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Continuing Notice Of Liability

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continued liability

Please write this letter to the PM, Greg Hunt, Professor John Skerritt and your local members.

Please advise why you are continuing with the Experiment of the Covid Jabs which you know are killing and maiming people?

Why have all Australians not been told that this is an experiment?

People are still told this is “safe and effective” when you know perfectly well it is not and does not protect you from getting the virus or transmitting it.

Original notice of liability demanding the killing and maiming of Australians STOP, was served on Professor John Skerritt, Greg Hunt, and chief health officers of all states on 6/7/2021.
Also on Scott Morrison, Brendan Murphy, Paul Kelly and Brett Sutton 8/7/2021 and on all Australian parliamentarians on 6/7/2021 to 8/7/2021

No steps have been taken to stop or cease the experimental vaccines. The death rate has now risen to at least 399 and serious adverse reactions over 39,000.

You have taken no action and continued to
1. Kill and maim people by encouraging them through advertisements and other statements to take this Experimental Jab KNOWING that it can potentially maim and kill people (this is a serious criminal offence).
The Swine flu vaccine was stopped after 53 deaths.
2. Fail to properly disclose to the Australian Public that the Jab is an experiment and the Australian people are the guinea pigs.
3. Fail to obtain proper consent for people taking part in an experiment. Nowhere do you mention on the consent form people sign that they agree to enroll in an experiment.

The people are not given the true risks (including death). Nor have you advised people of the toxic ingredients (that could cause anaphylactic shock), nor advised them that they will receive no compensation.

You are failing to take into account that evidence is now showing that the true death rate in the US is 45,000 not 11,000 as recorded by VAERS.
What is our true death rate from these Experiment Jabs? Worldwide thousands are dying from this Experiment. You are promoting pregnant women to be part of this experiment when overseas data is showing that 82% of pregnant women who are given the JAB suffer a miscarriage.


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