an infected person. DNA template was generated via a combination of gene synthesis and recombinant technology

Not a conspiracy theory

The fact that the injection of the mRNA drug into humans constitutes an injection of an operating system into the DNA is referred to as just a conspiracy theory however please see the front page of the Moderna website

Moderna website

We set out to create an mRNA platform that operates much like the operating system of a computer. It is designed so it can plug and play interchangeably with different programs. In our case it is our mRNA drug. The unique mRNA sequence that codes for a protein.

It is clear that these mRNA injections are not vaccines. If you do not want to be genetically engineered please do your research before having these products injected in your body.

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